Chapter 2:

End of party no. 1: Julia.

Two faced

I hear loud screams from the balcony. I try to get closer to see whats going on. I ask approach a man who's standing there. "Excuse me, do you know what the hell is going on?"  He turns around and says in a very heavy english accent "yes. A man just jumped of the balcony. Apparantley his name was Danny Miller, the CIO of the hai tech company "Miller"."  I look at him speachless. I think that man tried to talk to me earlier, he didn't seem very well when he spoke to me". "You okay miss?" He asked me when he saw my reaction. "Yes... no i'm fine thank you. It just seems he spoke to me earlier this evening. He sounded like he wasn't very well mentally or maybe he was just on drugs I really don't know. So this is quite shocking to me." I say and he answers "thats very rough, who knows what was going throw that mans head, and his poor family..." we both kept quite for some moments, but then he said "what's your name miss?" I looked at him and shyly answered "Julia White. And you?" I said in a trembeling voice. "Michal Admas. So miss white why are you at this party?" He says in a reasuring tone. "Oh! Please just call me Julia. And for your question..." I think about my words heavily "I just execute deals with the Biancos you see, nothing realky important." "Well but it's important enough to bring you here, i'm a lawyer and a family friend of the Biancos." said Michal. Before I had time to answer he adds "hey... listen would you mind getting a drink with me? Out of this place? With this mans suicide, I really don't want to stay here." He asked and I agreed I told him to wait for me at the entrace while I grab my purse. I meet him and we leave. My head is so full, firstly this party, than this Danny guy and now this, strange night. As were leaving we see an ambulance, and 9 people. 3 of them were paramedics, 2 of them were the biancos, also 3 people who seemed to be the family of Danny. And lastly Danny himself dead covered by white fabric. I Look away. "Julia?" Said Michal with his heavy english accent, "yes?" I answered "I know this really great place not far from here, I heard they have great pastas and amazing wine if your intersted." I stop for a second. No, this is right, I can't go on a date right now. A man just died. No. This is wrong, THIS IS WRONG I HAVE TO GO. "Listen, Michal your really nice but I just can't right now. Not after this" he looked at me and said "it's alright I understand. Here, this is my number, so please call me if you want." He pulls out a pen and piece of papar, writes a bunch of number and gives it to me. "It was lovely meeting you Julia, i'm sorry we had to meet at night like this." He smiled and kisses on the cheek and leaves. I stand there, trying to digest what happened the last few hours. I check my phone "it's 02:56am right now." I mumble to myself. "I should call an uber." I get home an hour later. I lay in bed trying to understand what just happened. While trying to figure out everything I fall asleep until the next morning.

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