Chapter 22:

Demon General

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

Still in the city of Rosenburg. Early in the evening.
Bookmark here

Back in our room.Bookmark here

The door has been fixed and the mess of water – melted ice spikes, has been cleared out by the staff. We’re supposed to sleep early. At least if we are suddenly forced to leave the city early, we had a little bit of rest.Bookmark here

Iris is currently taking a bath in one of the bathhouses in this inn. I’m just focusing on this body.Bookmark here

Looking at the mirror attached to the drawer. Bookmark here

It’s getting problematic. Rather than slowly gathering my strength, it seems that I am actually getting weaker. My Mana capacity is definitely lower compared to back when I was first summoned to Sol. And I feel like I’m getting too used to this body, I’m not as irritated of the menial tasks I have to do to maintain it as before, and I’m experiencing all kinds of emotion I’ve never felt before.Bookmark here

I look at my hands. I’ve always known this isn’t my body, which means this used to be someone else’s. I can feel them adrift in my consciousness. They’re waking up. Bookmark here

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. If they regained control, I might be free of this body.Bookmark here

I head back towards my bed. Bookmark here

Or worst-case scenario. My consciousness just fades away. It’s a chilling thought.Bookmark here

To be safe, I’ll just have them rest a little more.Bookmark here

I sit down on my bed.Bookmark here

“Higher Clarity”Bookmark here

A small magic circle appears on my forehead. Rank 9 Magic Spell. I take out my book. I’m going to use up all my Mana again. The spell works by solidifying one’s consciousness amongst other things like resistance to mental debuffs. Bookmark here

I’m sorry. But I’ll have to use this body for a bit longer. Just stay asleep for now.Bookmark here

The magic circle fades away. As I thought, the owner’s consciousness is passively affecting mine. I’m starting to feel more and more…human.Bookmark here

*knock*Bookmark here

“Come in”Bookmark here

The door opens. It’s Shaun.Bookmark here

“Oh, Shaun. What are you doing here? Did we finally get another message from Amaris after so long?”Bookmark here

He closes the door and sits down on the chair by Iris’ bed.Bookmark here

“Actually, I felt like my link with the Goddess had faded a few days ago. I thought it was just temporary so I never said anything.”Bookmark here

Huh? I don’t think Amaris would just cut the connection with Shaun. She hasn’t even given us a message since she told me to stop trying to convince people I’m Aelius.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“It’s normal for Gods isn’t it? To just fall completely silent when people need them”Bookmark here

He stands up. Wait.Bookmark here

“What do you mean by that?”Bookmark here

He looks at me.Bookmark here

“I mean it like that”Bookmark here

He leaves the room.Bookmark here

What does he mean by that? Is that why he’s been so silent throughout the journey?”Bookmark here

I lie down on my bed.Bookmark here

Everyone has their complaints. I’ll just go to sleep. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

A group of demons approach the city of Rosenburg. It’s the middle of the night, and most of the people in the city are asleep or indoors.Bookmark here

Several beastman and dwarves are with them. They’re all carrying weapons.Bookmark here

A dream. Looks like I’m dreaming. But this feels so real. Bookmark here

I seem to be observing this dream through the eyes of one of the demons. He looks like he’s on a different level from his peers. He walks toward one of the dwarves.Bookmark here

“Are you sure they’re staying here? If they really wanted to hide, they could have at least chosen a different city. This is literally begging to be found out”Bookmark here

The dwarf replies. He seems oddly familiar.Bookmark here

“I saw them with my own eyes, Lord Balthos. 3 carriages, 19 people. Most of them are carrying Heroic-grade weapons. Other than the two strays they picked up, the duke of the house of Carter, Martin is with them”Bookmark here

That voice. He’s the dwarf who was piloting the giant metal crabs. The demon officer thinks a bit.Bookmark here

“From 14 people to 19. They’re with two other people. And with the Greater Dragon Nathaniel attacking our troops, it’s safe to say that Loralei and Evelyn have defected. You over there.”Bookmark here

