Chapter 19:

Battle on the land below

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

They don’t seem to have noticed us yet.
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“Let’s go back and tell the others”Bookmark here

Martin looks through the scope of his gun.Bookmark here

“They’ll be within my range soon, why don’t I just shoot them down?”Bookmark here

I pause for a moment.Bookmark here

“Right, then Aidan go back and tell the others. I’ll teleport me and Martin if we fail to shoot it down”Bookmark here

“Alright”Bookmark here

Aidan stands up and runs back to camp.Bookmark here

“You mean if I fail to shoot it down, which I won’t”Bookmark here

He focuses on the target. I start to make preparations in case he fails.Bookmark here

“Ally locate”Bookmark here

I focus on Iris. All right. Let’s see what you got Martin.Bookmark here

He mumbles under his breath.Bookmark here

“…6200. 6000, 5800, 5600…”Bookmark here

That dragon is fast.Bookmark here

“…5200, you’re dead”Bookmark here

*BOOM!*Bookmark here

Ah. I should have covered my ears. The front end of the anti-materiel rifle lit up for a moment with a painful boom sound. Martin gets pushed back a little by the force of his weapon.Bookmark here

Despite the ringing in my ears, I look at the dragon through the telescope that Aidan left. I know it’s bound to have some sort of defense against-Bookmark here

*boom*Bookmark here

The dragon gets blown apart. Bookmark here

“Wait. What.”Bookmark here

It falls down in two halves. Martin looks at me, his face in a wide grin.Bookmark here

“I thought you guys said they were tough. I guess they were no match for my rifle”Bookmark here

He laughs.Bookmark here

I keep looking through the telescope. The carcass just keeps falling. So it’s not something like Toshikasu’s Light Clone.Bookmark here

“Relax. I’m telling you, there’s no way the dragon or anyone on it survived that”Bookmark here

“I guess you’re right”Bookmark here

I manage to laugh a little.Bookmark here

“Let’s head back. Or just tell Aidan to come back here. We still have half an hour; I’d rather keep doing nothing here”Bookmark here

“Okay then”Bookmark here

I stand up. Bookmark here

As I turn to head back, a woman with 4 horns is standing right behind us. I knew it wasn’t going to be that simple.Bookmark here

“Al? Why are you just stan…”Bookmark here

He looks at the person in front of me.Bookmark here

“ding there… oh”Bookmark here

“Surprised?”Bookmark here

She’s holding a huge scythe. Is she the half-demon Grayson was talking about? But first we have to get out of here. We have the numbers advantage back at the camp.Bookmark here

“Mass Teleport!”Bookmark here

The magic circle appears underneath us. It only extends as far as Martin’s position. Yes!Bookmark here

“You’re not going anywhere”Bookmark here

She places the tip of her scythe on the magic circle. It dissipates. No!Bookmark here

“How did you survive? That was a direct hit!”Bookmark here

“Survive?”Bookmark here

She looks at Martin’s rifle.Bookmark here

“Oh, you mean that thing. As if we’d be dumb enough to fly out into the open. You did make a mess out of that wyvern. Sister’s illusion spell worked like a charm”Bookmark here

Damn it. We completely fell for that.Bookmark here

“What do you want from us?”Bookmark here

She scoffs.Bookmark here

“As if I’d want anything from you. The demon lord wants your heads though”Bookmark here

She walks backwards a little bit. Martin stands up and holds his gun on his shoulder. Bookmark here

“Should have attacked us while you had the chance” Bookmark here

“It wouldn’t be fun that way”Bookmark here

He points the weapon at her. She smiles. I cover my ears.Bookmark here

*BOOM!*Bookmark here

The projectile disintegrates the telescope which suddenly appeared in front of us.Bookmark here

She appears behind Martin and grabs his right leg, throwing him high into the sky.Bookmark here

“Martin! Chain Lightning!”Bookmark here

Electricity arcs from my hand. Bookmark here

“Ice Cage, Whirlwind!”Bookmark here

Ice bars suddenly surround her, and a vortex of wind forms with her in the center and holds her in place.Bookmark here

“Duplicate!”Bookmark here

The electricity in my hands multiplies. I point both my hands in her direction. Bookmark here

Release.Bookmark here

The current flies towards her, turning the surroundings into ash as it heads towards- me!?Bookmark here

“Silence!!”Bookmark here

The swirling winds and the arcing current dies down. I’m trapped inside the ice cage. I cancel Silence.Bookmark here

Martin lands on the ground with a thud. He was in the air for a considerable amount of time. Just how strong is this woman??Bookmark here

“Nice trick, right? I learned it from that knight. Teleport:Switch”Bookmark here

She stabs Martin.Bookmark here

“No! Stop it!”Bookmark here

I use the spells that were just stored in the book.Bookmark here

Electricity suddenly runs through her body. She just shrugs it off, she seems mildly annoyed though.Bookmark here

