Chapter 11:


Densetsu Kenshi: Beginnings


   I popped out of my Inverse RIft and it closed with that quirky sound. A quick glance of my surroundings confirmed that I was back to where I was before I was abducted by Shoko. Although I was still in Occult Club Inc., it was pretty clear that nobody was around. I wasn't confident, but it felt like a few days had passed since I last saw everyone.

   How long was I gone? Where is everyone?

I looked around for a few minutes to gather some clues on where they could've ran off too, but I found nothing. I figured I'd get in contact with them later, so I gathered my things and went up to the front to leave. I passed the front desk and saw a note addressed to me. In very messy handwriting was written the following:

   Yo. Seiji. Not sure when you'll come back, but something came up and we had to leave, okay? We'll be at your high school if you happen to read this today. Later loser.
   M, T, M <3

The note was dated for today. I checked my phone and saw that it was just after three in the afternoon. Regardless of when they left the note, classes would be finishing and clubs would just be starting. There'd still be a lot of people on campus.

   I made up my mind that they left for some eidolon related issue that must've popped up near the school. Depending on the circumstances, there could be a lot of innocent people injured. From my recent time with Shoko, I learned that not everyone in this world is innocent. Like that duo from Thermo Corp. -- Izumi and Kitaro. They may have just been fulfilling a contract, but they really did try to chop my head off. Tried to kill me while I was unconscious even. They're not innocent to me, not in the way I view the world.

   Leaving my thoughts and hesitation behind, I dashed out the door and headed toward the school. It wasn't super far from Occult Club Inc., but I normally walked with Mitsuki so the time always passed rapidly. Now that I was running with an urgent pupose, it became all too clear to me just how far away I really was.

   "Shoko! Do you know what's going on here?" I asked. Ask an eidolon when it comes to a problem with an eidolon is what I figured.

   Tch. No answer. Looks like I'll be on my own for this one.

   I hadn't noticed earlier, but the streets were surprisingly empty. Not a single person window shopping. Not a single person commuting to work. Not a single pedestrian in the street. 

   It's better this way, less people will be hurt.

   I rounded the last corner and the school  came into view.

   My high school is remarkably ordinary. Actually, it'd be better to say that it was most extraordinary in that it had the most ordinary students. The most ordinary students, that went to the most ordinary school, in a prefecture where nothing extraordinary happens. However, today, like there always is, was the exception.

   I stumbled to a stop as I fully captured the situation playing out in front of me.

   Half the school was destroyed and a heaping pile of rubble.
   About a fourth of the school was completely untouched.
   The remaining part was also not in ruins. That is, there was a giant multicolored hydra sitting on top of it.
   And the front gate and the gardens just before the main buildings were scattered with bodies. I looked closer adn they weren't just students. Men and women in pinstriped suits-- Thermo Corp. and students. Judging from the state of the school, the action hadn't just started.

   I looked at the hydra again and it seemed distracted blowing glaring bursts of fire at a few people running around. From this distance I couldn't make out if they were regular people or swordsmen.

   "Ooh-ooh, stop wasting time and go heeeeelp them!" a snotty voice said to me.

   "Shoko! You scared me, but yeah, let's go!"

   I sprinted down the street and entered the school grounds.

   The campus was truly destroyed. Nearly all of the ruins were charred and small fires smoldered all across the courtyard. A pungent and acrid smell filled the air as I struggled to breathe from the thickness of the smoke. All around students and swordsmen moaned out in pain. Some quietly, others screaming till their throats dried out or they choked oon the smoke surrounding them.

   T-this is bad, this is r-real bad!

   "Stop whining so much and use some of those nifty skills I taught ya, my love! Time is of the essence! Take out the source and there won't be anymore casualties!" Shoko piped up.

   I agreed and turned my attention to the hydra. The beast was absolutely massive. Five different heads all spewing fire and thrashing and chomping about. They were each different colors. Pink, green, blue, white and red. And they were all wearing some sort of prissy flower crown.


   I readied my cheap Tier three blade and shouted, "Reaper's Paradise:-- !" 

   "Stop! Don't just charge in there! My love, do you know what this is?"

   "I asked you earlier and you didn't answer me!"

   "Tch. Drop the attitude with me. I'm a busy person. Anyway, it's the Hydrangea Hydra. One of the very few eidolons that will always manifest in the same way." 

   "Thanks! Knowing that doesn't change anything for me! So, how do I kill it?"

   "I don't know. Just go for it, I guess."

   She was no help whatsoever. Distracting me with useless facts, who does she think she is? But, she did give me an idea on how to kill it. Simply put, she told me to just go for it and well, I didn't have any better ideas.

   So I just went for it.