Chapter 33:


Adventures of Zeleon

A day had passed, Leon was at the main hospital being treated for a partial labral tear, the cuts he was laced had been cleaned up and dealt with.

As promised, Maeva was Remoire's assistant for anything Leon needed. She'd only suffered deep bruising, in spite of the shots he'd laid in on her.

"So. We pretty much have these couple days to get to know each other a bit better. I mean, before I officially become your sidekick."

Leon has been stuck in bed and couldn't lay on his back or his right side, he was forced to lay on his left constantly. He adjusted a bit and sat up, being unable to lay on his left side anymore.

"Well...I can't sleep. Or do anything for that matter, so what would you like to know?" Leon asked, trying to not move his right side too strenuously.

"Welll….what's it like on Earth? I'm not connected like the high class people that surround you. So I know nothing of it." Maeva said, looking at Leon like a kid with her green eyes.

"Oh...well. I don't want to burst your bubble here. Like anywhere it has ups and downs. But it's not balanced. Actually, Zeleon has balance problems but Earth takes that to another level. People toss perfectly good food in some places just because they don't like it. While others consider two meals a week a prayer answered." Leon explains to her.

Maeva almost teared up hearing this, upon noticing her reaction, Leon stopped himself immediately because he didn't want to make her cry.

"That sounds so bad…wait...are you one of the ones living like that at home?!" Maeva exclaimed worriedly.

"Not at all. I grew up in a larger town, living in suburbia. I'm ok. I was only so skinny cause I've never worked out a day in my life…" Leon rubbed his head as he was a bit embarrassed to admit it.

"That's good to know at least. But, then why the bold move to do what you did? Courtney explained it to me but, I don't know if I quite understand."

"I was stupid, selfish, and way too ambitious. So..typical I'm a privileged teenager shit that I swore to never do...I did. I feel like I've grown out of that now, no more woe is me, but rather do something beyond me."

Maeva smiled as she stood to her feet and patted his head. "You're a good kid."

He patted his messy hair back down as he stared at her. "You're taking advantage of me not standing up."

"A bit. But really, you are a good kid. I wasn't too badly hurt, you just got me in that sleeper really tight, but even then that's a very minimally damaging method." She said, smiling earnestly.

"If I lost, I didn't want to hinder you. If I won, I didn't want to harm your body to where I couldn't have kids." Leon said with a gentle smile.

Maeva's eyes shimmered like emeralds after what he said, she hugged him tightly and accidentally hurt him with his shoulder still ailing him.

"Ow! Ow owwwww!!! Off off!!!" Leon squirmed as Maeva released him, he punched the bed while groaning in pain.

"I'm sorry!!! I got so happy I just couldn't help myself!!!" Maeva got on her knees and pleaded as Remoire walked in with a scary look on her face.

"Why did a hear a fragile patient screaming blood curdling murder?" She adjusted her glasses, as she stood over Maeva intimidatingly.

"I promise it was just an accident, please don't kick me ouuut!" She tears up looking up at her while still on her knees.

Remoire sighed. "Was she harassing you, Leon?"

"No. She just got happy and hugged me." Leon responded to her.

"You can stay…"


Remoire and Leon had a mind meld moment unknowingly. "She is such a kid."

"Hmm. We'll need to have a minor surgery on your shoulder today. And you'll need a few days of rest before the Finals." Remoire stated. "Good luck in that match by the way, that Justice person has hardly been challenged so far. But, you of all people can change that."

"That's really nice of you Remoire, thank you. I'm sorry I've been in here so much lately, my face must be getting old to see." He joked.

"Here's a plot twist, maybe Remoire has a crush on you, Leon." Maeva chimed in with a ridiculous comment.

Leon looked at her with a bit of annoyance. "Why did you say that…?"

Remoire stared her down. Her gaze was so intense that Maeva got nervous and skittered out of the room. She looked at Leon with a soft smile. "No offense to you Leon, but you're far too young and not up my avenue of taste. But to say your face is old to see is a tad harsh, I happen to like talking to a promising young adult like you."

"Jeez, you're too nice. I'm sure you'll make a guy very happy one day." Leon smiled brightly.

"Now who's too nice, Leon?" Remoire responded warmly.


A couple days passed. Leon's surgery went without a hitch, and he was on the road to recovering on schedule so the Finals didn't have to be postponed even longer.

Leon got a surprising visitor in Varius, who in almost comical fashion, barely got through the door frame. By the time he did, Leon was forced to cover his mouth to hide that he started laughing.

