Chapter 18:

The battle against darkness

Waking up in a new world without any memories

"The Child of Darkness?!", Frightened the entire group, as everyone knew this name. Especially Rya and Cyril knew this fighter very well. "Taiki must die! You have seen yourself that he is a danger to this world, haven't you? Do you really want to save him, even though he could kill you all and not even realize it?", Asked the Child of Darkness. "I would have never thought that we'd ever see you again after you've fallen into darkness! After my father told us about you when we were younger, we couldn't believe it, but apparently it's true. Why did you fall as low as Eliphas, revered sister? Our Father has tried everything possible so that none of us will be drawn into darkness! Why did you still fall into it?!", Rya demanded to know from the Child of Darkness. 

But she just cackled hysterically: "Hahahah! You're kidding, aren't you?! I became a perfect spirit of revenge after our mother died in the first war against the demonarmy! When the news reached me, I didn't want to admit it! But when I saw her dead body, I just wanted to take revenge on all those who were involved in our mother's death! But our father, or your master, no matter what you want to call him, scolded me and tried to teach me how to get rid of all the hatred! But I didn't listen and continued to vow revenge! Our Father then banished me to this prison, which was also dominated by blackness, because I gradually became too dangerous for this world!" Taiki couldn't believe that Rya and Cyril's sister is the child of darkness.

Another fact worried him, as Felia and Hebior would also fight against them. "What are we supposed to do?! We would compete against two of the five strongest fighters in this country and also against another individual who should not be underestimated either! And all this in pure blackness, where I can't even see my own hands in front of my eyes!", Taiki thought in a panic. "We will now destroy you all! Taiki has long been able to escape from my traps and defeat my henchmen! But now the time has come, where you will bite the dustl! You cockroaches will not stop me from my plan to subjugate Chizu and this world!", Yelled the Child of Darkness. 

"Chizu? Why does she want to destroy Chizu so urgently? Could it be because she is also too much of a threat to her?", Taiki wondered inside. "You still didn't get it, did you? Chizu is the true foe of this world! You'll see it soon! You and this half-demon must die!", Taiki heard the voice of the Child of Darkness. "That can't be! She is the first in this world to save me from someone! She was always nice to me! You are the real enemy!", Replied the young boy in his mind. Out of nowhere, Felia attacked Taiki, stopped by Osiris and Nodin, who was pushed away by them. "What does that mean?! I'm your leader, am I?", Said the wolf. "Not anymore! Attacking someone from behind is not a sign of strength! We could also see that Taiki was able to defeat you in a fair fight!", Osiris replied. The only answer both wolves received was an angry grumbling.

"You stay where you are! Protect our leader!", Nodin ordered the rest of the wolfpack. Suddenly, Hebior hissed forward, which was also stopped by Icarus and Cyril who blocked the stroke. The other wolves remained in the background and paid attention to further dangers that tried to interupt their leader from fighting against the Child of Darkness. Tsuyoshi and Rya, along with Taiki, faced the Child of Darkness. Suddenly, gigantic shadow hands hissed out of the darkness. The world was dark. Everything went according to plan. The shadows caught Tsuyoshi, who was thrown back. The shadow arm began to strangle Taiki. Only Rya was able to extinguish the shadow hands with a quick fire spell, after which a deep cry echoed from inside the darkness. Hebior spewed a poison on Icarus, who dodged the ray.

Cyril then gave the shadow snake a blow to the head, causing him to meander backwards. "You are truly annoying! Just die!", Scolded Hebior, who all of a once snapped at the two of them. Icarus managed to tear open the serpent's mouth with his claws, so that the attack failed. But out of the blue, Hebior's tail whipped forward and gave the kitten a blow. Cyril supported him and beat the snake with his wings. The dragon boy then spewed a volley of his fire on Hebior, who was blinded by it. Some shadows around them disappeared. Meanwhile, Osiris was thrown backwards by Felia and Nodin received a paw blow to his nose. "Did you really think I would be so easy to beat, Nodin! I was one of your pack leaders, your mother! I taught you all how to fight! There is absolutely nothing you can do to surprise me!", Said Felia. "If you knew.", Grinned the wolf. 

