Chapter 8:

A Girl's Perspective

The Rise of Outcasts

I was getting more and more anxious as the clock kept ticking.Bookmark here

“Hey Fina, come with me for a second.” Risa asked me to tag along. Bookmark here

Trey was waiting for us outside. Bookmark here

"Yo Fina! Long time no see."Bookmark here

“Yea, you look exactly the same as I saw you last time.”Bookmark here

"HAHAHAHAHA! But why are you here?"Bookmark here

“Risa dragged me here.”Bookmark here

Trey looked towards her with confusion.Bookmark here

“Nicolo was having a rough time with her sister lately, so I decided to give them some space and time to talk since this will probably be his last chance."Bookmark here

"Makes sense. Well, you being here is not an issue. I will give you an overview of how we will attack. You need to be prepared if our plan somehow fails."Bookmark here

I nodded. Nicolo is not here so I needed to be prepared in his stead. Bookmark here

“Follow me.”Bookmark here

We followed him onto the top of a certain building. We could clearly see the Lavister Hall from up here.Bookmark here

"As you can see, Lavister Hall consists of 3 sections. The ballroom, where everyone is currently at, while the other 2 are at the back and we know, basically, nothing about them. All I know is that there are multiple portions in those 2 sections which makes them look like a maze, due to which, it's incredibly difficult to steal Nox.”Bookmark here

“Can’t we attack from the front gate when they display Nox?”Bookmark here

"They believe the walls are unbreachable but we do have a mechanism to destroy that front door but it's more dangerous to attack from the front. That door is our exit."Bookmark here

Trey then pointed towards the four towers that surrounded the hall. Bookmark here

"Those towers are guarded by snipers. And not only that, there are hidden snipers as well, in case any of the 4 snipers is shot down. It will not be difficult for them to pinpoint our location."Bookmark here

"This is looking more and more difficult." Risa gave off a nervous smile.Bookmark here

"Yes! Now, this is what we are planning to do. Dividing our forces into two and infiltrate from two different directions while bombing up the place. An information broker told me the location of Nox but I have a feeling that it's a trap. That's why I am splitting up the forces. Whoever spots the weapon will inform the others and everyone will retreat immediately."Bookmark here

“What about the one who spotted the weapon?”Bookmark here

"Don't worry, he will find his way out. As for the snipers, we have prepared some baits. Some of our men will die, but it will help us take out the rest of them as well."Bookmark here

Sacrificing our men? I honestly didn't like the sound of that but it was not like we had any other chance. Sigh.Bookmark here

"Now, get going. The ceremony will start at any moment. Also, Fina, take these.”Bookmark here

“What are these?”Bookmark here

"A horizontal manoeuvring gear that will help you escape, along with Nicolo, through the roof in case of emergency. And this, for the communication. As soon as the Nox appears, inform me through this device and we will start our attack on the hall. Although snipers will be taken down before that, I want to throw them out of the loop.”Bookmark here

“I see, but escaping through the roof?”Bookmark here

"Yes. Don't worry, we will be there. Just put them below your shoes. When you activate them, they will release an intense pressure, throwing you in the air. Turn the dial in the clockwise direction and it will help you get down from a high place by reducing the pressure.Bookmark here

I was staring at those weird flat things.Bookmark here

"Now, go."Bookmark here

"You aren't coming, Risa?"Bookmark here

"There is no need. My parents completely ignored my existence so I might as well not go back. It will also be difficult to leave the place again."Bookmark here

“I feel you on that.” I gave a smile.Bookmark here

My parents were in this ceremony and the only thing they cared about was me being the fiancée of Nicolo. I had hated them for a long time now, they were more disgusting than animals.I hoped I never get to see them again after this day.Bookmark here

As I was entering the garden that surrounded the hall, I heard four gunshots simultaneously.Bookmark here

One of the guards quickly covered me.Bookmark here

“This is dangerous, Miss Fina. Hurry.” He escorted me inside the hall. Bookmark here

Apparently, what happened was Trey's men sniped the four towers at the same time. That gave off their position to the hidden ones and as a result, all 4 of Trey's men got shot down. But this is exactly what he wanted, the hidden ones revealed their positions and got killed by his men hiding around the area besides those 4. There were probably more hiding but they won't make the same mistake again. That took care of the snipers for the time being.Bookmark here