“That didn’t even-”Bookmark here

A momentary burst of wind knocks her off balance as an ice cage half her size falls on her.Bookmark here

“Teleport, Stone Pillars, Levitate”Bookmark here

I teleport a couple of feet into the air above her. 5 stone pillars are hovering beside me.Bookmark here

She stands up, ripping the ice cage into pieces with just her hands. Her scythe disappears.Bookmark here

For a half human half demon, she’s incomparably stronger than both. There’s no doubt about it.Bookmark here

“You are Hagiwara’s daughter, aren’t you?”Bookmark here

“H-how do you know that?!”Bookmark here

Good. Looks like I can talk my way out of this situation.Bookmark here

“Let’s talk. A ceasefire if you will”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

She suddenly jumps close to me. I’m screwed.Bookmark here

I get a dropkick to the shoulder. Bookmark here

“Ugh!”Bookmark here

I can feel my bones breaking as I fall to the ground.Bookmark here

She lands on top of me. Whatever wasn’t broken is definitely broken now.Bookmark here

“I’m listening”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

She sits down on my stomach. I can barely breathe. What’s wrong with this woman??Bookmark here

“Well? Was that just a lie? Do you think you can still escape?”Bookmark here

She puts her hands around my throat.Bookmark here

“Speak. Or just die right away.”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“My bad.”Bookmark here

She takes her hands off my neck.Bookmark here

“ackk *cough* H-Hagiwara had two daughters and a son. Where’s your sister?”Bookmark here

Her hand comes closer again. She snarls.Bookmark here

“And what about my sister?”Bookmark here

“I can s-set her free”Bookmark here

The half-demon woman looks like she’s fine, but thanks to her lineage, she’s also affected by “Oberon’s Blessing”. It causes the demons to be unable to defy the Demon Lord, and increases their aggression and drowns out their other emotions. Bookmark here

Her human side is keeping her rational for now, but as time goes by, she will lose her sense of self. The more she obeys and kills, the faster that day will come.Bookmark here

I suppose it’s the same for her sister. Her sister isn’t here, so I lucked out by guessing she’s doing all this for her sister. Bookmark here

She scoffs. She then looks up at the sky.Bookmark here

“Only a God would be able to do that. You’ve had your chance. I’ve heard enough”Bookmark here

Her hands come close, with the intent to end me. Bookmark here

A harrowing thought occurs to me.Bookmark here

It can’t end like this. I don’t want to die.Bookmark here

Me, a God. I’ve witnessed countless deaths in this world. It never fazed me once.Bookmark here

Now here I am. Scared of dying. I can’t believe I’d stooped so low. Bookmark here

Fear grips every fiber in my being. Bookmark here

“I can prove it!”Bookmark here

Forcing my hands to move despite being broken, I grab her wrists.Bookmark here

Just once, please work!!Bookmark here

A warm light engulfs her body. Bookmark here

Divine energy flows from my hands to hers.Bookmark here

“W-what!?”Bookmark here

She quickly stands up and backs away from me.Bookmark here

“T-there… you’re free”Bookmark here

“You. You’re a God?”Bookmark here

I can feel myself fading. I’m blacking out from the pain.Bookmark here

“Wait, don’t pass out yet”Bookmark here

A magic circle appears beside her. She grabs her scythe.Bookmark here

She stabs my right leg with it. Great. I’m awake again.Bookmark here

“I still need you to free my sister”Bookmark here

She lifts me up over her shoulder.Bookmark here

“W-wait… Martin…”Bookmark here

“That dwarf will live. The other one back at Durahl had it worse.”Bookmark here

Ugh. Just from her walking, it hurts.Bookmark here

And why from all times, why did it only come back now? My divine powers.Bookmark here

I felt it coming back just when I was on the brink of desperation.Bookmark here

And just as it came back, it was gone in a flash.Bookmark here

I’m such a useless God.Bookmark here

“My name is Loralei by the way”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“There’s no need to tell me yours. It’s either Aelius or Oberon, and I know Oberon would never free me.”Bookmark here

We arrive at the camp. The carriages are nowhere to be seen.Bookmark here

Loralei looks around. No one is here.Bookmark here

“Looks like they left you. This is why humans are despicable.”Bookmark here

She puts me down.Bookmark here

Loralei then takes one more step, then pauses.Bookmark here

“Never mind, they’re still here-”Bookmark here

A spear almost hits her in the face. She stopped it with only her right hand.Bookmark here

Holding the weapon, she swipes it to the left.Bookmark here

“Gah!”Bookmark here

She hits something in the air. Julie appears, knocked out.Bookmark here

The entire area suddenly glows.Bookmark here

Everyone appears, pointing their weapons at Loralei. Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, I got you buddy!”Bookmark here