Suddenly Felia jumped on Nodin and pushed him to the ground. "You're weakening a bit, old friend,", Said the wolf, when Nodin realized that something was wrong with his former leader. Her eyes shone violet. "Is she possesed?", Wondered Nodin. But then the wolf was torn from his thoughts, when Osiris beat Felia from him. "If she has been cursed, our new leader must defeat the Child of Darkness. Otherwise, I would have to kill her. I would like to avoid that if the possibility exists.", Nodin pondered. Meanwhile, the shadows squeezed Taiki harder and harder. He felt weak. He was not immune to shadow magic because the dark taiki is hidden deep inside him. "Release me! Otherwise we and your friends will die!", A voice suddenly sounded in him. "No! I will defeat the Child of Darkness without using your help! I don't need your power!", Replied Taiki inwardly. 

All at once, the young boy was fidgeting desperately. He could not breath. The wolves did not want to interfere in combat as it would violate their code. Tsuyoshi lay unconscious on the ground and Rya desperately tried to stop the shadow hands that attacked her with her flames. "Taiki! No!", Shouted Rya as she realized that taiki was in big trouble. But suddenly Taiki received a flash of inspiration: "Wait! If I am no longer immune to shadow magic because the other Taiki no longer has the main control, that means me....." The young boy thought for a moment and then resite the spell: "Ultimate light!" Out of thin air, was such a bright light that all the shadows in the room disappeared, as did the shadow arms that grabbed him. Taiki was free of her grip.

"How?! You can't use light magic! How is that possible!?", The child of darkness winced. "You're wrong! I couldn't use light magic because the spirit of revenge had too much power in me! But now I have sole control and all my stats are now reversed! I am now immune to light magic and can use it perfectly!", Taiki explained to his opponent. "It doesn't matter! Nevertheless, you will not prevent me from shaping this world according to my design! You can't defeat me!", Cried the Child of Darkness. Out of nowhere, she fired a powerful shadow spell at Taiki, to which he responded with a light spell that met in the middle, creating a ball in the process. The magic ball came closer and closer to Taiki. He felt weak.

"I have to keep going! I have to defeat her! All this time she tried to kill me! Now I'm going to pay her back!", Thought Taiki. The magic ball continued to come to him. But all at once, he gave the magic ball such a strong light boost that the ball hissed from him to the Child of darkness. "That can't be! I'm so powerful! I used all my powers in order to kill himl! That's impossible!", Shrieked the Child of darkness before being hitted by the magic ball where the light devoured her completely. On the spot, all shadows disappeared. "No! Mistress! How is that possible!", Cried Hebior. At the same moment, Felia fainted. "What`s wrong with her?", Wondered Osiris. "She was cursed by the Child of Darkness, so that she does whatever she wants.", Nodin explained. "But now the curse is broken." Suddenly, they all returned to the place where Hebior had kidnapped them before the this fight.

Icarus and Cyril surrounded Hebior. The snake was devastated. "I don`t belive it! She cannot be killed by anyone! Don't say that's true!", The snake cried inwardly. Rya sprinted to Taiki and supported him as he threatened to fall down. "Let's go back to the castle! Take Felia with you and take care of her! I want to ask her if she wants to follow me and Hebior now has the choice to be killed or to serve me as well!", Said the young boy with a severer voice. Hebior nodded for fear of being killed, after which they all went to the royal house to plan their next steps, as the fight against the demons and elves is not over yet. What none of them knew, however, was that they were watched throughout the fight. It was an evil figure who could not feast enough on the suffering of people. They also did not notice that Taiki received another title called "Ruler of Sloth" which he got through the death of the Child of Darkness. "Soon this world will perish! Everything goes exactly as I planned! Haha!", Laughed the mysterious figure in the shadows.