After that, Valentino took charge of invading the other 2 sections while Trey dealt with the panicking guards at the front door.Bookmark here

I could no longer hear the gunshots in the hall. Bookmark here

Now what? Nicolo's father was up there speaking to his guests. Speaking of Nicolo, where was he? After searching for a while, I spotted him coming down from the stairs, holding Sophia's hand and he seemed to have noticed me as well. I see, they sorted things out. I was glad. Bookmark here

“Where did you run off to?” He asked.Bookmark here

Sophia is right there… Should I speak about our plan or change the subject?Bookmark here

I was getting a bit hesitant.Bookmark here

"Don't worry, I already told her. She is fine with waiting for our return." Nicolo must have figured out my concern.Bookmark here

"Is that so?" That was good to hear. I was worried about Sophia but I guess Nicolo handled things on his own quite well.Bookmark here

After a pause, I gave him a brief overview of my discussion with Trey.Bookmark here

"Now, get going. Sophia, come with me." I grabbed Sophia's hand and disappeared from Nicolo's sight. Bookmark here

"Where are we going, Miss Fina?" Sophia asked innocently.Bookmark here

"I think this is fine." I took her to a place where we could talk without interference.Bookmark here

I kneeled to match Sophia's height, put my hand on her shoulder and said "I am sorry."Bookmark here

“What are you saying?” she was obviously confused.Bookmark here

"I am sorry that I didn't tell you any of this, I am sorry that we have to leave you behind, I am sorry for getting back on my words, I am sorry for…" before I knew it, tears were coming out from my eyes.Bookmark here

Sophia then grabbed my head and hugged me. She was shedding tears as well.Bookmark here

"Don't worry about me, Miss Fina. I will be fine, knowing both of you will come for me someday.”Bookmark here

Those words were heartrending. I hugged her tightly.Bookmark here

"I promise we will come back. Just endure a bit more."Bookmark here

We would definitely come back one day and free her from that cage and everyone else as well.Bookmark here

"Also, one more thing. Drop the formality and just call me Fina."Bookmark here

"Sure. I will wait for you, Fina." She said with a smile.Bookmark here

Just then I realized the ceremony was already over. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't notice. I wiped my tears and went towards the stage. My eyes met with Nicolo and he gave a nod. That was the signal. I went towards the balcony and used the device to contact Trey.Bookmark here

"Understood." He said.Bookmark here

I chose to stay on the upper floor and observe things from there. I already instructed Sophia to hide somewhere safe. Then, explosions could be heard one after another. The front door went flying and someone broke through the glass wall along with the wall.Bookmark here

Just then, something unexpected happened. A beam of red light cut the guy with the orb in half, the other two on the front gate were missing their heads as well.Bookmark here

"Fina, be on guard. This was not within our expectations. That red light was from a weapon called Relta Red. A special weapon that only some in the military possess." said Trey.Bookmark here

“That means?”Bookmark here

"It means Giovanni might be here."Bookmark here

His suspicion came true. Giovanni entered with his men. Bookmark here

"Listen, Fina. I will use a stun gun to freeze his men for a few seconds. When that happens, grab Nicolo and the orb and fly to the roof."Bookmark here

“Why not stun Giovanni?” Bookmark here

“It will not work on him. I will give you a signal so you need to pick up the speed.”Bookmark here

HUH! What was this commotion? It looked like Nicolo was arguing with his father. Even in a situation like… honestly, what do I do with this man? I was palming my face.Bookmark here

“Fina. GO!” I heard Trey’s voice and went downstairs. Bookmark here

"Enough with this, Nicolo." At least, restrain yourself in a situation like this. Bookmark here

I grabbed him and the ball while activating the device on my shoes. The next moment, it threw us in the air. There was a hole that was just made. My arms were screaming in pain but we somehow made it onto the top. Bookmark here

Valentino and Trey were waiting for us on the top. After handing over the orb to Trey, I grabbed Nicolo, did the same thing one more time but to go down.Bookmark here

Nicolo grabbed the bike, I sat behind and we started moving.Bookmark here

“Are you alright?”Bookmark here

"Yea, just my arms hurt. You are really heavy."Bookmark here

“I will let this slide for once.” Nicolo let out a slight laugh.Bookmark here

I leaned forward onto Nicolo's back and rested my head there. I was really tired. I didn't want any commotion at the central exit.  Bookmark here

Real Aire
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