Chapter 3:

Getting things ready

Capivarito Adventures

They looked at me like I just said something crazy.Bookmark here

— Capivarito, are you sure it's a smart idea trying to go in predators territory? After last night everyone is a little nervous with everything.Bookmark here

— Unfortunately patience is not one of my virtues. Thanks a lot for the marvelous coffee, but now I need to go! — I said walking to the door.Bookmark here

— Wait, take this thing with you!Bookmark here

He got up and walked to his workbench, under there was a strange big rucksack. I honestly don't know how to describe it, what was he trying to do?Bookmark here

— This is one of my failures, but it still serves the purpose of a rucksack and will also protect your items from water, like this Walkman. You can take it for free!Bookmark here

— Really? Well, thanks! Bookmark here

I put the Walkman inside the rucksack and put it on my back, then i headed out, the two followed me.Bookmark here

— Capi, be careful out there! — Said his wife.Bookmark here

— Yeah, and say hello to Mordiduida! That crazy son of a gun, I wonder how he's doing.Bookmark here

— Haha, you two will definitely make good parents. See y'all later! Bookmark here

The couple had an beautiful smile while I walked away. Remember what I said about Bicudo house being distant from the city? So, a little walking was enough to me reach the deep forest. I pushed a little further and reached the border, i got lucky and find one of the predators doing the security, a Green Anaconda to be more precise.Bookmark here

— Hey, you! The border is closed for herb... Wait a second, the capybara everyone was talking about is you?!Bookmark here

— Yeah, it's me. Listen, I didn't come here to cause any problems, ok? I'm just passing by.Bookmark here

— Ok, but I will need to accompany you around the community.Bookmark here

— Fair enough. Bookmark here

Right now I'm into predators area, there's some spiders in trees looking at me from distance. For some reason the air around here is much more dense, the pressure is strangely suffocating.Bookmark here

— It was nice from you letting that jaguar live after what he tried to do. I was the one who found him unconscious close to the border.Bookmark here

— Good to know. How he doing? Bookmark here

— After waking up he disappeared from the community. His family is really worried, but there's nothing we can do to help.Bookmark here

— I see...Bookmark here

Far in the distance the little city from the predators appeared, a little more walking and we entered the area with lots of animals wandering around doing their things. I don't think i need to mention that everyone was looking at me with an surprised expression. Then a old looking jaguar approached me and the anaconda, looking at his eyes I could notice he was completely blind.Bookmark here

— It's been a long time since I saw an herbivore among us. As the leader of this town I demand you to explain your intentions!Bookmark here

— Relax, I'm just passing by. Since you're the leader, I have a proposition. I found a place with good resources and want to share it with the animals around here, all that with a little cost.Bookmark here

— Wait, that kind of talking... You're the animal that started the whole border and community system, right?Bookmark here

— No, who did all that was my father.Bookmark here

— Oh my, you sure have an amazing figure to follow! And my most sincere condolences, may he rest in peace.Bookmark here

— Thanks... Bookmark here

— About the proposition, bring the materials that you want to sell and we will negotiate. Is that fine for you?Bookmark here

— Yeah! Thanks a lot.Bookmark here

Right after we finished talking two jaguars come running.Bookmark here

— Dad, we finis- — They immediately shut up after seeing my face.Bookmark here

— What is the problem? — Asked the old jaguar.Bookmark here

— N-nothing... What he's doing here?Bookmark here

— Oh, I see, you're surprised by the presence of a herbivore. This guy is the son of an old friend, treat him with respect.Bookmark here

— It's a pleasure to meet you two. — I had an evil smile all this time, not gonna lie.Bookmark here

— Yes, t-the same.Bookmark here

— Now i need to go, I hope to see all of you soon.Bookmark here

— alright, take care.Bookmark here

With that I continued my path, the anaconda was silent the whole time. After some time we reached the end of the city, and where the border ends too.Bookmark here

— May I ask you a question? — Said the anaconda.Bookmark here

— Finally you decided to speak. Of course, what is it?Bookmark here

— Why you didn't say anything about the two idiots?Bookmark here

— To be honest, I just don't have the time to deal with it. And it's great to know that you agree with my point of view, the two jaguars are imbeciles.Bookmark here

— I'm truly sorry about the attack, Capivarito. And now you are on your own, good luck! Bookmark here

— Thanks!Bookmark here

From that point on I already could see the Japurá river, it's immense and have an blue tone similar to the flame that now is in my heart. Aquatic animals have their own space, but they don't have borders like the predators... Well, that's kind of a lie, because who is dumb enough to go swim in a river with alligators? Don't answer. Not much further away I found some Patos do Mato (Bush Duck, don't take it literally) eating things near the river.Bookmark here

