Chapter 4:

The dream team

Capivarito Adventures

I was really tired, after running around the whole day the thing I wanted the most was to go home and sleep, but it wasn't that easy.Bookmark here

— Capivarito, the speech was excellent! Now I know why you told me to get here tonight. — Pomba said while getting a little closer to the counter.Bookmark here

Yaaaaawn... That wasn't the reason. Remember what you said about "waiting for something incredible to happen"? So, something happened last night.Bookmark here

— What exactly?Bookmark here

— I found a place with good resources and there's a necessity of a team to get the items. There are some aggressive creatures too, but that isn't a problem.Bookmark here

— Well, as long my boss don't send anyone calling me back I will stay there with you guys.Bookmark here

— Excellent, so you can explore the cave with us! Bookmark here

— I think I can help pretty well, even in fighting. There's a stupid woodpecker that always try stealing my things when I fly over Texas, he keeps asking if I like popcorn and then proceeds to bully me. Last time he got me with bad mood, I bet he wishes to never see me again after that.Bookmark here

— Popcorn with butter?Bookmark here

— That's what I said to him... Wait, how do you know?!Bookmark here

— Hahaha, I'm just pulling your leg. Man, I really need to sleep... Esperança, my man, is everything ready for tomorrow?Bookmark here

— Yeah, don't worry about it. Have a good night, friend.Bookmark here

— Alright, good night guys. Polo, let's go!Bookmark here

— Ok! Bookmark here

We exited the bar and walked back home, there was my aunt waiting for her son.Bookmark here

— Pooooloooo, my baby~~~Bookmark here

— Hi mom...Bookmark here

— Capivarito, thanks for taking care of my precious boy! Now let's go, say goodbye to him.Bookmark here

— Bye, Capi!Bookmark here

— Bye, have a good night both of you.Bookmark here

Finally I could enter my house and have my beauty sleep, I didn't even bothered taking a shower. With that the night passed in a blink of a eye, then I waked up with the sound of someone knocking at my door...Bookmark here

— Why everyone around here wakes up so early? I'm coming!Bookmark here

I opened the door and Esperança was there, he had an anxious expression.Bookmark here

— Capivarito, sorry coming here so early!Bookmark here

— What happened? Bookmark here

— Well, it's about the restaurant. The problem is that making food is harder than simple teas! I have the ingredients; however, making it all alone is not possible. Can you help me, buddy? I'll pay you.Bookmark here

— Of course! You can go in front, I will be in the bar soon.Bookmark here

— Alright. And thanks, that means a lot to me!Bookmark here

I closed the door and rushed to the bathroom, there I tried taking a shower but the water didn't come out. I tried the kitchen sink and it was the same, no water too.Bookmark here

— That's not good. How Esperança will make the food without water? I need to fix that!Bookmark here

I exited the house and ran where the water supply is located, when I arrived I noticed that some parts of the old pipe had really large perforations, but that's not the bad news. The worst thing is that our little well is drying, and our town don't have material to make more pipes to extend it to the Japurá river. While I looked around, Fidido arrived and he didn't look happy.Bookmark here

— Capivarito, good morning. What a way to start the day, huh?Bookmark here

— Haha, yeah. I think I can fix the pipes temporarily, but we'll need a solution quick!Bookmark here

— Good enough, let me help you with it.Bookmark here

We both took care of the problem, it was almost noon when we closed all the holes the pipe had, i don't even know how this thing was even working.Bookmark here

— Well, this will do the job.Bookmark here

— Yeah, that was tough. Thanks for the help, Fidido.Bookmark here

After taking care of it I ran to the bar, when I arrived I could hear Espera running around in the kitchen. I got into the kitchen and he looked at me with a relief face.Bookmark here

— Capivarito, I was thinking you wouldn't come.Bookmark here

— I was giving a help to Fidido, the water supply wasn't working. Bookmark here

— Oh, so it was you who fixed it!Bookmark here

— Yeah. So, what do you want me to do here?Bookmark here

— Oh, of course. You can cut some vegetables! Bookmark here

I got the knife and started cutting all the vegetables that where in the table, some of them I never had seen before. Esperança was boiling water and putting the vegetables in it, the smell was strong and really good!Bookmark here

