Chapter 4:

Learning, the beginning of the great loss part final

The butterfly chronicles

The Damage had been great, the place was full of smoke and dust I could not see very well.

That's when I realized that half the village was already in ruins several people were injured and chaos was about to begin, when a horde of soldiers were coming.

The problem was, I wasn't finding Phinara, and it was driving me crazy.

That's when a light at the end of the tunnel appeared and there was Phinara along with the old man who had protected her.

Hey, are you all right?

I want to be fine.

- I'm very happy I was very worried about you guys!

- Kid's thinking I'm who?

- But it was almost, there was almost no time to save my little girl.

- Damn you're going to pay!

Hey, wait, Dad!

The old man was so angry that his aura was already activated, his magic power was different from the last time we fought, that's when I thought feelings also affected the amount of power.

- Hey Phinara Take the kids and go to the shelter!

- Wait Adan I want to help you in battle too.

- It's more pisours Phinara, I couldn't stand to lose you.

- I say the same Adan, I insist let me go with you!

It was inevitable, I wasn't underestimating my wife, but I had a bad feeling.

I could take her and run away, but these people would die, and they were so good to me, that wouldn't be cool, I'm not a hero or a savior, but one thing I was sure of.

- I swear Phinara I'm going to protect you and the village.

You guys...

- You are my family and I am very grateful for that!

Those words had touched phinara's whole heart, which had changed his mind and done what I had suggested.

- Adan's waiting for you for dinner!

All right, I'm going to be there!

That's when Phinara went with the children to the rerun she had used an arcane magic of protection on all the inhabitants who could not fight, it had exhausted much of her ki, but she was still strong.

The attack was beginning, several soldiers were already arrting the village, several adventurers were near me, to form a plan, I confess I was nervous, had never led anything in my past life and not even in this.

But I couldn't miss or the village would lose a lot from it.

- Listen adventurers I have a plan.

- Pay attention to this had defined the existence of the village!

Everyone was attentive to what I was going to say, the tension was there, but still those eyes looking at me waiting for an order, was to give a chill in the belly.

- We don't know the enemy numbers, and we've been caught in surprises, but now we can't miss!

- Adventurers with support magic, create a barrier between the village try to hold as much as possible so no one gets in!
- And create a high ground using arcane creative magic!

Yes, Mr. Adan!

- Adventurers shooters form a rear in a high location, eliminate enemies from behind do not let them approach!

All right, let's go.

- And half the village army is protecting the village from the inside and support the adventurers don't let the barrier fall!

Yes, sir!

- And for adventurous purposes of attack come along with me in front of the army and the other half of the village army protect the outskirts of the village!

Yes, sir!

- I'm counting on all of you guys!

It was a simple last-minute plan plus had its effective, an arcane magic-shaped barrier plus the creation of high points for the shooters, while the village soldiers would protect the village from the outside and inside.

I had no experience in war or anything like that but that's what I got thinking in a short time, it was something to be fast or the end would be ready.

- Hey you find the old man and tip this tactic to him, we need him on the front line.

- Mr. Adan on this he's already on the front line.

- Is that old man looking to die?

- Let's all go to your stations!

Yes, sir!

I didn't know if I was doing the right thing, but I was following my heart and my faith that would be all right, I know I was a naïve kid, that was not an RPG but a real war without warning.

Everyone had disappeared like lightning in their posts, I was already on the front line, it was when the enemy's army did not seem to have end, several high-speed blows were being executed.

It was the old man who was fighting several soldiers with swords and his intimidating magic armor, the blows were magnificent, several attacks and exchange of blows at high speed, that old man was fighting 20 soda.

- Damned as you deed to attack my village!

- HAHAHA look at this old man, is thinking it's who in line for bread!

- Our lord almighty our King Loki, has decided that this village will be destroyed, and the women of the village will be his!

That was the end for that sucker, the old man had smashed his head with a powerful slap, knocking down several soldiers with the pressure of the blow , the old man wasvery angry as he transformed into his muscular form.

- You paid for that insult.