He points at one of the other demons.Bookmark here

“Tell the other squads to keep their guard up. Loralei and Evelyn are now official enemies of demon kind. Have them send a messenger to the Kingdom of Maghramm. One of their dukes has violated the agreement.”Bookmark here

The demon nods, then quickly runs in the direction of the other squads.Bookmark here

“And you dwarf, have you informed the leaders of the city that we’re coming?”Bookmark here

“Yes, my Lord. As long as we don’t extensively harm any of the citizens or cause major property damage, the city guards will not intervene”Bookmark here

Balthos grits his teeth.Bookmark here

“Annoying. Everyone! Target only the heroes and their comrades. Try not to do anything other than that”Bookmark here

The group heads inside the city.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I wake up. Was that dream real? I have to tell everyone.Bookmark here

I look to the side.Bookmark here

Iris is sleeping right beside me. Our faces are so close. Looks like she wandered off into my bed.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

At least she didn’t go out to find any demons to kill. But she could probably take that group out by herself. She has control over demons after all.Bookmark here

“Iris, wake up”Bookmark here

I gently shake her awake. She opens her eyes.Bookmark here

“Ah”Bookmark here

She immediately jumps up.Bookmark here

“I-It’s not what it looks like!”Bookmark here

“I believe you Iris”Bookmark here

“O-oh”Bookmark here

“The demons know we’re staying here. We need to tell the others”Bookmark here

Iris seems confused, but she doesn’t question me. She just nods.Bookmark here

We head out the room.Bookmark here

I knock on Grayson and Toshikasu’s room. They don’t respond. Damn it, they’re both heavy sleepers.Bookmark here

Since no one else is boarding at this inn, I think it’s fine to make some noise.Bookmark here

“Sound Barrier”Bookmark here

I isolate the 2nd floor sounds from everything else.Bookmark here

“Mimic Sound”Bookmark here

I focus on Martin’s rifle. A magic circle appears. It starts to vibrate and then make a loud – I cover my ears.Bookmark here

*BOOM!*Bookmark here

All the doors open.Bookmark here

“What was that!?”Bookmark here

“We’re under attack!”Bookmark here

“M-my rifle?? Impossible!”Bookmark here

Everyone looks confused when they saw it was just me and Iris.Bookmark here

Oddly, Loralei and Evelyn both come out in the direction of my room. She looks at me.Bookmark here

“There you are.”Bookmark here

“How’d you get there- more importantly. We’re going to be under attack soon, let’s ready our equipment”Bookmark here

Grayson raises his hand. He rubs his ears.Bookmark here

“How would you know that? Damn my ears hurt”Bookmark here

Nadia smiles a little.Bookmark here

“Did Al have a bad dreeamm hahaha!”Bookmark here

“It wasn’t bad”Bookmark here

“Oh”Bookmark here

“But other than that, someone named Balthos is coming after us this time. It’s too late to leave the city quietly, they’re already inside”Bookmark here

Everyone looks concerned.Bookmark here

Hannah speaks up.Bookmark here

“Alright, better safe than sorry. Elizabeth, Iris, take Uriel and Una with you to the carriages. Elen, Mercedes, and Shaun, go with them. The rest of us will take position here”Bookmark here

“Okay Miss Hannah”Bookmark here

Elizabeth holds Uriel and Una’s hands. Uriel lets go of her hand.Bookmark here

“I want to stay. I can fight too!”Bookmark here

Toshikasu walks closer to Uriel.Bookmark here

“Hey, we talked about this. It’s dangerous. You can fight with us some other time”Bookmark here

“But-”Bookmark here

Toshikasu looks at her with a stern face. Bookmark here

“Next time, Uriel”Bookmark here

“Fine…”Bookmark here

She follows Elizabeth. Iris holds my hand.Bookmark here

“Don’t do anything too dangerous Aelius”Bookmark here

“Got it. I’ll be careful Iris”Bookmark here

She smiles, then follows Shaun and Mercedes. Elen says something to Toshikasu before following them.Bookmark here

“Ugh, it’s the middle of the night. Don’t they need to sleep as well?”Bookmark here

Jace still has trouble opening his eyes. Renz however already went back inside their room to prepare.Bookmark here

