Chapter 3:

Learning, the beginning of the great loss part 1

The butterfly chronicles

If it's been two days, it was all quiet, I remember the sunny day I'd just woke up to when Phinara was on my side, when I thought I was a lucky guy to have a beautiful, gentle Elf by my side.

- What's i going to do today?

What time is it?

It's already eight o'clock!

It was unbelievable that world wasn't as I thought, it had some technologies mixed with magic, it was interesting what it could do, like the Clock that was rectangular written some magic stamps, the best that on top looked like an image as if it were holograms that was fascinating, but I was late.

- Shit, shit!

I'm late!

I got dressed quickly, I was late for training with the old man, Had a coffee quickly and ran, that's when I thought.

- Wait... why am I running normal?

I didn't want to admit but there was a time that my old life was in me, and so I forgot it wasn't, but an ordinary human.

That's when I pressed the step and was already in the village training camp, it was a vast place I think it had 2 kilometers.

The old man was impatient that I was 30 minutes late.

- I'm sorry, old man, I ended up sleeping too much.

He was looking at me from the edge of his eye that was strange, that's when he answered me until quietly.

- Adan this time I'm going to let it go, but remember those words.

- A true leader must always arrive before, or the worst can happen.

At that time I didn't understand those words though, but later I would learn in the marra, it was inevitable I was an idiot.

- It was bad old, I promise you won't be behind me anymore.

- No more talking let's start your training.

- I'm going to tell you what I could fix with our fight.

That's when the old man made that hermit face, he loved to do that, told you that I'd even gotten used to it, because he did it several times a day.

Adan, pay attention.

- This will help you a lot to develop your skills.

I'm ready, old man!

- That youth haha!

That old man was sagas, what he was going to tell me is going to make all the difference.

- Adan, I realized that your asset is your great source of ki, this enhances your status, but...

- You don't know how to fight, and you spend a lot of energy on your moves.

- But I beat youold.

- Yes that was a pretty big feat, that was because you have a lot more ki source than me, and probably the level difference.

And what's your old level?

- Hehe, after we train, we're going to take you to the level measurement area, and there I'll tell you, my level.

- Why all the old suspense?

- For you, pay better attention to what I'm going to tell you, Adan.

I was very curious about it, and it made me more excited to train, the place was interesting.

It was surrounded by several mountains and an open field in the middle of them, the most amazing was what happened afterwards.

- Continuing Adan.

- I'm going to teach you the style of the black forest, and so your physical abilities will flourish.

- Wow, that sounds pretty cool.

- It may be said that you will be very skilled, but first let me continue the explanation.

- You waste a lot of time with your movements and thus can not balance the area of effect of your blows, thus putting the people around you at risk.

- I can't imagine what physical blows could also calculate the area of effect.

I was thinking, was the principles the same as arcane magic? Or was it something else entirely?

It was a very curious thing and it was no use just thinking about it.

- Adan There are 2 kinds of energy in every living being.

Are you serious? Phinara didn't tell me anything about it.

- You can imagine about that, she's not good at physical blows either...

- HAHA my little girl is very hard working know that one day she will get away!

- I know that, old man, no more bullshit and bullet!

What's going on?

Nothing old.

I forgot that some slang did not work in this world, here was not Brazil but another similar world.

- Adan these two energies are Ying and Yang.

I had heard about it, but I had no idea that in this world i had this concept too.

What's that old?

- Um basically Ying and Yang are two opposite energies that coexist with each other, such as the sun and the moon, white in black, good in evil and vise and versa.

- That's the difference between them.

- Ying represents the life that represents the ki the magic.

- And Yang represents the death that represents the physicist.

So that was like a separation that even though they were distinct were connected, that's what I thought.

- So old by what I realized, there's a way to merge them with each other.

- Ho well observed Adan.

- You can potentiate your physical and technical strokes by merging the Ying and Yang, see I'll show you.

We quickly went very close to a rocky mountain, I was curious about why being so close being that we could destroy it from afar.