Several soldiers were firing several bursts of arcane magic spheres toward the old man, was like a highly angry sage, diverting those spheres with his hands at high speed.

- Weak...


As a shadow the old man had knocked down several soldiers with a blow, telling you that sometimes some soldiers exploded with their concentrated blows.

We were very close to the village, a blow of area could damage the barrier or village.

Several were coming at me, I was easily doing their blows, there were 30 men attacking me with their swords bathed in aura made by arcane magic, those were coated, I did not know if it could hurt me.

But I wasn't stupid on the line.

- The joke's over, guys.

Those guys were so weak to me, that I had simply created stakes made of arcane magic and thrown in directions to them, which were easily traversed by it.

- Take this red-haired kid he emanates a lot of ki!

The attacks continued and more and more soldiers saw in my direction, I did not want to kill them, but had no choice, every blow my concentrate made their bodies explode, that's when everything was dumb.

- Damn even 100 Level 90 soldiers with an armor and sword enchanted with arcane magic is no match for this kid!

- Men gave their souls for a greater purpose you are free to use the enhancement!



That was strange this faith mowing and aimlessly by a King, it was something very dubious and questionable.

Before they prepared I had launched 3 bursts of arcane magic towards the soldiers, I confess that I still had difficulty in controlling my power and area damage, but at the time I had a brilliant idea.

The explosion was large and was spreading, that's when I had created a large barrier around the soldiers trapping the explosion at the scene.

- I'm still trying to understand the difference in arcane magic and magic, I think in the end is the power of the techniques that counts and say the name, but even the arcane being inferior, simple techniques can be of great use.

That was my mistake, I didn't realize that "items" in this world also increased user status.

That's when the dust fell off the soldiers were still there, with visible damage, some had lost body parts, but were still standing.

There was a silence until in a brief moment a soldier had appeared in front of me, attacking me with the sword, I had time to swerve even cutting my face a little.

It was when the attack with a punch, that he simply deflected jumping up and tie me horizontally, was when I used my speed appearing on his side by throwing a kick that the soldier had automatically held my blow, was when 5 soldiers appeared around me attacking me with a straight hit, if I wasn't slight there would have been my end.

That's when I quickly opened my arms creating an arcane magic barrier around me, stopping the soldiers' swords.

- Damn why did these guys get a lot stronger out of nowhere?

- I have to be careful, from my analysis are 500 soldiers who received my blow.

By observing, but in detail, the soldiers had white pupils and their skin was purple, they were as if they had sold their souls to the devil in exchange for power.

These guys look like zombies.

I have to take care of this soon.

Quickly I created an explosion by closing my arms throwing the soldiers away.

That's when I looked further and several soldiers were turning purple and out of control.

- I have to get this over with fast or it's going to get worse!


That's when I quickly carried a concentrated arcane magic sphere and fired toward the 300 soldiers who were hit hard, but they were still there.

- Damn it, am I using too little power for fear of destroying the village?

What am I supposed to do?

Come on, Think Adan!

That's when I had the brilliant idea of punching in the area, the vacuum created by the blow would hit everyone and not cause a directional explosion but straight.

That's when I closed my eyes and focused on the direction I wanted to hit.

Let's test this!

Die you bastards!

The war was going on loose, the adventurers and soldiers were fighting various battles against king Loki's soldiers, they were holding the battle well, but that wasn't going to last long.

Even more soldiers werecoming, the old man was defeating several but it was getting harder and harder, they were getting purple and stronger and stronger, the old man was with his active aura struggling with everything of himself.

- You young men are wearing demonic armor to trade.

- This armor grants you more power in exchange for your soul, and if you don't finish the user with a fatal blow, she'll absolve the fortattack by alecendo the user.

- Damn Adan doesn't know that, I have to warn him before he ends up creating stronger soldiers with his attacks!

The old man was trying to get to me, but the fight they were fighting couldn't miss a move or he'd die.

That's when I threw that punch, creating a great vacuum pressure in front of me, hitting several purple soldiers, many had died but several had resisted and gotten stronger.

What's that?