— Capivarito, last night I was the first one to use the Request Billboard. I did as you said, and today we will have some strong animals over here!Bookmark here

— Oh, I see. Yesterday I was tired, so that idea didn't even pass in my mind. Thanks a lot, Esperança!Bookmark here

— You're welcome.Bookmark here

We did a lot of cooking, luckily there was enough time for us to make it all perfectly before anyone even arrived in the bar.Bookmark here

— Finally, it's all done. Capivarito, can you help me serving the food too? Bookmark here

— Of course! With that I can see some candidate's for the exploration.Bookmark here

Right after we finished talking some animals begin to arrive, so I started serving all of them. Around 30 minutes and the place was full with a lot of animals outside waiting for a table to be available; however, letting people waiting for eating is a bad thing.Bookmark here

— Esperança, do you have any spare tables and chairs here? I can put some outside, otherwise we will lose costumers!Bookmark here

— I think so, try looking at the basement.Bookmark here

I got to the basement and there was some old tables and chairs, I took them outside and all the animals had a place to sit. I was a little worried that maybe we didn't made enough food for everyone, but when I looked at the kitchen we were doing just fine. One of the costumers that arrived a little later was Bicudo and his wife.Bookmark here

— Capivarito, didn't expect to see you here as a waiter.Bookmark here

— Part time job, you know how things work. So, what it will be?Bookmark here

— Do you have worms? — Said his wife.Bookmark here

— W-wha... No, but we will put your suggestion in our list. Would you like some boiled vegetables with a good orange juice, instead?Bookmark here

— Yes, It will do. Bookmark here

— Alright, Bicudo what do you want?Bookmark here

— The cheapest food in the menu.Bookmark here

— Ok, the cheapest one. I'll be right back!Bookmark here

I was serving everyone and taking my time to check their personality before using my perception to see their aura. It can sound useless; however, the personality of a person can determinate how she will perform at the battlefield. Obviously the calm ambient helps a lot, but I have my way of seeing things in different perspective.Bookmark here

— Capivarito, it's a surprise to see you helping here! — My aunt and Polo finally arrived.Bookmark here

— Hey, welcome! What do you two want?Bookmark here

— Food! — Said my little cousinBookmark here

— Hahaha, no my son. There's a menu, but you don't know how to read yet. Capivarito, could you bring us something sweet?Bookmark here

— For dinner? Are you sure, aunt?Bookmark here

— Yes, after all it's my sunday! Today we can everything.Bookmark here

— You could be like that everyday, mom.Bookmark here

— Hahaha, you two are unique. Well, I will bring the sweetest thing we have!Bookmark here

Some hours later the bar was near empty, I didn't say a thing to any of the costumers. Remember, Esperança already wrote the request, so who is interested already know about it, and also I don't want to recruit a animal that doesn't see a reason to help the others. A little later there was just 3 other costumers inside the bar all together in a table, I walked closer and sited down with them.Bookmark here

— All right, so you guys are interested in the exploration job?Bookmark here

— Yes! We were waiting to talk with you. — Said the old tapir.Bookmark here

— We come here from far away. I'm honestly impressed that no one in the town wanted to go exploring! — Said the anteater.Bookmark here

— Well, they seem to have their own daily chores. Not everyone have a free day to explore like us, unfortunately. — Lastly said a fat rat, I never saw one like this before.Bookmark here

— This will have to work. Guys, it's a pleasure meeting all you, my name is Capivarito.Bookmark here

— We know. You're pretty famous around the forest, boy! — Said the tapir.Bookmark here

— Good to know. Anyway, I will bring the last party members here, so wait a little!Bookmark here

I ran to the kitchen and Esperança was washing the dishes, he looked pretty happy with the results from today work.Bookmark here

— Esperança, about the cave exploration... Bookmark here

— Don't worry, I'm in. Oh, and there's a little guy here too!Bookmark here

From behind one of the desks Pombajato appeared.Bookmark here

— Did you really think I would lose the chance of a big adventure? Bookmark here

— Are you really sure about it? And your job?Bookmark here

— Ah, screw it! My boss can come here and I will show WHO'S THE MAN! I mean, the bird. WHO'S THE BIRD!Bookmark here

— That's the spirit... I guess.Bookmark here

We all went to the costumers area, they didn't seem too much enthusiastic about our party members in first sight.Bookmark here

