Chapter 27:

Chapter 27 [Turkey and Tree]


After a long search for the turkey, many sweat and energy pour into the search, we finally spot one in the refrigerated area, my eyes were on the prize but I can see another person was also aiming for that turkey.Bookmark here

The man is in another aisle beside me, I nudged Stephanie elbow, making her realize that we have a contender. Stephanie looks at me and I look at her and we both nod our head.Bookmark here

I and Stephanie took one step, the man also took one step. Oh yeah it on!, I and Stephanie begin walking toward it which cause the man to also begin walking toward the turkey.Bookmark here

The man speeds up his walk cause us to walk slightly faster than the man. It seems we both won't give up on the turkey, the man changes his walk to power walk.Bookmark here

I change my walk to a jog, as we get closer and closer, the man took off to a run and I also quickly turn into a run while Stephanie behind me. We try to outmatch each other speed but as we get close, I finally made a decision.Bookmark here

The moment I close to the turkey, I jump forward crashing into the fridge, ice and fish fly out from the fridge but I lift the turkey up and yell in victory. Everyone in the store turns their head toward us.
Bookmark here

"IT'S MINE!!!" I celebrated.Bookmark here

Stephanie also let out a small battle cry of her own while everyone was confused about what just happen but there is one person who is clapping, one of the worker here with Garry nametag on his shirt.Bookmark here

"Yeah! Garry get it!" I said aloud.Bookmark here

"Woooo" Garry cheers.Bookmark here

"Papa?" A small girl voice can be heard from one of the crowd.Bookmark here

"Papa, did you get the turkey?" A small girl with a braid hair move away from the crowd and walk to the man.Bookmark here

"Sweetheart, I'm sorry but..." the man tries to explain as he lowers his knee to the floor in front of the small girl.Bookmark here

"But papa you promise, we would have a turkey dinner just like what mom used to do" the small girl sniffled.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, sweetheart. I really am," the man apologized.Bookmark here

"Yikes.." Garry said and slowly walk backward avoiding the awkward situation.Bookmark here

I look at the turkey in my hand then toward Stephanie, her eyes say it all.Bookmark here

"Do we?" I ask.Bookmark here

"We have too, you know that," Stephanie said.Bookmark here

I sighed and get out from the freezer with the turkey in my hand after that I walk toward the man and extend the turkey toward him.Bookmark here

"Here you go, we don't need it anyway,"I said.Bookmark here

The girl eyes beamed at me, inside it is pure hope and joy. I almost blinded by it.Bookmark here

"Are you sure?" The man asks.Bookmark here

"I'm sure" I confirm.Bookmark here

"Thank you, you have a kind heart. Lydia say thank you to the nice lady" the man said.Bookmark here

"Thank you, nice lady," the small girl said.Bookmark here

"Don't worry about it, just get home safely and enjoy Christmas with your father," I said then ruffle her hair.Bookmark here

The man and the small girl began to walk away so do the crowd that was watching us, everyone went back to their normal life.Bookmark here

"You did the right things" Stephanie consoled and pat my back.Bookmark here

"Hey, Garry! Do you have any turkey left?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Nope" Garry answer.Bookmark here

"How about chicken?" I ask.Bookmark here

"All gone sorry," Garry said and walk away.Bookmark here

"So gal, did you get it?" Li voice popped out from behind, scaring Stephanie.Bookmark here

"Woah calm down, it just me" Li said with a paper bag in her hand, inside it two bottles of whiskey.Bookmark here

"Well we didn't get it,"I said.Bookmark here

"Ah no worry, we can think of something in the meantime let grab some snack and head to the Tree sales," Li said.Bookmark here

"Your right," I said.Bookmark here

We walk toward the junk food aisle grabbing a few bags of chips and snack. After that we each grab our favorite snacks, I grab my prawn flavor chip while Li grab the sweetest candy she can find while Stephanie grabs a coffee flavor candy.Bookmark here

Beep, Beep, Beep.Bookmark here

"Can I see your ID first?" The woman cashier said.Bookmark here

Li takes out her wallet and take out her ID then she passes the ID to the cashier. The cashier looks at the ID and smile at us after giving the ID back.Bookmark here

"The total price is 49.95$," The cashier said.Bookmark here

We look at each other and nod, each of the three of us take out some money and gather it together, effectively splitting the bill without any hassle. After paying for the stuff, Li grab all the plastic bag that contains the stuff and insist on carrying it.Bookmark here