That's when I was surprised, my feet were trapped by magic of the water element that was coming out of the ground, that's when a soldier appeared on my left side read me hitting an aura-covered kick on my chin,throwing me up.

Then I was greeted by several arcane spheres that hit me in full there were so many, who were throwing me higher and higher, I was already coming into the clouds.

The damage was increasing, it seemed like these guys were getting closer and closer to my level.

- I'm not going to lose here!!!!

In a moment of fury I ended up sending several punches at high speed towards thesoldiers, dissipating several bursts of it because of the vacuum that was created by my blows, hitting the soldiers in full drastically sinking the ground.

- Damn I have to control myself or I'm going to end up destroying the village!

- And what's that feeling I'm feeling?

It was when the worst was to come, the soldiers were stronger, the battles were so fast that even after all this I had not yet begun to fall towards the ground, it was when several purple soldiers were in a single location, were about 1000 purple soldiers they were accumulating a lot of ray magic and were conjuring something strange.

- What as I didn't realize, those 40 soldiers distracted me, the other thousand were after the boy, damn it I have to hurry!

- The blows of these young people are getting more and more dangerous, I'm reaching my limit, I as the former head of the village cannot lose here!

By that time the old man had raised his ki to themax by pasting the water element into his fists.

- Now get my attacks young.

- Impacts of the twin water dragons!

That was amazing, all 40 soldiers had received several dragon-shaped water blows, those blows had something different, it made them explode from the head down.

That's when I looked up and a big purple flash appeared on top of me.

Damn it!

That's when before I got hit I had said those words again "Bless" after that it hit me hard by a colossal purple ray,

- BOY!!!

The blow was so strong that you could see the glare from a far away, the noise was intimidating the ground had shuddered,as if the world had fallen on me.

- Boy can't be, that was the gate of the lightning!

- Kid, I hope you're not dead!!!!

The old man had gone towards the explosion.

That's when Phinara sensedsomething.

- Kids stay calm, look at this blue barrier is protecting you, and I know you're all trying.

- My dad and Adan will take care of it.

Phinara, I know you want to go to them, go.

I'm going to take care of the kids.

Serious Eloa?

- Yes Phinara go and help them you will be more useful there than here.

- Thank you I count on you Eloa.

- huhuhu this goes lamb.

That's when Phinara was heading towards the battlefield, if I hadn't raised my ki to the max and activated my aura, I would have died for that technique, I was badly injured, but something was different, I had something new was when I jumped and came out of the hole i was in.

- I admit this blow was pretty powerful, but...

- Now it will be the end of you!

At the end of said these words I closed my eyes and said again "Bless" so being able to locate all the purple soldiers, that's when I had activated my aura again without worries was when the thousand soldiers at high speed were up to me with blood-like, that's when I first used that technique.

-Everse Ray TowerR!
When the soldiers were almost near me, a magic circle had appeared beneath them all, that's when a powerful ray of purple and black came out of the circle hitting them hard, causing their bodies to turn to ashes.

It's finally over.

The old man had come near me.

Hey kid how did you survive this and beat all these guys?

- I still can't explain it, but it looks like it's a skill...

I was on the low guard and had not noticed, it was when the old man had been crossed in the chest by a laser, the next would be me who would be hit by a burst of arcane magic, that's when the old man pushed me throwing me away.


Being hit with in full amid the explosion, in the end the old man had died with a nice smile, and it seems he was telling me, now it's up to you Adan Dracae.

It was like I lost a father, I wasn't, but in good conscience.

- I have to get to the scene soon.

- Shit because I'm not as fast as they are!

I can't stop!

That's when Phinara felt a chill that something bad had happened.

AM? What the other year?

What a bad feeling.

I had felt a great presence that was coming over, that's when I institively jumped back, it was almost when something big almost crushed me.

- YUYU awesome you felt my murderous intention.

That's when the dust below, and that creature was huge, it was a 10-meter-high Sleaper, it was extremely intimidating its appearance.

- Damn it was you who killed the old man...

- YUYU you are afraid human...

I was so angry that I soon broke up the dog that hit him with all my strength in the face making him get up a little.


