Chapter 16:

Special abilities

Scorpion Grasses or simply, Forget-me-nots

“There are no mistakes, only opportunities.” —Tina Fey
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“So you’re telling me that you have superpowers?”Bookmark here

Hoshi sighs in exasperation.Bookmark here

“For the fourth time, I DO NOT HAVE SUPERPOWERS!”Bookmark here

“Then what are those?” Kibo points to her party cones.Bookmark here

“Ordinary party cones with a little modification. When the hearts on it are glowing they block any signal, including the one from these arm bandanas. They also stop any objects that use electricity.”Bookmark here

The young girl remembers their talk from yesterday.Bookmark here

“As I said, don’t worry! I’ve got my ways!”Bookmark here

“Including surveillance cameras!” Kibo says after a while.Bookmark here

“Yes! You finally understand! The thing is that I can only use them once a day and on a certain number of persons. I haven’t tried on many so I don’t know the exact limit.”Bookmark here

“You do have superpowers! You’re so cool!” She says with admiration.Bookmark here


*knock*Bookmark here

*knock*Bookmark here

*knock*Bookmark here

Hoshi gives Kibo a killing look and walks to the doors of her office.Bookmark here

“This must be Mieko. He's the only one who knocks so gently.”Bookmark here

She was right. A pretty handsome guy enters the room and bows in respect. He was so much taller than Hoshi.Bookmark here

Is this some kind of universe for giants? Kibo didn’t see a lot of short people.Bookmark here

He was covered in red. What emotion was associated with red again?Bookmark here

Love? No, that’s not one of the basic feelings.Bookmark here

“Anger... ” She whispers, but the other two heard.Bookmark here

The boy turns his gaze on her. She was new. She didn’t have bandanas or a specific color. She was wearing many shades of blue.Bookmark here

“I do work at Anger Department. The next floor is where I come from.” He says and makes himself comfortable on an armchair.Bookmark here

Hoshi’s cones have been on for a while. She was watching with interest every movement of the boy. Also, she didn’t bother to say anything and waited for her guests to interact.Bookmark here

As expected, the silence builds up almost instantly.Bookmark here

Kibo’s attention was all over the guy. He had two circular scars around his neck. She was analyzing the moment and in no time she understood who he was.Bookmark here

Meiko was staring at the ceiling. If his eyes weren’t open he would have looked asleep.Bookmark here

“Very talkative, aren’t we?” The nagging voice of Hoshi breaks the ice.Bookmark here

The other two focused on the girl staying at the desk.Bookmark here

“Kibo, as you already figured out, he is Meiko. Meiko, you already know her.”Bookmark here

“Are you a couple?” Kibo asks expecting an affirmative answer.Bookmark here

Unexpectedly, Meiko gives her a disgusted look and Hoshi starts laughing.Bookmark here

“I don’t have a death wish!” He mumbles.Bookmark here

“It’s not like I expect you to have good taste anyway!” The yellow girl replies with a smile.Bookmark here

“Please, I’m not that desperate to lower my standers!”Bookmark here

“It’s been 3 years and you still didn’t change. “Bookmark here

It’s been 3 years since what?Bookmark here

The boy’s eyes were filling with sadness and regret while the past keeps on playing in his mind.Bookmark here

“Don’t overthink it.” Hoshi interrupts his trance.Bookmark here

“It’s not my place to ask about what happened.” Kibo thought. “They seem close. Their friendship is unique without a doubt!”Bookmark here

“Kibo, guess what!” The yellow girl suddenly says.Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“He also has superpowers!” She drops the news with a devilish smile.Bookmark here

“I have what?” The boy was confused.Bookmark here

Now if she concentrates on the conversation, Meiko has a little bit of an Australian accent. So in her world, he must be from Australia. Interesting!Bookmark here

“Stop lying to her-“Bookmark here

“Shut it loser!” She cuts him off quickly. “He has a key tattoo on his right arm. What it glows he can unlock everything, from drawers to doors and cells. Our powers are somehow connected. The lope of the key has a heart shape.”Bookmark here