We exit the grocery store and immediately hit by the sudden cold breeze of the outside and the singing of carol singers besides the front door of the grocery store, all the carol singers wearing festive theme cloth as they sang. I look at the sky and I can see dark cloud forming, my heart fills with joy as I think that today might snow.Bookmark here

If Haru was here, I would buy him a scarf or knit it for him, knitting not that hard right? I should try it when I got home. I will never know if I didn't try it.Bookmark here

"I got an idea! you guys go pick the tree and wait for me here" Stephanie said then jog off down the street.Bookmark here

"Let go pick out a tree!" Li said excitedly.Bookmark here

As soon as we enter the place, I and Li were both disappointed by the few trees left that we can pick from. One of the trees has a few branches that have been broken, one of the tree was way too big for our apartment and mostly the tree here either it has lost it color or wilted.Bookmark here

"Come one at least let get something," Li said and begin checking the tree out.Bookmark here

I turn my body to avoid the kids that are running playing tag and running around in this place, I walk to the other side of the place where the big tree is placed, looking at the beautiful leaves of the tree make me think that sometimes even nature can create something beautiful.Bookmark here

"you can't catch me!" a young boy challenge at the young girl who is chasing after him.Bookmark here

The young girl pouts her mouth and gives her effort into her running so she can catch the boy, I look on and let out a smile at both of them. Bookmark here

"No matter what you did you can't catch me!" the young boy said.Bookmark here

"Oh, watch me!" the young girl yell back.Bookmark here

The boy turns into a corner and heads straight toward me, The girl behind her also turn and close her eyes and start running as fast she could, I step back as the young boy passed me. Suddenly, the young girl trip on the wire causing her to fall forward and yelp in fear but I instinctively dash forward using my power to catch the girl before she falls.Bookmark here

I hold the young girl by her chest and lift her up so she can stand again.Bookmark here

"Watch out!" someone scream, a sound of tree creaking echo in the air. I look up and saw the big tree slowly falling on top of us. My mind is racing whether to grab the girl and dash toward safety or stop the tree from falling but if I dash with the little girl she might not able to withstand it because I don't know if her body can withstand the speed.Bookmark here

Crash.Bookmark here

I hug the young girl tight to my chest with my left arm while my other arm blocks the falling tree. For me blocking that tree from falling felt like stopping a heavy cardboard box and that is not normal. So I pretend that the tree was heavy, I let out a grunt and mimic someone that is trying to lift something up heavy then I finally push it backward straighten the tree back to its place.Bookmark here

"Samanda, thank go you okay" a woman yells and dashes toward the young girl to hug her.Bookmark here

"Thank you for saving my daughter, how can I repay you?" An older man with a beard and wearing a coverall said. The older man looks like he works here.Bookmark here

"I'm looking for a Christmas tree," I said.Bookmark here

"Look no further I have exactly what you need, it on the house," The older man said.Bookmark here

After that, I gave him my address so he can personally deliver the tree and set it up for me, I said to him that I can set it up myself but he insisted that he do it. So I let him, I turn my back and walk back to Li where she stand and smirk at me.Bookmark here

"What?" I askedBookmark here

"My hero!" Li said and hug my left arm.Bookmark here

"Stop that.." I said and roll my eyes.Bookmark here

"Okay, okay but I was really surprised that you could lift that tree, I guess what people saying was the truth about not judging the book by its cover," Li said.Bookmark here

I turned my head and saw the young boy hugging the young girl and saying "It's my fault for running too fast. From now on, we will play something else than tag". The young girl let out a conflicted face as she heard that word, my heart felt heavy as I saw her face.Bookmark here

"Hey, Kid! it about playing safe not prevent her from playing tag forever" I said.Bookmark here

"But she almost got hurt by it," the young boy said.Bookmark here

"Everyone gets hurt no matter they do, it is not an excuse to stop having fun," I said.Bookmark here

"Okay then, I promise we will play safely" The young boy promised, the girl smile return to her face, the young boy and girl both walk to their parents.Bookmark here

"What all that about?" Li asked.Bookmark here

"Nothing really"Bookmark here

"Sure, anyway, do you get the tree?" Li asked.Bookmark here

"Yeah, the tree is on its way to our apartment, free of charge," I said.Bookmark here

"Yes!" Li cheers and raise her hand toward me for a high-five, I return it with my hand.Bookmark here

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