This mountain was quite a big one different from the ones I had trained.

Look, come on.

- This mountain is one of the toughest in this world, made of a very rigid rock, to achieve break in the punch, the user must have at least level 145 with its status focused on strength.

-Watch Adan I'm going to do 3 demonstrations, what do you think will happen when I punch this mountain?

Are you going to break your arm?

- Idiot how you think the village chief would be ashamed! ?

- HAHA, relax old I was making fun of you.

- Oh, these young people...

- No more talk time to show the difference of know how to punch with technique and skill.

The old man had positioned himself in front of the mountain, he was in a battle pose, that's when he directed a punch with all his strength into the rock of the mountain thatwas when it surprised me, his fist had only made a hole a little bigger than his hand.

Old man?

Hi Adan?

Why isn't the mountain gone?

- ha-ha it seems that you still have not noticed, I punched with all my strength, this would easily go off with this mountain.

- What I did was focus the whole attack on that point in question.

That was pretty impressive it was pretty much the same principle of area damage using magic.

So you're telling me that even though you had this little hole, the force that was concentrated there had the power to destroy this whole mountain?

- Almost that, when you focus on a physical strike beyond it deals almost nothing of area damage, but the advantage that the focused damage is bent or even more.

- That way Adan no matter where you fight, if there are people nearor or be in a crowded city, knowing how to handle the area damage of your physical blows you don't need to hold on.

- That's pretty handy old man now show me the second come on I'm excited.

- That's what I like Adan, animation!

That's when we took a little distance, I think it was 500 meters away from the mountain thatla.

- Now that way things change Adan.

That's when the old man positioned himself again and attacked from afar with a powerful punch, but that was different, that punch had created a powerful burst of vacuum destroying the mountain completely.

That old man was bragging about his deed, and he kept looking at me with bright eyes waiting for a compliment.

- I confess old that was cool, I did not know you could attack from afar with physical blows.

- Boy like someone who has little source of ki ia turn around, or someone who does not use powerful magic techniques would defend himself?

It's old sense.

- Adan this time I instead of concentrates the blow, I let him expand and release, but this method the blow gets weaker, but it is very useful against various enemies and area blows.

I was learning a lot of things just by observing that was very useful for my goal of not hurting innocents was when the old man showed me the most interesting.

- Now Adan comtemple when you merge Ying with Yang that's the result.

It was suddenly a lot of magic of the water element was concentrated in his fist like an aura made of water.

- By doing this Adan you greatly increase your attack and defense power.

- I focused on my element that I have greater affinity, in this case the water.

- And now I'm going to show you the results of that.

What's going on?

That's when the old man shot towards the mountain. That blow had been twice as powerful, that by the end two mountains had disappeared, I was imagining imagining doing it along with the aura.

The old man had already returned, I confess that he was very fast and knew what he was doing.

- Impressive old man I think that when you use this skill you can't concentrate the blow because it's something very powerful, right?

- That's right Adan, and another this technique consumes a lot of ki, many have died just trying to do this is a high-level technique.

- To use this you must focus your element with greater affinity on your wrist or leg and so concentrates that element on the spot, but I believe this will take you a while just to learn even having a lot of ki.

I hadn't heard much what the old man had said was when I went to try and suddenly my fist was on fire.

What are you talking about?

- how did you do it, Adan?!

- I just thought of my element that I have greater affinity and did what you said.

The old man was speechless, you could tell he was trying to understand.

- Now enough talk I'm going to test my maximum!

I had activated my aura at most it was causing a lot of wind pressure, my goal was to hit the biggest mountain you could see, with everything I had.

- Amazing, so the statuses count a lot in this, right old?

- Yes the statuses are very important to define what you want to be.

- And you Adan what do you want to focus on?

You want to become a wizard? So focus on your perception status.

- You want to become a swordsman? So focus on your perception and speed status.

- You want to become a fighter? So focus on your strength and endurance status.

- among other ways you can adapt Adan.