"I'm glad you find humor in me almost getting stuck."

Leon calmed himself as he took a breath before responding. "I'm sorry, things like that get to me. Anyways, what brings you here? Last time I saw you was my last match."

"I came to see how you were doing. I heard you needed minor surgery on your shoulder after that inverted armbar Maeva put on you."

"Oh! Yeah, I'm fine, my shoulder will be ready for the Finals in a couple days. I take it that's why you're still in the city? You planning to watch?" Leon asked.

"Of course! I want to see my human friend triumph and strive for what he worked so hard for. Any weakness just got put to rest with that showing against Maeva. Now you just need to close the deal with that unknown knight."

"I swear, I'm pulling off that helmet. If it's just a puppeteered suit of armor I'm calling a victory for myself." Leon said sarcastically.

Varius laughed. "What?! I couldn't even imagine. All those poor souls that lost to a suit of armor! It's unlikely, but I appreciate your imagination. Have you heard any rumors or asked anyone?"

"Actually...I did try to dig a bit, and so did Maeva. We came up completely empty."

Varius was surprised. "Realllly? Hmm, that makes me feel suspicious. Why try so desperately?"

Leon shrugged. "Who knows? In any case, I'm stripping off the helmet if they won't respectfully accept my request."


Recovery time is over, electricity charged the coliseum in anticipation for the Finals. Leon was even asked to choose music to enter with.

That's the kind of big fight feel environment that was going to be created.

Leon was all alone in the competitor's room, fully in armor, broadsword at his hip, Silva on his back. He patted his right shoulder and moved it around a bit as a final test for pain.

He felt his body have a powerful shiver, it wasn't cold down below, and it wasn't nerves from the fight to come. He sighed to himself as he looked around.

"Hi, Charlotte." He said in a monotone voice.

A giggle came out as she revealed herself to him, her piercing blue eyes looking up to his from about six feet away. "You knew! I thought you might've forgotten by now. But, bravo to you! Defeating the unbalanced lineup that came before you initially, pounding that Xaveran scum, then beating the almighty Maeva Alderwood?! You've outdone my expectations."

"Give it to me straight, what are you really here for?" Leon questioned with a bitterness in his voice.

"Wow..cutting to the heart. You want to know? Well...I'm here...because….." She moved towards him confidently until she was directly under him. "...I'm rooting for you."


"You heard me. I lost any hope for you a while back, and here I am now eating crow. You're good, very good. If you become the Guardian, you've earned it. I have no intention of malice Leon, I just like seeing history made." She smiled at him, patting his shoulder.

"You know what'll happen when I win right?"

In the background Leon's introduction was being made, letting him know it was time. The song Broken Sun by Fragile Things began to play.

"I know. And I am looking forward to it. So, good luck out there, Earth human. You have the support of two Queens today." Charlotte left with those words echoing in the room.

Leon jogged into the tunnel before coming out right as the music ramped up to another gear. He was universally booed like a division rival team entering another team's home. He still hyped himself up anyways, he was ready to go, ready to win. Ready for whoever was under the armor.

His music faded in favor of classical music, as the black knight Justice entered the arena opposite him. The person wasn't tall, and Leon's theory of it just being a puppeteered suit of armor was false, they looked like they were breathing.

The music ended, and the Audience went silent. The announcer chimed in for the last introduction of the Tournament. "Ladies aaaaaand gentlemen!! The Finals are here, whoever wins will be crowned our newww Guardiannnnn!! Justice versus Leon Atkins!!! Now! Competitors are you ready?!"

Leon stared the knight down, and all Justice did was nod. He got irritated and stated what was on his mind.

"No! I'm not. I refuse to fight someone who chooses to hide their face like this. Where's the glory, where's the personability! We all want to know, and even though I might be incredibly disliked, I know! I know! Everyone wants to know, who is Justice?! So please, accept my request to take off your helmet and reveal who you are."

The audience agreed. "WE WANT TO KNOW, WE WANT TO KNOW!!!" They repeated it over and over and over.

The knight looked into Leon's eyes, and a familiar voice came out. "I should've known you were going to do this."

"Wait…" Leon almost wanted to laugh. "'re kidding me right? This whole time, it was you."

The knight pulled off the helmet, and tossed it to the side. It was like seeing that face for the first time all over again for Leon. Piercing ocean blue eyes, hair so black it could blend into darkness, a fair complexion and gorgeous feminine features.

The crowd went crazy when she revealed herself, as Leon could only shake his head to the snarky smiling face before him.

"Katrina. I should've known better."