Chapter 8:

Where are you?

The Untold

“Miss Abe can you please give me a moment?”

“Ah yes. You see it’s very hectic over here. The reporters followed us all the way to the police station. Now it’s a total mess here. We have to take care of the suspect too and transfer him to the central jail.”

“But Miss Abe last night before parting with you there was no updates what so ever on the case but then all of a sudden how did you find the suspect?”

“Oh the suspect is a class mate of the last victim. He was the last person the victim called before disappearing and after finding him we also found that he works some part-times around the factory where we found those 9 girls blood from.”

“Oh. But did he confess or anything? Does he have an alibi? Did he tell anything about the girls?”

“Not yet. That bastard keeps denying everything. We have to make him speak even if it means that we have to torture him. This kind of people can’t even be called a human. They should be cleaned before too late.”


“Anyway you don’t have to worry too much. This case was one of ours anyway to begin with. I don’t know why they bothered bringing a foreign agent here from so far away to deal with a case. Anyway, I’ll be off then.”

No matter how hard Cindy thought, the whole scenario didn’t add up. The abandoned factory thing was always a bit off to her and then finding the most wanted criminal out of nowhere without any kind of effort and then publicizing the whole process was also suspicious.

Suddenly a text popped up on her phone screen, “Ma’am we have found the person you were looking for. I’ll be mailing you all the information I could collect.”

“Guess I have to go…”

Cindy McAdams the ace of her team, never thought she would come all the way to Japan up until a few months ago. She started to have nightmares on regular basis. But no doctor or medicine could help her. But the scarier thing was that the dreams looked like memories to her which tormented her for the longest time. After all the hellish experience, she couldn’t take courage to go to sleep and then that’s when her parents came out to her with the truth. She knew she was an adopted child just by taking a look at her parents and then herself. She looked too Asian to be a daughter of white parents. Still, her parents were her life. But what she heard from her parents weren’t the best thing after all…

“We lost our child even before she was able to be born and couldn’t have any children for years of try after that. So we wanted to adopt a child of our own. We searched everyone for the child who would fill our cold lives with warmth and then by coincidence found you, the most beautiful child we had ever set our eyes on. This beautiful girl with eyes as deep as the sea and silky long black hair. We knew the moment we saw you, you were the one who could give us the love we were always thirsty for. You were so happy to find yourself a home but didn’t want to come without your brother. Your brother had been adopted the day before, when you went to the church and then he was gone forever. You would cry all day and couldn’t sleep at night. You would keep having nightmares of how your father abused the two of you and your mother left you in front of the orphanage when you were kids and then your life, your brother got taken away from your own hands. But after all everything we could, all came off as fruitless to us. But then one day you came to us smiling with a cute puppy in your arms saying that you found your brother. And then ever since, you totally forgot about him as if he never existed. We were really relieved at that but still wanted to find your brother but couldn’t. But ever since our dog died, you started having those nightmares again. But you can’t remember the moments with your brother. So we decided to finally tell you the truth ourselves as we can’t bear to see our daughter suffer like this. And we also think that, if you want you can go to Japan yourself. You are free to go.”

Breaking down in tears, Cindy could remember her precious moments with her brother. And she knew she had to find him. The next few days she spent finding clues to find her brother and then she heard about the infamous Japanese case that had been going around and that they needed some help for the case. Cindy took the opportunity and flew off to Japan to find her beloved brother she lost several years ago.
N. D. Skordilis
Real Aire