— Hey, that's the legendary monkey everyone talks about in the forest! He's the guy with the legendary drinks. — Said the anteater.Bookmark here

— My name is Esperança, nice to meet you... Uh, what's your name?Bookmark here

— Name? Hahaha, we don't have that. You can call we by our species, so I'm Anteater. — What a lazy writer... Wait, why I'm attacking myself?! Bookmark here

— That's one way of making things simple, haha.Bookmark here

— Hello everyone, I have a name by the way. Pombajato, the most know pigeon in the planet!Bookmark here

— Hey, I already saw you in a cartoon! There's a guy with a dog trying to catch you. — Said the rat.Bookmark here

— Oh man, it's been a long time since anyone mentioned that to me, hahaha. Are you a city rat?Bookmark here

— Yep! Long time living in the sewers makes you stronger.Bookmark here

— I can see we will make a good team! — Said the tapir.Bookmark here

— Absolutely. Since everyone here already know each other, let's go to the cave! Bookmark here

The bad first impression they had went away pretty fast, to be honest they all look like good friends now. In the way to the dungeon I checked the aura of them, as expected they are pretty weak and had almost zero aura power. The good thing is the weak monsters, so I don't need to worry too much about it, at least for now.Bookmark here

— And here we are, the dungeon! Bookmark here

— What a interesting entrance, It makes me remember when a found my first old temple around the forest. — Said the tapir.Bookmark here

— Yeah, and it makes me remember about that first sewer I entered.Bookmark here

— Haha, come on. Tapir, I want to hear more about your exploration some other time.Bookmark here

We entered the cave and this time some lights were coming out of the big room, when we entered it there was some torches in the walls, a lot of them. Then, close to the hot spring entrance, the big wolf appeared.Bookmark here

— Hey everyone, welcome!Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!Bookmark here

They all started screaming together, it was not something beautiful to hear.Bookmark here

— For the love of God, CALM DOWN! I know he looks dangerous, and he really is...Bookmark here

— Come on, Capivarito. You're not helping me there!Bookmark here

— BUT he's a friend.Bookmark here

— That thing don't look friendly at all! — Said the rat.Bookmark here

— Calling me a thing is not nice, you know? Capivarito, you should stop calling to me as "big wolf" too, I have a name!Bookmark here

— R-really? What's your name?Bookmark here

— The Destroyer of Herbivores! — His expression looked terrifying.Bookmark here

AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! — They all screamed again.Bookmark here

— You're doing that in purpose, aren't ya?Bookmark here

— Hahahaha, sorry. Listen everyone, me and Capivarito are good friends, so there's no need to fear me.Bookmark here

— That's true, Capivarito? — The anteater asked.Bookmark here

— Of course, now let's keep going.Bookmark here

We entered the hot spring room and they all looked pretty astonished, again the little wolves where all taking a bath. Honestly, if I had a pool in my yard I would do the same! Anyway, finally we were in front of the staircase.Bookmark here

— Let me check something in all you before we start going down. Bookmark here

I used this little time to give them my aura, I transferred it all and stayed with only my normal strength and velocity.Bookmark here

— Woah, I fell... Powerful! — Said the tapir.Bookmark here

— Get used to it! Destroyer of Herbivores, we will be back soon!Bookmark here

— Please don't use my joke against me.Bookmark here

We got downstairs and in the first floor there was no monsters around, but when we entered the battlefield the littler lights started appearing all over the place; however, it was almost the triple of the quantity that appeared last time.Bookmark here

— Look, firefly's! — Said Esperança.Bookmark here

— Everyone get ready for battle!Bookmark here

— Battle? — Said the anteater.Bookmark here

Just like last time some monsters come out the lights, the first floor have monsters with no armor or weapon. I decided to let they fight alone to see what would happen, and they handled it all pretty well! Esperança was the tank of the group, he approached the monsters head on and used their body as weapon, Pombajato was throwing some rocks from the roof, the rat was fast and extremely rough with his bites, anteater and tapir were slower than the others, but still managed to teleport some monsters away. Unfortunately we didn't receive any items, after all the monsters didn't even had anything to drop. The doors appeared in the wall as soon the last monster got teleported.Bookmark here

