Chapter 45:

Extra Story #1 - Girl Talk

Confession Games

After their outing at the amusement park, the girls of the High School Life Assistance Club organized a sleepover that would be held at Hinata and Sachiko's house. Tohka was also invited but she refused with the reason that she didn't want to intrude on them any further. Kanami tried to persuade her but it was  a fruitless effort as she wasn't aware of how uncomfortable Tohka was around Sachiko and Hinata. She didn't hate them or anything, but both had the type of high-class aura that a common girl like herself had trouble enduring. She would naturally tough it out when she heard that a certain boy would be there at the amusement park, but she didn't want to risk her stomach's condition any more.

The three beautiful girls were in a pink bedroom decorated with stuffed animals that screamed femininity while dressed in plain, loose nightgowns. Sachiko sat on the bed with a black cat purring on her lap, while Hinata was brushing Kanami's hair. It was nothing out of the ordinary for a sleepover, but surely there would be many at their school who would empty their bank accounts for a single picture of this private time.

Unaware of how valuable this scene was, Kanami whispered to Hinata who was brushing her hair with a serene expression.

"I didn't know Amakawa was a cat-lover."

"Yes, she never said it but I could tell that she always wanted a cat since we were kids. Unfortunately, one of her brothers was allergic to them so she couldn't ask for it."

"I see."

While watching Sachiko who gently petted the cat with an angelic smile, Kanami couldn't help admiring how she would be a match for any celebrity. She knew that Amakawa was already popular, but if a picture of this got out she would likely be a solid competitor for most beautiful in the entire school.

As her mind drifted along there, Kanami recalled a topic that was a staple for a sleepover for girls.

With a slightly excited tone she asked Sachiko, "Amakawa, you've dated a few times right?"

Both Sachiko and Hinata flinched at her question, but after exchanging glances Sachiko sighed and responded.

"That's right."

Kanami then went on to ask, "So, which one did you like the most?"

As she looked into Kanami's pure eyes, Sachiko wondered what to tell her before eventually returning a question to get a better grasp of her intentions.

"Why do you ask?"

"No reason. I just thought that it was a good topic for a sleepover."

Unknown to Kanami, Hinata and Sachiko were relieved by her response. Sachiko's relationships certainly weren't what she was looking for so she decided to stir the conversation away from that topic.

"Well, no matter how much I liked them, it's all the same after we break up. What about you? Did you ever regret rejecting any of the confessions you received?"

With the spotlight being placed on her, Kanami had a slight blush as she answered.

"Uh, well, I'm not sure."

"Did none of them catch your eye?" Hinata asked.

"It's not that but, I just couldn't feel that click, you know?"

The other two girls nodded despite being as ignorant of that 'click' as she was, but no one was there to point it out.

The conversation then settled down, but Sachiko realized that she could use this as a chance to get a  certain piece of information.

She cleared her throat and looked at the two beauties.

"By the way, how do you two feel about the guys in our club? Like Zakushi."

Hinata raised a brow as it wasn't a typical question for Sachiko, but she still took the lead in replying.

"Hmm, well despite how he normally acts he always actively participates in our discussions and properly takes care of his tasks. His looks aren't bad either plus there was that incident when he overslept which was really cute."

Kanami and Sachiko were especially in agreement with that last point. Once Hinata was finished, Sachiko asked, "So does he meet your standards?"

"No, I don't think we would make a good couple."

"I would have to disagree with you there but okay."

Sachiko acted like this was the first time she heard this answer from Hinata, but that was an act so that she could smoothly move on to the person she really wanted to ask.

"What about you Kirisaki? You've done with requests with him. What do you think about him?"

Kanami had already formed a response in her head, so when Sachiko called her she was ready.

"Zakushi's normally quiet but he'll answer if you ask him something and even if he's frowning he'll still try to help you. Oh, and he buys me food sometimes."

'He does what?'

There was a new question that needed to be asked, but they allowed Kanami to continue.

"Overall he's a nice guy but he feels more like a big brother."

"I, see."

Sachiko was slightly astonished by the news that even Zakushi spoiled her, but she didn't show it and went on to the main matter.

"What about Akishiro?"

When Haruto's name was said, Sachiko could see that one person flinched while the other hid their reaction behind a solid mask.

Luckily for Haruto's sake, Kanami didn't act in a way that made it obvious that she liked him, but her fondness of him was undeniable. However, the answer she gave was surprising.

"I, don't know."

"You don't know?"

"If you asked me to name his good points then I would have no problem, and I know that I like him but..."

Instead of Sachiko, it was Hinata who continued her statement.

"You don't know if you want to date him."

"Yeah that's right."

Sachiko stared suspiciously at Hinata as she waited for her answey, but she had a counter prepared this time.

"What about you Sachiko? How do you see the two?"

"Me, well..."

And the secret girls' talk continued...