-Everse water handleR!

And I quickly hit another blow to his second head throwing him a little higher and hit several concentrated blows that was making him go up a little higher with the blows, that's when I used my new technique again.

- Reverse ray tower!

This time this blow was much more powerful and much bigger, had hit the stomach of the full cberberus throwing it up this time much higher, I continue to hit it with several bursts of arcane magic.

The throwing more and more up, when he had already passed the height of the clouds.

Now get lost!

That's when I used all my power and activated my aura.

Maximized supernova fire!

I had created two supernovae one in each hand and fired towards the cérbero that was hit in full, the explosion was so massive that all the clouds for several kilometers had disappeared, the site of the explosion was so hot, it seemed that the earth had turned orange because of the great flash that was seen from the sky.

The wind was very strong throwing trees away that had a lot of power, I think I had won, that's when the cérberhad appeared behind me with a beautiful evil smile.

- I admit human you're strong, I destroyed one of my heads.

- But that's not enough!

He was so fast that he could only understand his words, that's when his head regenerated hitting me with everything from behind, that blow was so strong, it took all the ground along with me, crossing 3 mountains.


I'm having a great time!

- It's been a long time since I've done a killing, oh several villages were decimated until we got here, those humans were tasty, especially women.


Meanwhile the butler Thiago was watching from afar.

- The slease a 3-headed demonic dog of level 356 has been decing for a long time that King Loki did not let his puppy go.

- Now let's see the end of this story I'm curious about its end.

- Oh it seems that theeirinho cord is coming, hahaha now that the show will begin!

I don't know how I was still alive, fallen into the rubble, all my bones were broken I couldn't get up, I didn't want to die there, I didn't want to leave Phinara, I didn't want to lose all this.

- Let's react Adan, come on!

- Oh, it looks like the human survived this, awesome.

- YOYO is now your human end!

- Infernal laser!

It was going straight to me and I couldn't do anything about it, I was barely able to look.

That's when I didn't expect it, Phinara had come in front, with a barrier magic I'd never seen, her aura was active and different, she was purple.

I'm going to protect you, Adan!

- What as an Elf is holding my attack, it's not going to go on like this!

That's when the sleabe used the same ability with his other head making him go towards the barrier.

Phinara at the same time was healing me but it was very slow because of the consumption of the barrier.

Phinara gets out of here!

- No Adan I'm going to protect you I don't want to lose you!

- Don't go out or you're going to die!


That's when she smiled and said everything she was thinking.

- Adan even though I know I'm no match for this, if I save you that will be enough for me.

- I want to save my husband!

That's my wish!

- Stop healing me Phinara out of here!

I didn't understand much of it, my words were coming out desperately, the crying was coming out, the pain in the heart too, I knew it wasn't going to end well, it was inevitable an endless abyss.

The pain was unbearable from trying to get up I had no strength, the cure was no longer taking effect, that's when Phinara looked at me and said.

- Adan I love you, take care of the village and the staff, I know you will be a great leader for everyone, I...

I remember that scene was the worst of my life, another laser had hit phinara's barrier, it had been undone, but I had the barrier on me, that's when I look to the side and half of Phinara's body was there...

- I love you Adan, that time I spent with you was amazing alive...

It was like a extinguishing of a candle, the life of my beloved had been lost there and her body was so much a shock to me I had no words, I couldn't cry, the world had been empty and gray for me, it had disappeared and I couldn't do anything.


Now you're going to die human.

The cérbero was carrying a large spherical mass of fire, and I was still unreacted was when that glow that came out of Phinara's body was coming to me, and it was the first time I felt it.


- Great fire catastrophe!

That gust was in my direction with everything hitting me hard that explosion was even more massive than my technique.


It was when the dust fell and I was healed and different, my eyes were black with the pupils in a purple tone, and on my forehead had a symbol my aura was different was yellow blend with a purple tone.

- What how are you...

The Cérber lost one of their heads he had not even perished from where the attack had come from.

All I know is I had only one thought, making this little shit suffer to death...

James Kamiouji