— Excellent work, guys! Be aware that each floor have stronger creatures, so be careful.Bookmark here

— That was fun! I'm looking forward to kick more of these animals around.Bookmark here

We descend to floor 2, and the monsters were already there. This time some of them had swords, shields and weak armour. I tried just watching the action, but the monsters didn't know about my plan, they all come in my direction really fast. I avoided attacking the ones with items and focused on rolling around and hitting just who didn't had anything, my team used the exactly same strategy as before and that didn't work properly. The monsters with swords had the advantage of some distance, and the shields were a pain to deal with in direct attacks, the only solution was the adaptation! They looked at each other and started attacking in pairs, even without saying a single word this guy's know how to coordinate some good battle moves. Esperança was still attacking head on the monsters with shields, tapir and anteater used it to attack the monster from behind without any defense. Pombajato aimed his rocks in the head of the monsters with swords and made they dizzy, the rat just needed to finish they up.Bookmark here

— Pay attention, the creatures with items will drop them!Bookmark here

As said the monsters indeed dropped the items; however, the item disappears fast after falling in the ground, the only way to avoid it from happening is catching the item even faster. After a while the area was clear and the two doors appeared, I can see this being pretty exhausting in a long run.Bookmark here

— Everyone ok?Bookmark here

— Yes, we're fine. What do we do with the items? — Said Esperança.Bookmark here

— Give them to me, I will put they in the rucksack.Bookmark here

The items we got was a small sword, a small shield and some small armour pieces too.Bookmark here

— Wait, why don't you equipe this items, rat? I don't see to much of use for all that.Bookmark here

— Well, I can try!Bookmark here

As expected the items fit perfectly the big rat. One interesting detail is his aura, after putting everything it grow significantly. I looked at the others and didn't see a notorious difference, so maybe the items can boost something inside you? I don't understand it clearly yet.Bookmark here

— I fell more power inside me!Bookmark here

— Excellent, let's use that power in the next floor.Bookmark here

Floor 3, 4, 5 and 6 had the exact same monsters with better items; however, the good items a lot of times just teleports away with the monster holding it. Its s pain, but we got some of them with us! On floor 6, after clearing it, we were deciding if we should progress further or not.Bookmark here

— The items we have are good, but we need something else. We should push a little further, at least to floor 10!Bookmark here

— Well, we can do that!Bookmark here

We descend to the next floor, the monster were waiting for us and finally there was some new ones. There was a little monster that looked exactly like a mixture of a molle and a jaguar. They did look strange as heck, and some other ones that had so much fur you couldn't even say what they look like, It's just a ball of fur. Talking about the little molle jaguars, some of them had pickaxes and backpacks, I'm pretty sure they are miners.Bookmark here

— Finally some useful material for production! Bookmark here

After I said that, some miners trewed their backpack at me. Firstly I thought it was a failed attack, but i didn't take much time to realize it was on purpose. While I was holding a lot of weight my friends were having a tough time, the fur monsters are pretty fast and they can bounce around the room relentlessly. Esperança managed to hold one of them... For some seconds, before it started pushing him around the room.Bookmark here


I calculated the route the monster was doing and managed to throw all my beloved items on his head, at least I think it's the head. That was the only way to stop him, and there was 5 others flying around the room.Bookmark here

— Thanks, Capivarito!Bookmark here

— You're welcome.Bookmark here

With my hands free I could try something up, one of the fur come in me direction. I just prepared and gave him a nice punch, instantly he was sent flying and used the walls to come back direct at me. I was hit with full force, but it didn't hurt not even a little. Like I said, the fur on them is REALLY exaggerated.Bookmark here

— Holly... Capivarito, are you ok?! — The rat asked.Bookmark here

— Yes. Guys, don't worry about them! They can't hurt.Bookmark here

— Oh, that's good to kn-Bookmark here

Before Pombajato could finish his sentence one fur hit him with full power, and he got teleported instantly. All the aura I transferred to him was sent back to me stronger than before, now I have some power.Bookmark here

— Damnit! Don't worry about him, he was sent back to the entrance.Bookmark here

— Thank God, I was thinking he was story. — Said the anteater.Bookmark here

I deeply breathed and started to synchronize my heartbeat with the power flowing in my body. I was really pissed off with that freaking fur monsters! I liberated some speed and it was enough to match their velocity, I used it so I could hit then whenever I want. Since their fur is big, i punched one of them in the wall and then punched him again 3 times. Just with that strategy one of them finally disappeared.Bookmark here