Jace immediately grabs me and Shaun immediately starts to chant a healing spell.Bookmark here

“Looks like we get to play again. Though it looks like I have the upper hand”Bookmark here

Grayson comes closer.Bookmark here

“I expected as much from you Knight”Bookmark here

Loralei points to the east.Bookmark here

“Your dwarf friend is in that direction. So is the demon army. Your friend here called for a ceasefire, which is why I brought him here. Do you guys intend to dishonor his word?”Bookmark here

Toshikasu looks at me.Bookmark here

“Is that true?”Bookmark here

I’d very much like to signal no. But for some reason, I won’t.Bookmark here

I nod at him.Bookmark here

Everyone puts their weapons down.Bookmark here

Loralei gestures at the sky. The area above us distorts and the Greater Dragon appears. Another Illusion. Looks like they were already here for quite some time.Bookmark here

It lands a few meters away.Bookmark here

She walks over to me and grabs me by the hand. Bookmark here

Shaun immediately objects.Bookmark here

“He’s not healed yet!”Bookmark here

She doesn’t even hear him. She just looks straight at me.Bookmark here

“Stand up. My sister can heal you faster than this human.”Bookmark here

I think I saw Iris glaring at her.Bookmark here

We walk towards the Greater Dragon.Bookmark here

Grayson and the others follow behind me.Bookmark here

A hooded figure jumps down from the dragon.Bookmark here

“Sister? What is going on here? We’re supposed to-”Bookmark here

“Change of plans Evelyn. Just bear with it for a moment”Bookmark here

She takes my hand and places it on Evelyn’s hands.Bookmark here

“Do what you did last time”Bookmark here

I try. Bookmark here

Nothing happens. She looks at me.Bookmark here

“What are you waiting for? Free my sister already!”Bookmark here

“I can’t just do it!”Bookmark here

That was just a coincidence that I even managed to free her. I can’t feel any divine energy in me right now. I feel like a human.Bookmark here

I look at Loralei. Her fists tighten up. It looks like it’s the end of the ceasefire. Bookmark here

She suddenly kneels. Bookmark here

Wait what.Bookmark here

She’s kneeling before me with both legs on the ground.Bookmark here

“Please”Bookmark here

That’s unexpected. Despite what she did earlier, I actually feel a little bad for her.Bookmark here

As if on cue, I feel another surge of Divine energy flow from me to Evelyn.Bookmark here

Seriously? What’s wrong with me? Either come back or don’t.Bookmark here

Evelyn starts to glow a little, then it fades away.Bookmark here

Grayson and the others are surprised.Bookmark here

“What was that?”Bookmark here

“Evelyn!”Bookmark here

Loralei suddenly stands up and hugs her sister.Bookmark here

“I-I’m free?”Bookmark here

“Yes! Can you sense it? The bloodlust, the voices, they’re all gone right?”Bookmark here

“Y-yes…”Bookmark here

I thought I saw tears from Loralei’s eyes. She immediately wipes her face.Bookmark here

“I know we’ve had some differences, especially the Knight, that dwarf, and you”Bookmark here

She looks at me.Bookmark here

“If you still want it, we’d like to offer our services… for example”Bookmark here

She looks at the dragon. Bookmark here

As if knowing what to do, it takes to the skies and flies in the direction of the approaching demon army.Bookmark here

“Evelyn, please heal him”Bookmark here

Evelyn walks up to me and immediately casts a healing spell on me. Bookmark here

Looking at her, I suddenly remember their father. He dedicated the lives of his children to me. He didn’t make it an official wish, but he asked me if I could watch over them.Bookmark here

I look at everyone.Bookmark here

“I think it would be beneficial to us if they join our unit. Before you raise any objections, they were forced to fight us”Bookmark here

I was trying to appeal to them, it came out so bad.Bookmark here

“Sure”Bookmark here

Huh?Bookmark here

Grayson stands beside me.Bookmark here

“If Al says so, then I agree. Having more allies is important”Bookmark here

Toshikasu sighs.Bookmark here

“She hit Julie. But in her defense, we did strike first. Welcome to the team, Loralei, Evelyn”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

In the end, everyone agreed.Bookmark here

We’re now leaving the plains.Bookmark here

I watch as the Greater Dragon wreaks havoc on the demon army. They’re probably puzzled as to why their “ally” is attacking them.Bookmark here

In a few hours, we’ll be out of the Miele continent.Bookmark here

I can’t say I miss it, but I don’t hate it either.Bookmark here

At least I’ve gotten another clue on how to get my old self back.Bookmark here

I hope Amaris is doing well. And although Yatsumi was annoying, I wish her well too.Bookmark here

Onwards to the Chablis continent!Bookmark here

Cali Maki
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