Chapter 7:

This is crazy

The Untold

“Ma’am we have gotten access over the victim’s cell phone and we sent it over to recover the call history as well as the locations she visited with the phone. We don’t have long enough to investigate as the victim’s family members seem to have lost trust from the police forces.”

“It’s okay. It won’t take that long either. I have a friend who can help me get the results faster. I contacted him already and he informed me that we will get the results by today and by the way, the forensics took the phone first and they couldn’t find any type of DNA from the phone. It must have been there for some time. Miss McAdams, what do think about this situation?”

“I don’t really have much to say. Please proceed with the formalities. I have some personal matters to take care of so I’ll be off from here.”


While driving from the police station Cindy kept doubting the whole process of the case.

“This one case looks so different from the previous cases yet so similar at the same time. I don’t think the suspect left the phone there as a mistake but I think it was intentional and no one seems to care about the possibilities. The suspect who is famous for leaving no traces behind left such a huge piece of evidence and everyone is going with that flow without doubting it at all.”

“Yuta did you get the report regarding the phone?”

“Yes ma’am I just received it via mail. I’m about to check it.”

“Okay, good. Let’s take a look.”


“It seems like the last person she called was an unknown number. She called this number after ending her call with her friend. Yuta look this number up quickly.”

“Ma’am wait. She doesn’t have any photos or video clips in her phone. That’s a bit odd. Do you think they were deleted?”

“That seems like so. But first we should find the owner of this number. She called her right before going missing.”

“Yes ma’am I’ll look this up immediately. But ma’am are you okay?”

“Why are you suddenly asking me that?”
“No, I mean Miss McAdams seems a bit biased towards her opinions regarding you.”

“Ah, about that? It’s okay. She is a foreigner after all and after working under FBI for so long I guess everyone starts suspecting everything. And it is natural for her to suspect everything while working for such an important case under such serious scenario. And she needs to eventually find the truth and through the doubts and will eventually be able to find the truth hidden behind.”

“But still ma’am…”

“I don’t want to talk to you about that matter anymore. Just find the last person to contact the victim.”

“Yes ma’am.”

The next day when Cindy returned to the police station, everyone was already running around like lunatics and the whole station was a total mess.

“What is going on here? Miss Abe? Mr Adachi?”

“Ma’am are you looking for Miss Abe?”

“Ah yes. But where are they and what is going on here right now?”

“Miss Abe went to arrest the suspect. We found him finally!”

“What?! You found the suspect?”

“Yes ma’am. It’s on the TV too.”

What Cindy saw didn’t click inside her head at all. The hidden and most wanted suspect who no one could even get any clue of was arrested? How? Was he this easy to track all along?

“Excuse me, could you please tell me the address real quick?”

“Ah yes. Here you go.”

“Thank you so much. I’ll be going then.”

“Mr Nishimura can you please tell us the purpose of your crime? Why did you kidnap all these girls? Where are they right now? Are they even alive?”

“Please no more questions. Could you please make some way for us to go through?”

“Hah~ What is going on here? Mr Adachi? What is going on here? Where did these reporters come from?”

“Ma’am we finally found the suspect and while making our move we got noticed and all the reporters suddenly arrived here. It’s a total mess here. I’ll explain more in the police station. For now come with me.”

“What is going on here? How did all these reporters know about such a secretive case? Nothing is adding up to me.”

“Everyone I’m the officer in charge of this kidnapping case Abe Sakura. We have finally found the suspect after long search. So I hope everyone will cooperate with us…”

“Ma’am look here… Can you tell us some details regarding the case?...”

“What is she doing? Is she inviting the reporters? This is just crazy.”
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