— YES!Bookmark here

I repeated it with the others and the room was cleared and the doors appeared. Fortunately the items I trowed and the monster were still there, so I didn't lost anything. Besides having some good items, I can clearly see it won't be enough to make what I want.Bookmark here

— Alright, anyone wants to return? I need more items, but there's always tomorrow. Bookmark here

— We can keep going, no worries. Bookmark here

— Ok, I want you guys to hold this backpacks. I would take them, but it's a little too heavy for me!Bookmark here

They got the items, I separated each bag so no one would carry to much weight. We progressed to the next floor and there was some fur with armours there, I couldn't hold back my powers anymore. Luckily some miners are appearing, so the resources are becoming normal items; however, different from before just some of them trowed the backpacks at me, the other ones were teleporting away without dropping a single thing. I still don't understand why they are throwing their items at me like that. We finally arrived at floor 09, we had a lot of good items with us.Bookmark here

You should try fighting the boss, it will answer many questions.Bookmark here

The voice sounded a little clearer now, and... It was somewhat femininely? I don't know, it still sounds really strange.Bookmark here

— Listen, in the next floor there is a stronger monster. Something like the big wolf from before, remember? Bookmark here

— Oh no... — Said the tapir.Bookmark here

— But don't worry, I have a good idea. You guys can go back with the items, I wil-Bookmark here

You can't do that. All the party members need to leave together, also the items will disappear if you lose the next flight, since you're the chosen one teleporting away will bring they all back to the hot spring.Bookmark here

— Capivarito, we won't leave you here to fight a stronger enemy alone! Screw the items, we fight together and we die together! — Esperança said.Bookmark here

— Let's try surviving, please. — The rat said.Bookmark here

— Well, ok then. Let's continue!Bookmark here

It's a dumb decision chosing to progress in a dangerous place with good items, but don't say you never did something similar! I was also curious if the boss was intelligent like the other monsters, even if they don't speak (excluding the first ones I found in the floor 1 my first time here) I can see they all understand what's happening. When we got to the 10 floor the place looked exact the same as the others; however, there was no monster waiting for us.Bookmark here

— Don't let you guard down, even for a second!Bookmark here

After a little time a really big light appeared in the middle of the room, the color was a pure white. Then the boss come out of it instantly, he was a mixture of the fur monster and the miners, his weapon was a strange old staff.Bookmark here

— A staff? This guy is soo stupid hahahaha! — Said the rat running towards the enemy.Bookmark here

— WAIT!Bookmark here

The monster pointed the staff in his direction and shooted a ball of fire, I don't have a clue how he managed to do something like that. Luckily he didn't teleported away, the armour saved his butt.Bookmark here

— Crap! I'm ok, but that hurts a lot!Bookmark here

— Don't attack bosses without strategy or alone! Everyone separate, we need to see his moves before trying anything.Bookmark here

Saying it all loud wasn't my best idea, but its what I could do for now. I started running around the room with the others, with everyone In specific locations the boss will have a hard time trying to decide who he will target... At least i was thinking it, but he decided to use full power against the rat again, Esperança noticed It and started to stay in front of the rat. The monster used his fire move, the moment he does that there's a perfect opening for a attack, anteater used it to approach and give the enemy a good punch in the back, making him lose his balance for a couple of seconds. I used this little advantage to steal his staff, and it worked flawlessly.Bookmark here

— Good job, Capivarito! Now he can't use his att- Bookmark here

The tapir got interrupt by a fireball direct in his head, and he teleported away instantly. Besides what just happened I noticed his move was weaker than when he was holding the staff.Bookmark here

— You son of a... TAKE THAT!Bookmark here

I pointed the staff in his direction and my heart pounded extremely hard for one beat, after that a really large ball of fire come out the staff and hit the enemy with full speed. My senses almost abandoned me in this process, for some reason the staff consumes a lot of energy. All this for just hearing the monster laughing loudly at my attempt of defeating him.Bookmark here

— HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for healing me. That punch in my back was rea-Bookmark here

