Chapter 30:

The awaited kiss!

Who will the Villainess choose?

Akira povBookmark here

“What do you mean? I am not kind. It is just that my aide was requesting me a lot and I could not deny him. So i accepted. Who would have known that you are dumber than I thought? Which noble travels without a carriage in an unknown town?” he asked with annoyance.Bookmark here

“A noble like you!” I retired with the same annoyance when a drop of water fell over my nose.Bookmark here

My eyes widened as I looked at the rain.Bookmark here

“Are you for real! How could rain be possible in the virtual world?” i asked as i looked at the sky. “Or is there something like a virtual god too?” I couldn't help but think about the possibilities as I was exploring the town.Bookmark here

“What nonsense are you speaking again, don't tell me that wind affected your mind? Come, we need to look for a place to stay nearby. Inn is too far from here.” he said as he held my hand.Bookmark here

I nodded but I couldn't help but check the water again. It felt so real that i wonder what kind of magic was there.Bookmark here

Soon, a few drops turned into strings and then a deafening sound of thunder filled the sky. Bookmark here

The rain has been pouring with so much pressure all of a sudden. And there was no sign of stopping it. It felt like it would only calm down when the whole empire would be drowned in it. Bookmark here

"The horses will not be able to move in this weather, and we do not have a carriage. So it is better that we stay here until the weather improves." said Damien, as he looked at me apologetically but I nodded in understanding.Bookmark here

“Shall we go back to the sweets shop or wait! There is another inn there.” he pointed at the building and I nodded . He gave me his coat and I covered my face with it.Bookmark here

We both wanted to go in but the door was locked. He knocked but it did not open. There were already a few people standing there. Bookmark here

“Sigh, I think it will not open. Most of the people have already entered and it will be full.`` I replied and he frowned.Bookmark here

“But I am not a commoner. I am the duke and this estate belongs to me.” he replied in a narcissistic tone.Bookmark here

“Shish.. People did not know here and they should not know. What if someone have evil intentions towards us or someone would try to take benefit of the situation.'' I asked, covering his lips and he shivered. Bookmark here

I blinked, did he just shiver by my touching of his lips. Bookmark here

“My lord, have you ever kissed any girl?” I asked with a mischievous smile.Bookmark here

His eyes widened and his face turned red. Blood could be dripped from his skin that instant and even with the glare he gave me after that was precious. He looked so cute. Bookmark here

“Oh my, have you ever been kissed by anyone then?” I asked as my hands moved and now we were in the position of kabedon!Bookmark here

He was trapped between my hands.Bookmark here

“What.. what are you doing?” he stammered, as he looked at me with a red face. Only God knew whether it was because of anger or embarrassment!” but he was looking so innocent and cute like a puppy lost in the rain.Bookmark here

“I am asking, have you ever been kissed, my lord. Or shall I do the honor?” I was just trying to tease him but the reactions he was giving were precious.Bookmark here

I moved closer to him. Our cold bodies that were wet from the rain started touching each other and then I felt a volt of electricity. I shuddered at his touch.Bookmark here

It felt like my skin was scalding with the touch. He was no better. His golden eyes were burning stronger than the sun. Bookmark here

“Akira..” he called my name in such a low voice that it left a strange sensation in me.Bookmark here

“Shall I kiss you, Damien?” I asked as I moved my hand away from the wall and touched his lips. My finger gently explored his pink lips outline. Bookmark here

“I.. you.. We” words were not forming in his mouth as he looked torn.Bookmark here

My other hand moved and I held his neck. My face was just an inch away as his hot breath caressed my face.Bookmark here

I closed my eyes unconsciously as I moved closer to him but then I heard that voice.Bookmark here

“Koo kooo” and felt a sting on my hands. My eyes snapped open and I saw the bird glaring at me again. I was shocked to see the bird there suddenly in such a strong rain. Not to forget that its sharp beak has pierced my skin again.Bookmark here

“Ahhh” I winced as it repeated and hit me again with its beak.Bookmark here

My voice broke his spell and his eyes opened too. I saw the bird glaring at me one last time as it flew away. As if the wind and rain could not affect it at all. In the blink of an eye it was already gone so far that I could not see it anymore.Bookmark here

“What happened to your hand?” he asked, holding my hand. Blood was coming out but getting washed by the rain. But the bleeding still hasn't stopped.Bookmark here

“How did you hurt yourself?” he asked again, breaking my chain of thoughts. I blinked as I looked towards the direction where the bird went and then at my hand.Bookmark here

If the bleeding would not have been there I would have thought that it was my dream.Bookmark here

Damien knocked the door again. This time with so much fierceness that it cracked in a few punches and soon it fell.Bookmark here

“Come with me.” he said as he held me tightly yet the touch was so gentle.Bookmark here

The stunned men and women only came back to senses when we had already walked in and soon they all followed us in. Bookmark here

There was so much happening around me but all my thoughts were still stuck on the bird. As if it came especially to stop me from kissing Damien. Was it some magical pet of Andrew or my father which was sent to keep an eye on me.Bookmark here

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