— Hey, Fatbara! I mean, quack, quack. — Said one of the ducks.Bookmark here

— Fatbara? Come on, I'm so fit.Bookmark here

— Quack, quack. Mordiduida said you would appear sometime.Bookmark here

— Oh, so you guys know him.Bookmark here

— Yeah, and we have a message for you!Bookmark here

— What is it?Bookmark here

QUACK, QUACK! — Said they all together.Bookmark here

— ...Bookmark here

I ran towards the river and took a leap into it.Bookmark here

— Jesus, our joke was THAT bad? Bookmark here

Swimming around here is not safe, but also secure at the same time. The water is pretty clean, so you can clearly see far away while underwater. Talking about underwater, it's a pity I can't describe exactly how amazing this place is! There's a lot of fishes here, the environment have toons of unique flower and even trees with strange fruits. Well, not long after I reached to the other side, there the ducks where waiting for me.Bookmark here

— You guys again?!Bookmark here

— Man, you really scared the heck out of us! We thought you died.Bookmark here

— Trust me, the bad jokes is more lethal than swimming here.Bookmark here

— Woah dude, there's no need of such a violence. Bookmark here

— Hahaha, you still are soft as a horse kick, Capivarito!Bookmark here

That's the voice of Mordiduida, I looked behind and he was wearing some strange clothes, it's really similar to the failed rucksack I have.Bookmark here

— Mordiduida, fancy clothes you have there.Bookmark here

— Yeah, Bicudo made them especially for me. I look fashion, don't I?Bookmark here

— Y-yes... — I don't even know what that mean.Bookmark here

— Well, since we don't want to interrupt anything we will be going. And you're welcome, Capivarito. — Said one of the ducks seconds before they all take off.Bookmark here

— Don't be upset with them, that's just they way. Did you come here just for a visit? Bookmark here

— No, I have some work for you to do. Could you show me some of your swords and shields?Bookmark here

— Of course! Follow me.Bookmark here

Really close to the river there's a old small tree, he pushed it to the side and opened a passage for a underground area. Inside it there's a common house, and a workbench with a bunch of work in progress.Bookmark here

— Don't mind all the junk around, ok? Since I don't have enough materials half of my projects end like this: unfinished.Bookmark here

— What made you want to make this?Bookmark here

— Remember that one animal that was telling everyone about his incridible DVD Player and all the animes? He selled it to me and I watched some of them! Bookmark here

He walked to a certain place and turned on his old TV and the DVD. The anime that was on it is one from the 2000 era with lots of swords and good fights, pretty easy to guess so i won't say the name.Bookmark here

— Wait, how do you get energy around here? We are really far away from any animal city.Bookmark here

— If I just say how you won't believe, so follow me.Bookmark here

I did how he said, outside he just dived on the river and i took some breath and followed him. Underwater we reached the bottom, there was an strange object there, it's made of pure metal and have some small windows around it. The size is similar to the fighter jets that flyby around here, but it looks totally different. After investigating it for a little time I found something like a notebook close to it, after that i had to come back to the surface for air, there I put the notebook on my rucksack and then Mordiduida appeared.Bookmark here

— What the hell is that thing?Bookmark here

— Excellent question, Capivarito. The only reason I found it is because I saw It falling. Bookmark here

— When?Bookmark here

— Well, I think it happened three months ago. After the fall another one appeared and sent a extremely bright light into the river and then vanished into the air.Bookmark here

— Wow... Bookmark here

— I figured it would give energy, so I just pushed some cables, did my magic and WOALA! Bookmark here

— Wait a second, so that's because of if that you are the only alligator around here? Bookmark here

— Yep. They all went on to the river Solimões.Bookmark here

— I don't judge them. This is somewhat scary, after all i don't think human technology reached this level.Bookmark here

— Yes, I tried convincing them that It would be a good thing, but they where too afraid. Since there's no use overthinking about it, let's talk about how the work you mentioned is going to be managed.Bookmark here

— Its quite simple, I will bring the materials and tell you how big the sword or shield sould be made. Your payment is going to be food, what do you think?Bookmark here

— Good enough. I would gladly work for free, I love doing this things!Bookmark here

— It wouldn't be right, so please accept the food. Bookmark here

— Ok, ok. When will you start bringing materials? Bookmark here

— Tomorrow.Bookmark here

— Alright, I will get everything ready.Bookmark here

With everything happening I lost track of the time, when I looked at the sky the orange tonality of the sunset scared me.Bookmark here