“Why would you tell her that-“Bookmark here

“Shut it, will you? He just has to touch what he wants to unlock, but he also has some after-effects. If he uses his power on something small like a box or a drawer, he won’t be able to use it for a day. If he uses his power on something like a room, he won’t be able to use it for three days.”Bookmark here

“The biggest the thing he unlocks, the longer it takes to use the key again.” He resumes everything up.Bookmark here

“That is incredible! You both are so lucky!”Bookmark here

Seeing that they have a fan, Meiko and Hoshi exchanged proud smiles. It felt good to be appreciated.Bookmark here

“But I still don’t understand something.”Bookmark here

The duo looks at her with curious eyes.Bookmark here

“Why do you need me?”Bookmark here

Right. She was called there for a reason, not to make friends.Bookmark here

“You see, there are six special objects which offer the owner the ability to do something. Having all them together should give us hope and bring this factory down.”Bookmark here

“You want answers and change?”Bookmark here

They both nod.Bookmark here

“Also freedom.”Bookmark here

They share the same goal as Haru! What a relief! Maybe they will become a team in the future…Bookmark here

“We know half of the objects and we suspect that the fourth is with you.”Bookmark here

If they know half this means there is one more person that Kibo doesn’t know about.Bookmark here

“Who is the third owner?” She questions ignoring the red boy’s words.Bookmark here

“A doctor who works for Disgust Department. Meiko knows him better than me. They cooperated in the past.”Bookmark here

“Let’s say that he has other objectives than us and is not interested in a team of youngsters.”Bookmark here

“Youngsters? I thought you were older.”Bookmark here

“We are older than you, that’s for sure. I’m 23, almost 24.” Hoshi says.Bookmark here

“I’m 26.” Meiko answers casually. “The doctor we talked about is 32.”Bookmark here

“But we are friends now so you don’t have to use any formalities!”Bookmark here

“I approve! I swear if I hear another teen call me mister I’m gonna lose it!” He throws his hand in the air.Bookmark here

The girls giggle.Bookmark here

“You would look much younger if you’d sleep more. Your eye bags are deeper than the ocean, dear!”Bookmark here

“Don’t say that!”Bookmark here

“Thanks, Aiko-“Bookmark here

“His eye bags are deeper than the word itself!”Bookmark here

“Ah! Another bully! That’s not how you’re supposed to speak to your senior, you know?”Bookmark here

They laugh at his pouting face.Bookmark here

“It’s not funny!”Bookmark here

He is ignored and the laughing keeps ongoing.Bookmark here

“You two are worse than those kids who call me mister!” Meiko complains ready to give up on his will to live.Bookmark here

After some agonizing minutes, they calm down and enjoy each other presence in silence.Bookmark here

“They are good persons!” Kibo thoughts.Bookmark here

“Aiko, do you usually feel a déjà-vu?”Bookmark here

“I rarely have one.”Bookmark here

“Then do you hear other thoughts, read their heart, or hear more than a normal person?”Bookmark here

“Is this the ability you get from one of the objects?”Bookmark here

“Yes. This is unique because it is a human heart, not any insignificant thing. Since is connected to the owner’s body, you can use it every time you please.”Bookmark here

“But I don’t think a sane person will use it often. It gives you horrible pain in the years, heart or head.”Bookmark here

“Don’t forget about the eyes! I counted on you to correct me. You can also see more than a normal eye can!”Bookmark here

“If you ask me, this is the coolest, yet dangerous power.”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, but you got the wrong person. I have never experienced such sensations!”Bookmark here

“It’s impossible! The doctor said that the owner is someone different with high aspirations! Hoshi, she doesn’t even have bandanas, what could be more distinctive than this?”Bookmark here

“I don’t know.”Bookmark here

“It can be a morality trait. You know, what makes an individual different from others is his personality.”Bookmark here

“Do you have someone in mind?”Bookmark here

“I do actually!”Bookmark here

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