Now that you've told me that...

It was something I hadn't thought about yet, it seemed to be easy a response, but it was something that was set for the rest of his life, couldn't go any other way later, because it takes a few years or not even get to.

At the same time it was like an RPG game where your status esthed what you would be after all, but I had no idea, I didn't want to be a wizard, of course that would be great for me.

But I confess that I liked a frank beating, quick blows and precise exchange are frantic mixed with bursts of ki, that was my style, thanks to my favorite anime, Dragon Sphere, it was stagnant in my soul of otaku.

I didn't know how i'd get into something like that because they didn't actually have classes in this world but rather titles, they had no notion of class, even a wizard could have an excellent force lifting 10 tons, the difference that his magic power would be very, but worked that his physical power.

And it wouldn't be like a traditional wizard who would have a worse physical strength than a child, so in this world it was even harder to know what I wanted to be, and everyone could do the same physical and magical skills, with the difference in focus of each other's status.

That's when I got the answer about what I wanted to be.

Old man already decide.

Then tell me, Adan.

- I want a lot in hand-to-handcombat, but Iwant a little more focus on strength and speed,taking advantage that I have agreat source of ki this will help me in magic techniques and etc.

- HAHAHA knew you'd choose that Adan.

What's going on?

How did you know how old?

- That's pretty sure Adan I just wanted to make sure.

- You were born with a lot of ki source, this already helps you in your status, but with that you do not have much need to focus on the status for mage, because of its great destructible power and amount of ki source, this provides you go for various paths, it is not anyone who has this dadiva.

- I had no idea that the amount of ki source was so important.

- Adan everyone when going to do the test for something, are eager to have a great source of ki.

- The more ki source, the more they will help in their status.

In my head it was like a Hacker, many would tell me I'm hacker, but it was different, it was no use at all to have a lot of source of ki if i didn't have skills and training.

I had done several drills while with that technique activated, like diverting stones that the old man was playing at high speed, so I could train my agility.

It was so fast that the little rocks were going through the mountains and who knows where it would end.

I kept wondering if it hadn't hit anyone on the way, I don't know a city or villain or even worse a kingdom.

God knows where this training took these stones.

The second training was to raise thousands of tons to train my strength, the old man had made 1 cube made of arcane magic that was about 3 meters was very heavy, I had to do 500,000 repetitions with it.

And finally I had to destroy several objects of tiny sizes with focused blows and could not destroy around me, this was the most difficult.

This was the hardest ki control had to be perfect with physical strength or it would expand very fast.

Among other hand-to-hand combat training.

Hours had passed and this routine would be repeated for months.

- I understand old I'm going to keep this information.

- Now time to test that scam.

By the time I was going to hit the mountain Phinara had just arrived.

- Hey you guys the food are ready come back I'm starving I was waiting for you and nothing.

- I'm sorry Phinara I didn't even realize it's been hours.

Aren't you hungry, Adan?

- I get a good time without hunger and also as I said I didn't even notice.

What about my father Cader?

He's down there.

The old man was almost passed out from hunger and exhaustion, I forgot it wasn't everyone who had all this energy that I exuded.

Daddy, i'm sorry.

Why didn't you stop?

Am I dead?

Is that heaven?

The old man was starving who was already delirious.

- I didn't realize he was so bad, I thought he was taking a nap.

- Ah Adan you too in!

- But I see you guys had a great time.

- Yes, it was fun the old man gave it his all, and I respect that.

- Um daddy never give his arm to twist, let's go Adan.

- This place even though I've been here a little while, I like it here, I feel good.

- Yes, we're going phinara or the old man's going to die.

We returned home, after a beautiful banquet, the old had fully recovered, nor seemed q minutes ago was almost leaving for the other world.

- The little girl as always her cooking is magnificent!

- I have to agree with you old man.

- Let's eat more, there's still mutafood here.

- I'm glad they're getting along as a father and son.

- Now that I remembered Adan then we will there measure his level, the new measuring stone is ready.

