Chapter 1:

Party no. 1: Danny.

Two faced

"My head is spinning, I can't breath. Why am I doing this? Is this really what I wanna do with my life?"...


"Oh! The Millers are here! Welcome! It's great to see you". Dad looks up and smiles towards the man, while mom, my sister and I follow him. "Mr. Bianco! Great to see you too! It's been a while, it was a suprise hearing the pary is at your house this time since you haven't been coming latley."Mr. Bianco responded "I know it's been a while, but since Greta has been having some health issues we couldn't attend  but now it's all good so we decided to make a big come back." Mr. Bianco got quiet for a second but shortly continued "Danny! Clar! How big you've got! And Marrie madmuazel, beautiful as always." Mom gigeld. "Well Mr. Bianco we'll see you and Greta later yeah?". Said dad and smiled, Bianco smiled back and left. Mr. Bianco (full name Mattia Bianco) is an Italian buisnessman who's been living in LA for the last 17 years with his wife Greta. He's a scary man who has the power to do basically anything he wants. "He looks rough" said mom. "Marrie don't say that, someone might hear. We need him" dad said angarly, "I know but I can say my opinion Gary." My mom abeautiful 53 years old woman. She has short black hair, has a thin long figure, blue eyes that are always covered  in makeup and is always in a formal suit. She has a very spicy and rough personality, means you wouldn't want to get on her bad side. She works at the family company. "Honey, if someone hears you or say that they'll tell Bianco and we'll all gone and you know that". Dad says and mom gives him a serious look. Dad is a short 78 year old man. He has short tidy blonde hair, a serious looks you'll always find on his face and a very expensive suit at all times. He is very serious but if he needs to be sweet and nice for some buisness he can put up a shoe in a second. He runs the family buisness, where I have to work at. My sister Clara does as well. Clara looks like my mom long thin figure and bright blue eyes and has long dark hair. Clara is 24 years old, 2 years older than I am, unlike me all she wanted was to be in buisness with my parents and eventually take over. "Clara?" I said "what do you want?" She said in an annoyed tone like she knew I was going to say something she wouldn't like. "Let's go grab a drink, I need something to clear my head". Clara agreed and followed me. "I love these parties, I always sniff around and search for some deals you know" said Clara while sipping a Martini. "Why are you doing this, it's wrong and you it. This isn't really buisness what any of you are doing" Clara looked at me, offended "Dan, I don't care what you think. You always had a weak personality and I know that, but every each of the people in this house at the moment are in the same buissness." I glared at her, I had nothing to say. "I know you don't want to do this, but this is our life, your life and ut doesn't matter if it's right or wrong. We win, we make the money. It doesn't matter if you do it as the good or the bad guy." Clara stopped and hugged me "than she wispered, don't forget the fucking plan, we've got three hours to have fun and then buisness." She let go smiled and left. I sit down with my drink. I can't do this. In three hours a man is going to get shot by me and black mailed. I know he isn't inosant but I just can't do it, not again. Please not again. "Are you okay man?" I look up and see a tall buff man in a gray suit. He had a heavy english accent. "Yes, sorry i'm great." He smiles and says "I'm Michal brown, free lancer scientist. And you sir?" I take a breath and say "Danny Miller, CIO of the "Miller" company. It's my dad buisness Gray Miller. It's a hai tach buisness." I said "oh yes, my friend works there great company." He said and smiled. "Thank you" I said, after that we both stayed silent for awhile. "Listen man you look like your in a bad mood, can I get you something?" Michal said in a very charming tone and I agreed. "Great stay here i'll bring something." A few minutes go by and he comes back with a beautiful looking Champagne. "Cheers mate!" He smiled and left. I sit down again "two and a half hours" I mumble to myself. I drink my Champagne and stare at the full room. While drinking I spot a beautiful redhead girl, she had brown eyes, she was short and not very skinny. She was wearing an amazing red dress and I really wanted to talk to her, so I do. I get up, the Champagne in my hand and I feel weird. My head is spinning. "This is strong... haha... I should ask the bar for another one of these." I run aftet thr girl "hey" I accidentally scream at her. "Um hello" she responds, slightly scared. "I saw you from far and I wanted to tell you, your very pretty. I'm Danny Miller CIO of "Miller" the hai tech company founded by my dad Gary. What's your name????" What am I saying... I really can't think straight. "Okay great, listen Danny I must go. Bye" She said rapidlly and left. I stand there confused "what am I doing..." Michal appears again "Danny! Hot chic you just talked to." He said and smiled "yeah but I made a fool of myself" I said. "Talk to her again mate! You'll nail it next time" he looks at me and I say "No I can't not after I made myself look like a complete idiot" I said, for some reason I was being way too honest with this stranger. "I'll bring you another drink for courage!" I agreed and he tells me to stay right where I am. I finish my Champagne while I wait. Michal comes back with a glass of cold ice whiskey. I grab it "thank you" I say "My pleasure. Listen I must go but see you later yeah?" He said and I noded and said my goodbye to him. I wobble back to my sit, still feeling strange, probably the alcohol but it's okay. I look at my watch and I see the time coming close. "There's an hour and a half left." I chug my drink a stare at the ceiling. I start hearung voices in my head, it's my voice but it's too loud for me to control it "I can't do this, I don't want to do this, why am I doing this really? Becuase mommy and daddy told me? Such a child. Clara does this with no problem. USELESS SHIT that's what YOU are." Stop I whisper. "There is one reason for you to be alive. To be the one who takes over the company as dad wants, he told you he isn't getting any younger and you have to take over it. But NO your too useless." Stop it please... I say silently. I get up and go to the balcony. Full of people but I can't really see anyone it's all dark and my head is heavy "useless shit, your life has no meaning is you can't do the one thing your asked to" I cover up my ears and scream "stop it! Please stop it!" Nobody noticed. I get up I stare blankly at the space. "I'm pretty high up. I'm useless enough to die." I get up on the balcony and everyone is looking and I jump.

Joe Gold

Two faced