Chapter 9:

A Tiring Night to Endure

The Rise of Outcasts

“Nicolo, take it to the secondary gate.” Fina said out of nowhere.Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“Trey just told me through this device. The security there had never been tight so they already took care of it. And don't worry about their reinforcement as they have already frozen the security cameras."Bookmark here

"Really? That's not an easy stunt to pull."Bookmark here

"Jacob might have a bigger hand in executing this plan."Bookmark here

"Yeah! That's all and good but that area is still dangerous. It will be quite difficult to get down from that cliff."Bookmark here

“Don’t worry about that.”Bookmark here

They pulled this plan out relatively well. I was expecting way more trouble than this. Even the fallen ones would be alive if it wasn't for Giovanni. Screw that man, came at the wrong moment. How did he know about our plan? The timing was way too perfect. My head was starting to hurt. Guess no point in overthinking when we got no lead. Bookmark here

A few minutes later, we were in front of the secondary gate. I don't even know why this gate exists as hardly anyone has ever used it. Around that rusty gate, were laying 5 dead bodies and right in front of us, was a dead end. Not exactly a dead end since there was a way to cross that massive hole, filled with nothing but metal junk. On the left side of the gate, was a narrow path that led to the road that was connected with the central gate. We couldn't use that because we would have been spotted by the guards of the central gate.Bookmark here

“Now what, Fina?”Bookmark here

I took a look at Fina. She seemed really irritated for some reason.Bookmark here

"___What's wrong?"Bookmark here

“I need to use this gear again to get us down and I hate it. Carrying you make my arms scream in pain.”Bookmark here

"HAHAHAHA! Then, let me use them."Bookmark here

“Spare me. I don’t want to die just yet.”Bookmark here

Fina was looking down, trying to figure out what was the best way to jump.Bookmark here

Just then, we heard a faint voice.Bookmark here

“FINAAAAA.”Bookmark here

We saw a shadowy figure on the mainland.Bookmark here


It was Angelo screaming. Bookmark here

“That’s it. Nicolo, grab the bike and ride it through the gate with full speed.”Bookmark here

"What? Are you crazy? That is way too dangerous."Bookmark here

“Just do as I say.” Fina was getting more and more irritated.Bookmark here

“Urghhh fine.”Bookmark here

I grabbed the bike and did as Fina instructed. The next moment, we were flying… or more like falling. We already covered a quarter of the distance with the bike. Bookmark here

Then, Fina grabbed me and jumped from the bike and used that to cover the rest of the distance. Unfortunately, we were still at some distance from the mainland. Fina was out of energy to fly any further. Just then, a net came flying, grabbed us and threw us onto the mainland. That was Angelo's doing. He used some kind of net device to save our butts. Bookmark here

"EEghh my arms." Fina was holding her arms while crying in pain.Bookmark here

"ANGELO!"Bookmark here

"NICOLO!"Bookmark here

Dismissing that, both of us gave a tight hug.Bookmark here

"Jerks. Can't you see I am in extreme pain right now…? Sniff."Bookmark here

I did that on purpose… but I guess that was a bad idea. I quickly lifted Fina from the ground and turned towards Angelo.Bookmark here

“Where is your ride?”Bookmark here

Due to an unexpected event, Fina's cheeks flushed. This is how you cool down her anger and irritation.Bookmark here

“There.”Bookmark here

Angelo pointed towards a car on the side. Bookmark here

We sat on the back seat; Angelo handled the steering.Bookmark here

“Straight to X-99 Delta.”Bookmark here

“Aye aye!"Bookmark here

We were going through the wasteland. The atmosphere at night gave off a really creepy vibe. I checked my wristwatch and it was currently 1:00 AM. I really was sleeping at the moment. Fina was already out cold as her head was resting on my shoulders. I leaned onto the seat and took a quick nap.Bookmark here

“Nicolo, they aren’t allowing us to enter with the car.”Bookmark here

Angelo's voice woke me up. Bookmark here

Crap, I forgot about this.Bookmark here

"Hey, mister, how much do you need to let us in with the car?" I asked the gatekeeper. Bookmark here

"Are you bribing me kid?" The gatekeeper spoke in an angry tone.Bookmark here

"Oh, come on old man, just take the money and let us in. We are already tired." I put a bundle of notes onto his hand. The geezer definitely wasn't expecting this much money so he opened the doors and let us in without saying anything.Bookmark here

We drove through the empty streets and entered a certain alley. That alley led us to the back of a small house. I carried Fina as she was still sleeping soundlessly while Angelo opened the doors for us. Bookmark here

There were two rooms: a kitchen and a toilet for us. This was one of the meeting places with Valentino. He said to use this place in any case of emergency. There was a stack of canned foods that were not yet expired. I put Fina in one of the rooms and went back to check on the cans.Bookmark here

"They are not that good." Angelo complains while eating.Bookmark here

“This is all we got for now, just bear with it tonight.”Bookmark here

"By the way, where are you going to sleep? In my room or the open?"Bookmark here

"In Fina's room, of course." I said with a serious expression.Bookmark here

"Heh." Angelo stared at me as his hand stopped in the middle of eating.Bookmark here

"Your constant sleep talking will not help me rest at all and I am too tired to get any rest on the floor in an open area. I like to get some rest on a comfy bed."Bookmark here

"But Fina's room only has one bed."Bookmark here

“I know.”Bookmark here

"____But"Bookmark here

"Enough. I will do as I said. You shouldn't have any problem since she is my fiancée."Bookmark here

I stood up as I was already done eating. I went to the toilet and then, straight to the bed. Bookmark here

Fina was sleeping with no concern for her surroundings. I was too tired for any romantic stuff so I just went to sleep right away. Bookmark here

When I woke up, Fina was not there. I came out to see them waiting for me outside, all dressed up.Bookmark here

"Hurry up and get changed. We are eating outside. That canned food is trash." Fina said.Bookmark here

I got changed and went outside. On the way, Fina asked a concerning question…Bookmark here

“You didn’t do anything weird to me?” Fina glared at me.Bookmark here

“I didn’t have any energy to do anything at all.”Bookmark here

“Really?”Bookmark here

“I asked him to sleep with me but he insisted to sleep in your room.” Angelo butted in our conversion.Bookmark here

"Keep your mouth shut, Angelo. We have already discussed the reasoning."Bookmark here

Just like that, we arrived at a decent hotel, had breakfast and then, got back to the house. To our surprise, Valentino was waiting there. He must have guessed I would choose this place to rest. Bookmark here

"It seems like you all have rested and eaten well. We shouldn't waste time, let's go back to the hideout."Bookmark here

On our way to Opus, I asked Valentino to arrange a meeting with all 4 heads of the district.Bookmark here

“It will be no problem; Lady Magnum was really eager to meet you.”Bookmark here

I looked outside. Opus was in our sight. Bookmark here

The meeting with the 4 heads, might end up being quite a troublesome one. SighBookmark here

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