— Oh my, i need to go. I'll see you tomorrow!Bookmark here

— Ok, see you later.Bookmark here

I dived into the river and made it to the other side, after that I ran through the trees and before reaching the border i decided to not go home yet. Instead I took the long route, that leads exactly to the dungeon entrance, because there's a little something I want to know. It was already night when I entered the dungeon, the place was quiet until I reached the floor 0 area. The little wolves where taking a bath in the hot spring, the big one was sharpening his sword.Bookmark here

— Capivarito! I wasn't expecting you here again so soon. — Said the big wolf.Bookmark here

— I'm thinking of forming a party, but before doing it I need to check how things work in fights and other things.Bookmark here

— Didn't you read the things on the wall? Only the chosen ones can enter here.Bookmark here

— That riddle was far too easy. I noticed you transferring some of your aura to the little wolves in the battle, so I can bring anyone here as long they have a little of my aura on them.Bookmark here

— ... Good job, and I was thinking it would be a little harder to you figure it out.Bookmark here

— Just a quick question, can I tell about you to my friends? No one know about you yet.Bookmark here

— Of course; however, I can't be in your party until you defeat the 30 floor boss. Bookmark here

— I was expecting something like that. Otherwise it would make things too easy, haha!Bookmark here

— Hahaha, true. Bookmark here

We walked closer to the staircase, for some reason I was felling really confident.Bookmark here

— Well, have a good time kicking the monsters around!Bookmark here

— I will! Bookmark here

I started going downstairs, it took around 30 seconds to reach the new area. All the place was empty, when I looked back at the stairs they where not there anymore, it's like the wall covered it or something. Bookmark here

— Interesting, so I can't get out immediately after entering.Bookmark here

I walked around and immediately some little, medium and big lights with different colors appeared in specific places, this lights looked like firefly's. After a couple of seconds monsters appeared out these lights, their size and aura color corresponded from where their come. Their appearance was like a mix of rats and rabbits, they where strangely cute. 10 monsters appeared and they acted confused untill they saw me in the middle of the battlefield.Bookmark here


They all started screaming with pure happiness, someone need to tell them that we need to battle.Bookmark here

— H-hello everyone. Bookmark here

— Don't worry, we won't hurt you. Well, at least not this time! Since it's you first time around here we will let you pass without fighting. But just this time, ok?!Bookmark here

They all teleported away instantly, right after it three doors opened in the wall, one of them had a bunch of light coming out of it, so I decided going in there. Inside the room looked much smaller than the others, then two gold color lights appeared and after a brief time chests come out of them. I checked them out, both had strange potions inside them. Right after catching the items I was teleported back to the battlefield area, where I could go upstairs or downstairs. Bookmark here

— I should push a little more, I need to know how strong are the monters before bringing anyone there!Bookmark here

I got downstairs, this time the battlefield already had monsters waiting for me; however, they didn't attack before I fully entered the room. This monsters where exactly the same as the ones from before, but some of them had copper armor this time.Bookmark here

— Come on, bring it on! Bookmark here

They all come with a direct attack. I rolled around avoing them, all punchs and bites are slow and too much weak to cause any significant damage. I tried attacking them without using my powers, and one punch was being enough to cause an instant teleport. The bad thing about it is that they where teleporting so fast that the items didn't even had time to fall in the ground, with that I cleared the room and two doors appeared this time. After all that I decided to head back, because I already had the information I needed.Bookmark here

— Well, the initial floors are pretty forgiving, so I don't need to worry about the safety of my party members.Bookmark here

Do you always talk alone? Bookmark here

— Woah, don't scare me like that! And yes, speaking alone helps me putting my thoughts in their correct place. Bookmark here

I see. Capivarito, why don't you try completing the dungeon alone? I... I really want to get out of here.Bookmark here

— Look... Just be a little more patient, ok? I will do my best to not let you waiting.Bookmark here

Ok...Bookmark here

I know I'm being an hypocrite, but there's nothing else I could say in this situation. Bookmark here

— Just for curiosity, but why you don't talk with anyone else? I'm the only one that can hear your "voice".Bookmark here

You're the chosen one, so basically the flame converts my thoughts in a voice on your head; however, it won't work with anyone else, even if you give then a little of your aura. And it sounds distorted because we are REALLY far away from each other, just to answer the question you where about to make.Bookmark here

— Alright, that was strange. Can you hear my thoughts too?Bookmark here

No, I just guessed. And judging by your face now I was right!Bookmark here

— Hahaha, yeah. I'll be going now, I will be back tomorrow!Bookmark here

All right, take care.Bookmark here

I reached the floor 0 area, there was only the big wolf there waiting for me. Bookmark here

