Chapter 17:

The fight against the ghost of revenge

Waking up in a new world without any memories

Taiki's anger was immeasurable. Nothing could stop him. The shadows that sprouted from his body were already slowly beginning to destroy the field around them. Parts of the wall were also destroyed. "Shoot him!", Bertinoff ordered his men, who were trembling with fear. "What are you waiting for!", Jostled Sasori next to the main commander. "No! Wait!", Cyril wanted to stop the soldiers. But it was too late and they shot the young boy with the cannons. However, he simply stopped the bullets and sent them back to the sender. Fortunately, the soldiers on whom the bullets flew back were able to dodge, so that only the cannons and a small part of the wall were destroyed. Suddenly, Bertinoff jumped down the wall and drew his sword. "If he can stop cannons, undead near him become dust, the magic of Eliphas, who was already quite powerful, has no affect on him, he can simply devastate an entire field with his power and if he can defeat me now, no one will be able to stop him!", Thought the main commander. He rushed forward and swung his blade, which at that moment began to burn and even cut off a shadow arm.

Taiki screeched in response and gave the main commander a blow with another shadow arm. He flew through the air and over the wall of the castle, where he then crashed against a box, which was then completely shredded. "That...can't be! How can this "spirit of revenge" be so strong!", Puzzled Bertinoff, coughing as he wriggled up from the ground. "Stop! Calm down! Death is a natural part of every life! Everyone has to leave once, whether they want to or not and everyone has a different day of death that you can't choose! Listen to me, Taiki, if you still have any powers over your body! This Taiki, who now controls you, burns only in you the flame of hatred! Think of the good things that happened to you and not the bad ones! Listen to your master one last time! Our souls are still connected, which is why I can still communicate with you, but this power, since my real body has been destroyed with almost my entire soul, will soon disappear completely! I ask you as my last will that you try by all means to take action against this dark Taiki! Show him who is in control of your body!", The voice of his old master sounded in his head one last time, before it disappeared completely. 

But nothing happened. "It is now all up to you to stop him from the destruction of this world, my apprentices." The old dragon thought to himself before his spirit said goodbye to this world. A dark smile laughed at the suffering of Taiki. The figure had almost reached its destination. It would not last long, before their goal would finally be achieved. "The end is approaching! Finally I can enjoy the full destruction!", Thought the figure. Taiki raged. Buildings collapsed. Parts of the wall melted due to the burning hatred. "I will help the soldiers to bring the civilians to safety!", Said Chizu. Each of the participants agreed. After that, Rya, Cyril, Ikarus and Tsuyoshi sprinted into danger. "Taiki! Wake up! Get away from the shadows, before you can never free yourself from him again!", Cyril first tried to bring him back from the darkness. But he did not react and instead destroyed another building out of hatred. Shadows continued to sprout from him, trampling everything that dared to enter their field of vision, except his friends.

It seemed as if Taiki still had a little control over himself. Then Tsuyoshi brought out a few words: "Taiki...Wake.....up!" For a short time, the young boy stopped raging. Nevertheless, this lasted short-lived when he ensued a battle cry. Icarus had to grasp himself, as he could not believe himself, what he would say to Taiki: "You've always been the better fighter! I've always been jealous of you! Please wake up! Did you forget that i still wanted a rematch? I still want to have this fight, but only against you and only against the real Taiki!" Suddenly, Taiki grabbed his head. He fought back: "No! The real Taiki is in front of you! The spirit of revenge has always been Taiki! We are one and the same person! This world should burn for its deeds! I will take revenge on everyone!" "That's not you! You are no longer the Taiki I got to know! You're just a monster! You are no longer the Taiki who would sacrifice himself for his friends and fight for them. You are no longer the Taiki who fights to protect his friends and does not fight to kill his opponent! Wake up from the darkness!", Cyril pleaded the young boy. Again Taiki stopped. His head was seething.

But it wasn't enough. "What should we do now?", Wondered Rya desperately. But out of nowhere, a ray of light pierced Taiki from the sky, destroying some shadows. Six figures descended from the sky, some of which Tsuyoshi knew all too well. "Impossible...", Was the only thing the berserker could say, because he was so amazed. They were transparent figures who embraced Taiki. It was Ronin, Aimi, Gloin, two children and a woman who slid down and took Taiki in their arms. "You are a good person! You are not a revenge spirit! I don't know you like that!", Ronin began to speak. "You haven't forgotten my wife Rosalie yet, or laddie?", The dwarf wanted to remind him of his promise that Taiki wanted tu fulfil. "Save my sister! I beg you! Don't forget her, just as you have forgotten us!", Suddenly the voice of Aimi sounded. A small, red tear came out of Taiki's right eye. He fought back. But the spirit of revenge did not allow it. "You dare to fight against yourself! I am you! You want exactly the same thing as me!", Shrieked the dark Taiki.

"Dad! You can do it! We believe in you!", The voices of the two children sounded. Finally, a woman spoke to Taiki: "My darling! You can do it! Defend yourself against your darkness! See the ruse! Don't trust the goddess! She's trying to seduce you!" "How can it be that you can summon these spirits and talk to them with such a power that everyone can see them?! How is this even possible!? You can't defend yourself against me! I don't want to hear these spirits!", Shouted the dark Taiki as he felt that he was losing more and more of his control. "I'll tell you! This is my world and this is my body! You have no place here!", The real Taiki raised his voice, whereupon all the shadows, that sprouted from him, drove back into him and disappeared. The dark presence disappeared, for now. The dark Taiki was again imprisoned in the depths of his soul. The real Taiki fell to the ground. He felt weak. The spirits dissolved again and the sky closed itself. "Thank God you're back to normal! Father! We were able to save him!", Thought Rya inwardly. You could feel the joy. Icarus, Cyril and Tsuyoshi joined Taiki and helped him up.

Only Osiris and Nodin were dissatisfied, as they would have preferred to serve a destructive Taiki rather than the present ones. As the pack of wolves rushed to their leader, a snake consisted of shadows appeared out of thin air behind Taiki. "Is it over?", The young boy wanted to inquire. Before any of his friends could say anything, Hebior's voice raised: "My Master is already waiting for you in her hiding place to kill you!" "What?! Hebior!?", Taiki winced. Before anyone could react, the black snake grabbed Taiki and his friends, along with the wolf pack. They tried to defend themselves, but this did not help at all. All of a sudden, a light around the group lit up, so that even the sun was dark in comparison. When the light disappeared, they realized that they were somewhere else. It was a dark place, but they couldn't properly identify it. "No!....Please don't repeat it!", Pleaded Taiki as he recalled the catastrophie with Orax. At a single blow, a woman stepped out of the shadows with whom Taiki was already allowed to make acquaintance. "How? I thought you were dead!", Said Taiki when he realized that it was Felia who was standing in front of him. Spur of the moment, a voice sounded out of the darkness: "She could survive through me! She could survive through my powers! And now that you were on the verge of destroying this world and my plans, to be the most powerful being in this world myself, you must die! Because I, myself, am a spirit of revenge who could never be freed from the hatred! For I am the child of darkness!"