- Wonderful I was already curious about my level.

- hoho, come on then boy it's time to fulfill what I promised you.

We walked quietly to the place, until we had ice cream, I did not believe that in this world had ice cream, I was so glad it was one of my favorite foods.

When we arrived on the scene, it was like a guild, everyone in the village who were warriors and so on.

were there awaiting my arrival, I was kind of awkward, they were high with high expectations of me.

- Look boy this is our guild installed in our village, the black forest guild, our best adventurer the Riot has level 121.

I didn't like the guy he was put in just because he was the second strongest in the village, and still had a tare for Phinara who always threw him out, it annoyed me a little this guy was very abused.

He was all pompous the handsome guy wore a reddish intimidating armor and carried with him a long sword, probably he was a kind of knight.

- You look more and more beautiful Phinara, I just got back from my last a-rank mission, that dragon was strong, but it wasn't matchfor me.

- Get out Riot or try those cheap chants, andyou've already said no!

- Brave as always beautiful, but I know that one day you will accept.

After that he crossed the line, that's when I approached him, I was already angry.

- Hey dude has she ever said no, do you want to respect that or you don't have the brains to understand something logical?

- Oh, looks like we have a talking ant and who are you to address me?

- I'm her fucking husband.

For the first time I had learned that aura is also manifested by emotions, because that moment my aura came out with everything and everyone who was there had been afraid.

- Damn next time I'm going to get you!

That idiot Riot had a foot measure, and when I saw him, he was long gone, he was a coward.

- Honey, then are you jealous of me?

- I'm so happy, especially after that night.

- Hey Phinara don't expose our intimacy, and I don't know anything.

I was embarrassed and didn't know where I was going.

That's cute.

- Oh, that boiling youth, I'm going to have a lot of grandchildren.

It was weird that, but the elves were so happy,for them fertility was very important, and it worried me sometimes, I don't know a lot of people died in it not going into detail.

I was another man in this world, if it were in my old age what are the chances of that happening?


I went near the measuring stone.

- Boy touch the hand that the stone will show your level, I the village chief I have level 156 I am the strongest in the village and now we will see the level of the new boss, I'm curious.

I was looking forward to it too, it was a small stone with magical symbols, on a table, that's when I touched my hand and everyone stood still the silence hung over the place.

It's not...



What boy?

- You're level 236!

- What's that a lot?

- Yes boy that's a lot, you're already on an adventurous level rank S

Everyone had been amazed by this information,even I didn't know it.

And what's the highest level?

- Legend has it that there are no limits, as a basis we have that a weaker Lord Demon has level 666.

- So even lord demon has in it, I'm even in a differentiated Isekai.

Everyone was celebrating for practically me being the strongest chief that this village had, if it spent 3 months with every day I doing the same training, it was when it came into the ears of King Loki, that a human village had occurred a great explosion of magic power, and that an ogre had been defeated there.

- Mr. Loki the information beat, the experts in magic tracks said it was a red-haired boy, who easily eliminated that ogre we sent to subdue that rotten village. who was against it.

Your ideas.

- Good observation Thiago, you're a butler I can count with my eyes closed.

- Thank you for your kind words, Mr. Loki.

- Interesting a boy did all this, and where is Thiago?

- By our spies he's in the village of the black forest, sir.

- Huhuhu...

- I understand, well those elves I was already wanting to eliminate themselves, but that hot Elf the boss's daughter I want her.

- In case she resists...

- Killher if I don't have anyone can have it.

- Now go Thiago take an army of 25000 men and destroy that village, bring the best women and kill the ugly ones do not want crap.

Yes, sir!

- I'm going to start the preparations, time to let the puppy go.

- Hoho, great choice Thiago.

If it was a week and finally I had completed my basic training, and the village was all spruced up, it was my wedding day and renaming for me becomes the head of the village.

That's when she told me She loved you and a big explosion happened at the place we were in, and so it was the beginning of my first loss in this world...

James Kamiouji