Esperança used his show off time to punch the enemy with full force in the direction of the anteater, he got him in the air and grounded the monster with series of punches, the rat finished him with his sword, and it made he teleport away.Bookmark here

— That was too easy. — Esperança said.Bookmark here

The doors appeared as always, but this time the walls started to shine and some writings appeared on them. I approached the wall so I could read it, and exactly as the floor 0 writings the idiom is modern portuguese. Bookmark here

The power of the gods. Also know as magic, this power allow humans or any other creature with intelligence to use the elements present in Earth. Before the son of Father come to this planet, there was another "gods" that allowed the humans to use this powers with the unique purpose of causing destruction and wars, but they all failed in their plans without any divine intervention. Remember something simple, a dark heart will always lead his owner to failure! Now the only places that have the staffs with magic power are Agartha and the numerous dungeons across the Brazil.Bookmark here

— Agartha... I heard about this place, but never thought it was real! — Esperança said.Bookmark here

— What exactly?Bookmark here

— Some old animals, they talked about an entrance to the world under our paw. They said there's a full world full of animals, humans and even visitors out of this world inside the Earth.Bookmark here

— If someone said that to me yesterday I wouldn't believe in anything, but today I'm believing in everything. — Said the anteater.Bookmark here

— The magic thing Is pretty awesome too. Let's head back to the surface, we did a good job! Bookmark here

We all came back to the entrance, there was no monster in any of the previous floors. Fastly we got to floor 0, Pombajato and the tapir were waiting for us with the big wolf.Bookmark here

— You guys did it! — Said the pigeon.Bookmark here

Esperança, the rat and the anteater jumped in the hot spring to recover some energy and cure any injuries.Bookmark here

— Hey, Destroyer, there's something I need to ask you!Bookmark here

— You still calling me that?! What do you need?Bookmark here

— Do you have any water supply around here? Our town is having a hard time with the old supply, it won't last more than 3 days.Bookmark here

— The hot spring can be a nice supply, besides being a little warm it's clean and good to drink. All you have to do is caching the water before it falls in the bathing area.Bookmark here

— I see, you know where the fountain is?Bookmark here

— I will take a look today. Bookmark here

— Thanks a lot! Guys, let's head back to the city.Bookmark here

We all exited the cave and it was already getting dark. After arriving at the city each one went to their house, I decided to pay our mayor a visit, long story short I gave him the items so he could produce pipes. Now it's time to see my old buddy, Bicudo.Bookmark here

— Capivarito, I think just one backpack is enough. — Bicudo said it while holding one.Bookmark here

— Are you sure? Bookmark here

— Definitely. With this armours as example it will be much easier, thanks for it! Bookmark here

— Good to hear. There's a piece of grass with information about the size of the armours, don't forget to follow it.Bookmark here

— Ok! I will be in touch when it's all done.Bookmark here

— Excellent. Now I'll be going, have a good night! Bookmark here

I had three backpacks full of items with me and was really far away from the Mordiduida place. I didn't want to let him waiting, so my only decision was to use my power and run in the forest. This could end pretty badly, since I can't control it properly and hitting a tree head on in full speed would not be ideal, but i didn't care. I started running between the trees extremely fast, my perception was so high that I had the impression everything was in slow motion. Some minutes later I was in the Japurá river, I ran through the city and none of the predators noticed me.Bookmark here

— That was AMAZING! — Said Mordiduida coming out of the water.Bookmark here

— WOAH! Dude, don't do that.Bookmark here

— Sorry, haha. I was waiting for you! Bookmark here

— Well, all the items are right here, as I said. I also wrote in a piece of grass the size of each sword and shield!Bookmark here

— Excellent. I can see the night will be pretty long.Bookmark here

— Haha, have fun! Bookmark here

— I'll be in touch, bro! Good night.Bookmark here

While I was walking back to the my town I noticed that someone was following me. I decided to walk around a big tree, with that I could get the follower from behind without any problems. As expected everything worked perfectly, and I got the... Jaguar?Bookmark here

— Calm down, calm down! I don't want to fight with you! Bookmark here

— Wait, you're the jaguar that was knocked out by the rock! Your family is really worried about you.Bookmark here

— I know, but... There's something I need to do, and I need help!Bookmark here

Well... I'll help you out.Bookmark here

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