Chapter 8:

The assault on white prison part four

District C

The soldier suddenly lowered his arms, crossing them as the spears thrust brutally into Ciga's body, six of them staked him in different points of his body, leaving him as if an Olympic runner was pausing, the spears left him staked to the ground, thus preventing him from moving.

Doctor, are there any more intruders? - asked the soldier, watching as the doctor collapsed to the ground, spitting blood.

Vinculo Total - said Ciga, his figure darkened as a light behind him remarked, his eyes glowed as with his left hand he pulled with difficulty a spear from his right shoulder, throwing it to the ground he slowly walked making the rest of the spears stay on the ground as he pulled his body over them, on the ground the doctor writhes gushing blood all over his body to the beat of the walk.

You bastard! - shouted the soldier, as he ripped off a metal door.

Crushing its edges he produced a large blade that he threw without thinking about Ciga, this received the slash that opened his abdomen dropping his guts surrounded by blood, even so the soldier without understanding what happened fell to his knees to the ground, clutching his abdomen with great force while his clothes were dyed red.Ciga calmly removed the door that was embedded in his abdomen.

You will not escape from here - said Ciga sarcastically, as he threw the door.

He walked right through the soldier, nailing himself to the wall with half of his head on it, the rest of his body lying on the floor with his brain scattered on it.Ciga, turned around walking towards the stretcher where Volt lay, two doctors ran in panic, standing next to his friend Ciga injected adrenaline directly into the IV which was still empty.

We must escape from here - said Ciga softly, while Volt, stood up suddenly - call me Prime here, and get ready.

Volt, sat on the gurney always with his mask on, being a replica of the one used by his ghost power. They heard many footsteps and turning around they looked down the hallway, both stood looking at the door as Volt materialized his ghost, preparing for the battle ahead, four soldiers crossed the doorway forming two per side leaving a place in the middle.

Grendell saw the operating room where Ciga and Volt were, when suddenly a vibration woke him up from Future Vision, turning around he saw his watch with a red Equinox signal.

As soon as he looked up, a tracker dog jumped on him, while Equinox witnessed how the guards recovered the cameras, activating the intruder alarms due to the hacking, many soldiers entered at the same time that all the doors were blocked. Nekros, crawling nervously through the ducts and arriving at the ventilation door, saw Grendell's body lying on the floor, while the dog carried his arm to his owner.

Eterno Renacer - whispered Nekros in panic.

Grendell's blood, quickly began to bubble joining the limbs, the arm that had been torn from his body moved abruptly choking the tracking dog, the soldier walking in front notices a sudden silence in the footsteps of his pet, turning a little he felt intimidated by a giant shadow of Grendell, overwhelmed by fear he ends up turning to face the threat, but Grendell, with a quick thrust pierced his heart with the dog's tibia, the closed eyes of Grendell's mask, presented a faint red glow as the soldier fell next to his faithful companion.

I thought I was late," said Nekros as he stepped out of the duct.

You showed up just in time - replied Grendell turning around to see Nekros -, if it wasn't for you we would have died a long time ago.

Don't worry," said Nekros, standing next to Grendell, "how could you die with your power?

I was looking into the future of Volt and Ciga - said Grendell somewhat embarrassed -, you know I can't see absolutely everything.

Yes, I'm sorry," said Nekros, walking towards the stairs, "come on, I'm sure Equinox is waiting for us.

Inside the control room was Equinox at his feet, the blood was scattered all over the room, covering the monitors, windows and walls.

This went off plan - thought Equinox, keeping some scythe blades in some compartments on his forearms - they blocked the controls after initiating the lockdown, without a General's card we won't be able to get out.

Grendell and Nekros open the door, entering the tower distracted by the amount of corpses.
Ciga Prime

District C

Ciga Prime