Chapter 31:

I want her!

Who will the Villainess choose?

Damien povBookmark here

The staff came running as they looked at the crowd entering the inn.Bookmark here

“Hey, how did you come inside the lobby?” asked the man confused as he looked at the sheer crowd when many pointed at the broken door. My eyes still keep looking at her.Bookmark here

A moment ago she was about to kiss me. I have even closed my eyes in anticipation. I could have felt her touch over my skin and it was so intense that my whole body was burning. Bookmark here

The wait was so damn much that I was having a hard time controlling myself to not claim her lips by myself. But when I felt her breathing over my skin, I was sure my wiat was about to end and she was about to kiss me. But instead of a kiss, her scream followed.Bookmark here

And when I opened my eyes, her hands had two wounds, and surprisingly it was similar to the wound she had in the inn when she lied that she got hurt by the window. And since then she was looking so lost!Bookmark here

Even now her eyes were trying to find something, as she kept turning back.Bookmark here

“Who has broken the door?” asked the man with anger in his voice as he moved and looked at the door that was beyond redemption.Bookmark here

His eyes looked at me with anger filled eyes as everyone had already pointed at me. Bookmark here

“What do you think of yourself to break someone’s personal property like this?” he asked in a joud voice. His shrill voice even broke the speed of Akira too as she finally blinked and looked at him and then at me with worry.Bookmark here

“Owner of this whole estate. Not only this inn but everything in this area belongs to me.'' I took out my symbolic chain from my shirt and everyone's eyes widened. They bowed their heads low and the man who had shroud started shivering in fear.Bookmark here

“I.. I apologize, my lord. This humble servant has no idea that you are here.” He kneeled on the floor. “The whole inn is yours, my lord. I am your servant, please order me.'' I sneered at his change in behavior but this was not the time to waste on him. Bookmark here

“If you do not have room at least open the door at the time of need and try to adjust them in the lobby or hall or give them a sharing room so at least they do not die from the cold. But what you did was insensitive and selfish. I will punish you for it later. But for now, all I want is a room and a place to stay for all of them.” I announced and the man looked at the number of people.Bookmark here

His eyes were looking reluctant and my bloodlust increased. I took out my cufflinks and threw one on his hand which pierced him in an instant.Bookmark here

“Aahhh!! I.. I apologize for the delay, my lord.” tears of pain filled his eyes as he stumbled on his feet and ran towards the counter.Bookmark here

“Thank you, my lord!” I nodded as everyone thanked me in the chorus bowing their heads.Bookmark here

“My lord, your room’s key!” The man gave me a key and three more staff came running, helping everyone in settling down.Bookmark here

“Serve them hot soup as compensation. And give some dry towels and blankets too. Put more wood in the fireplace.” I instructed as I looked at the shivering kids and ladies standing there.Bookmark here

Their eyes filled with gratitude and I closed my eyes. Haven't I decided a long time ago that I would be a greedy and insensitive duke too!! Then what changed was that I became so empathetic towards them!Bookmark here

“Yes, my lord!” They bowed and I opened my eyes once again but they were calmer than before.Bookmark here

“My lord, the lady is not looking fine., shall i show you the room?” asked a girl, and I nodded.Bookmark here

I looked at Akira who was still shivering but her face was stunned as she was looking at me flabbergasted! I felt embarrassed looking at the girl who was not even trying to hide that she was stunned looking at me doing kind deeds!Bookmark here

I coughed to gain her attention, hoping that she would be normal again.Bookmark here

“This was not in the original plot. I think I am changing you.” Bookmark here

“Ha! You are overestimating yourself.” I replied, shaking my head but my ears started burning.Bookmark here

“Shall we?” she asked with a smirk on her face that irritated me up to no end.Bookmark here

“If you did not wipe that smirk off your face, i will really throw you out in the snow again.'' She pursed her lips, listening to me and started looking around.Bookmark here

We both followed the girl who had opened a room that's smaller than even my servant's quarters. It had shabby furniture but at least it was clean and smelled good.Bookmark here

“I need some ointment and bandages too.” I told the staff who nodded and left the room.Bookmark here

I turned to see Akira was sitting on the bed and trying to dry her hair with the towel. My eyes stilled and my throat ran dry the way her body was glistening with water.Bookmark here

Her skin was red and so supple. Her lips were wet with the rain drops. A few minutes ago she was about to kiss me with those luscious lips. Her clothes have clung on her skin making it see through her body. I could see the shape of her waist, her voluptuous mounds.Bookmark here

I wet my lips with my tongue as I felt so much heat moving towards my lower region. I wanted her! I wanted more than a kiss from her! I wanted her all for myself! I took a step towards her, as she was still busy with her hair that was falling all over her face.Bookmark here

“My lord” I closed my eyes and took a breath of relief when my spell was broken by the knock on the door.Bookmark here

“My lord, i.. I have brought the medicines you have asked for.” said the lady bowing her head.Bookmark here

“Hmm, leave it on the table and bring some hot tea or soup.” I didn't even look at her as my eyes were still glowing with lust.Bookmark here

“Yes, my lord.” The lady bowed and left again.Bookmark here

I took the medicines in my hand and walked towards her. She was finally looking at me with a smile.Bookmark here

I sat in front of her and cleaned her wounds silently and surprisingly there was no resistance from her and her ever so open mouth was closed too.Bookmark here

“Thank you.” she said as i finished bandaging her hand in silence.Bookmark here

“How did you suddenly get two wounds on your hand?”Bookmark here

“...................”Bookmark here

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