— So, how it was?Bookmark here

— Perfect! I even found some strange potions in there, at least I think this things are potions.Bookmark here

I got the potions and gave it all to him.Bookmark here

— Did some monster dropped it?Bookmark here

— No, I found it in a room where chests appeared.Bookmark here

— Holly molly, I even forgot about this rooms! They are SUPER rare, so don't expect to find it every time.Bookmark here

— I'm not surprised. Say, what exactly this potions do?Bookmark here

— it's all written in the bottle.Bookmark here

He pointed it out where it was, and for my sadness it was under my giant snout all the time.Bookmark here

— God, how I didn't see that? Bookmark here

— Haha, don't worry about it. Both have healing power, pretty useful when you are far away and don't want to restart it all.Bookmark here

— Yeah, I can see I will need a lot of these if I want to reach the bottom. Bookmark here

— Well, now I will go to sleep. I'll see you tomorrow.Bookmark here

He gave me the potions back and went close to the wall, there he touched it and a door appeared. I'm not surprised he lives here.Bookmark here

— Ok, good night!Bookmark here

I exited the cave and ran back to the city, some minutes later I arrived and found my little cousin playing with the other kids around.Bookmark here

— Capivarito! Where you've been? — Polo asked.Bookmark here

— I was doing my business, you know. Do you want to drink with me in the bar?Bookmark here

— It sounds so wrong, but Esperança only make teas. I accept! Bookmark here

We got to the bar and it was FULL, luckily my favorite place was empty as always, and the chair next to it too. We sited down there and started to wait for Esperança.Bookmark here

— Excuse me, Capivarito?Bookmark here

I looked back and it was a mucura, more specifically an skunk unique in Brazil.Bookmark here

— Hey, Fidido! What is it?Bookmark here

— Can we talk alone?Bookmark here

— Of course! Polo, I will be back soon.Bookmark here

We exited the bar, outside he was looking pretty nervous.Bookmark here

— Man, I can't. I just can't with this mayor thing!Bookmark here

— Calm down, what happened?Bookmark here

— Everyone is relying on me for everything. Water supply, energy supply, food supply and thousands of other supply's.Bookmark here

— If I remember correctly YOU asked for it, I said that it wouldn't be easy. Bookmark here

— Yeah, but I just can't do anything anymore...Bookmark here

— So you will just throw the responsibilities in the air? Keep it together!Bookmark here

— I'm sorry, Capivarito. But, for real, I can't.Bookmark here

SIGH...Bookmark here

I needed a little time to recover from the news I just received. I was really pissed, but just acting like a idiot won't make things better. While thinking a idea that could work come to my mind.Bookmark here

— C-capivarito?Bookmark here

— What if I could say that you can still be the mayor around here and not have to deal with everything? Bookmark here

— How exactly?Bookmark here

— Let's head back inside, I'll handle everything.Bookmark here

We returned to the bar, there I walked to a place that everyone could see us clearly.Bookmark here


All animals stopped what they where doing and started looking direct at me and the mayor.Bookmark here

— Earlier today the mayor told me that he had a plan to increase our community bonding! From today on everyone can bring requests written and glue it to the new Request Billboard.Bookmark here

I walked a little to the right and pointed out to one of the walls inside the tree.Bookmark here

— This wall is special, because it can glue things with extreme ease! Anyone got any questions?Bookmark here

— How should we write it? — Esperança asked.Bookmark here

— Just write what you need and the reward for it, pretty easy.Bookmark here

— What kind of things we can ask? — One little Bem-te-vi asked (its a little bird, the name in english would be Well-see-you. Yes, it's a strange name).Bookmark here

— Anything, but I suggest asking help only for important things. Any other question?Bookmark here

The animals where looking at each other with a smile, they definitely liked the idea. And no one asked anything else.Bookmark here

— Well, since everyone understood everything, make good use of the Request Billboard. Bookmark here

— Thanks, Capivarito and Fidido! — Said the little Bem-te-vi.Bookmark here

— It's a honour being able to help the town people! — Fidido said.Bookmark here

All animals started clapping when we got back to our places, and then everything got back to normal. Fidido gave me a little pat in the back before leaving the bar, he looked happy with the results.Bookmark here

— Cousin, you did good! Bookmark here

— Thanks, Polo. Esperança, today i want something that calms the mind!Bookmark here

— Leave it with me, boss.Bookmark here

Not longer after, Esperança brought a excellent tea with a wonderful chamomile smell coming out of it. I drank it slowly, my mind was finally having a peaceful moment.Bookmark here

Ah, marvelous! I think for today that's enough.Bookmark here

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