Chapter 7:

The assault on white prison part three

District C

Don't worry if there is any risk, Equinox or Grendell will send a signal to our watch," said Nekros very calmly.

I guess it was just the wind - said a soldier, while Equinox, almost hit the soldier's face with a kick he generated when he made a spinning jump from a cell to the bridge that connects to the tower.

I shouldn't take such a risk - thought Equinox, bathed in sweat as he lay on the ground in a crouch. The door of the tower opened, letting out a soldier, a moment that Equinox took advantage of, to sneak inside jumping towards some pipes that crossed the room from side to side, from his watch he launches a tiny mechanical spider with a microchip at the end of its body, which gets through the computers without anyone noticing it, connecting to the server.

This will rewind the recordings from the medical wing - thought Equinox, while watching the surveillance cameras.

I guess we're doing well, aren't we? - asked Ciga, as he crawled through the ventilation ducts next to Nekros.

There's only one way so I hope it's the right one - answered with some tiredness in his voice Nekros.

I'm not so sure, did you see that? - asked Ciga, sitting on the edge of a large drop with a fan at the bottom.

Yes, that's the right one - he replied pointing to a white corridor below the ventilated Nekros.

There's no way we're going down without making a fuss," said Ciga, though Nekros paid him no attention.

Their watches vibrated showing a green screen Equinox sent.

I'm sorry - said Nekros slowly, looking up at Ciga, who was on the verge of falling -, I have to do it.

Nekros, quickly pushes Ciga, falling backwards towards the fast fan while watching how it sucked a fly completely tearing it apart, his throat closes trying to scream without words coming out of his mouth, launching a choked scream Ciga, with his face soaked in tears falls into the fan.

So, this is the end - thought Ciga, while his clothes were tearing -, I guess it was all a false hope.

Ciga's body manages to slow down the fan, even so it breaks his spine leaving the flesh loose as a jelly that was easily torn apart, a crimson waterfall fell down the fan to a long white corridor accompanied by small gelatinous parts of the corpse fell all to the ground, managing to form a small mountain of viscera, an intact eye managed to see a green sign with white letters "operating room" while Volt was admitted to the room.

Eterno Renacer - Nekros said seriously, as he watched the last drop of blood fall to the floor.

The viscous remains of Ciga, began to generate some barely visible golden sparks, the blood had begun to boil showing some bubbles that when burst, threw some red threads connecting the unrecognizable pieces of flesh that were once a human, the already connected flesh slowly formed again Ciga, who lay face down with his eyes facing forward looking at the operating room. Her body was covered by the cult's robe while on her face her mask materialized though now with a larger splash on her right side.

Getting up with some work, he saw his hands and suddenly ran into the operating room, bursting through the door.

Intruders! - shouted a doctor, as he placed an IV in Volt's neck.

From the corridor entered a soldier wearing a gas mask, extending his hands to both sides, the metals of the walls had begun to be torn off, going towards him and surrounding him in the air, while he crushed them into twisted spears of great density.

You will not escape from here - proclaimed the soldier, as he gathered more metal around him -, if you have nothing to say, let's get it over with.

Move please - thought Ciga, while he choked with his own sweat under his mask, unable to move his legs, feeling a tingling sensation in his legs.
Ciga Prime
Ciga Prime