Toshikasu walks over to me. Julie follows behind him.Bookmark here

“How many Al?”Bookmark here

“Around 40 demons at least, some beastmen and dwarves… and the pilot of the metal monsters we fought at Durahl. There’s also other squads, probably of similar size”Bookmark here

He is surprised.Bookmark here

“Seriously? That mech pilot is still alive? Are the mechs remote-controlled or something?”Bookmark here

Grayson speaks up.Bookmark here

“Let’s get ready everyone. They don’t know that we know they’re coming, we have the advantage”Bookmark here

Everyone heads inside their rooms.Bookmark here

I walk inside mine. Loralei and Evelyn follow behind.Bookmark here

“Hey Loralei, Evelyn. Isn’t your room beside Iris and mine? Don’t you too need to get ready?”Bookmark here

Loralei folds her arms.Bookmark here

“I’m always ready. I can take my weapon out anytime.”Bookmark here

Evelyn responds as well.Bookmark here

“I don’t need anything to cast my magic”Bookmark here

I look to the side of the room. There’s a hole connecting my room to theirs. Loralei broke it down didn’t she. The wall was supposed to be made from stone. Bookmark here

“So these demons, you said one of them is named Balthos?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, do you know him?”Bookmark here

“He’s one of the generals of the demon lord.”Bookmark here

A demon general is already after our heads? How comforting. I wear my armor over my sleepwear.Bookmark here

“His unit looked too small to be under a general’s command”Bookmark here

She and Evelyn look out the window of my room. Bookmark here

“That’s because they’re his elite members. They’ll observe us while we’re fighting the beastmen and dwarven fodder.”Bookmark here

Loralei points out the window. I look where she’s pointing.Bookmark here

Several figures are already assembling on the nearby rooftops.Bookmark here

We head out into the hallway.Bookmark here

Everyone is already ready. Hannah already started chanting.Bookmark here

“So you were right. That’s a lot of demons”Bookmark here

Grayson lifts his hand. Everyone makes way for Martin, who aims at the wall facing our assailants.Bookmark here

“Cover your ears will you guys?”Bookmark here

Everyone covers their ears.Bookmark here

He pulls the trigger.Bookmark here

*BOOM!*Bookmark here

The bullet goes through the wall. Now the entire city will know.Bookmark here

“Flash!”Bookmark here

There’s a sound of a small explosion from outside the wall. Bright light can be seen through the hole Martin made.Bookmark here

Hannah shouts.Bookmark here

“Now!”Bookmark here

Renz points his shield at the wall. He’s at the other end of the hallway.Bookmark here

“Dash!”Bookmark here

He quickly rushes towards the wall and bursts outside. Toshikasu quickly follows behind him.Bookmark here

“Light Platform!”Bookmark here

A platform appears which connects the 2nd floor of the inn where we are currently at, to the nearby building rooftops. Everyone follows behind.Bookmark here

Most of the beastmen and dwarves are down the streets below. They seem to be surprised that their targets appeared above them. Meanwhile the demons on the roof are currently blinded by Hannah’s spell.Bookmark here

Our goal here is only to stall for time. Once the others on the carriages have safely left the city, we’ll make our escape.Bookmark here

I count 25 on the rooftops. All are using swords.Bookmark here

Landing first on the rooftops, Renz and Toshikasu attack the demons.Bookmark here

“Dive Impact!”Bookmark here

He throws his spear at the farthest demon, impaling it then he appears behind the enemy formation two buildings away. Toshikasu summons 4 Light Clones which begin intercepting those in front of us.Bookmark here

Aidan stops at the edge of the rooftops and begins sniping at the beastmen below while Grayson defends him. Martin runs far away from the scene – probably to look for high ground. Nadia is following him.Bookmark here

“Battle Aura! Feel the force of my fists! Decimate!Bookmark here

Jace jumps into the enemy formation, smashing the roof on the next building.Bookmark here

Hannah chants another spell. A demon manages to sneak up behind us but is intercepted by Julie.Bookmark here

Suddenly the demons begin attacking themselves. Bookmark here

“They’re done for”Bookmark here

Evelyn mutters. Within minutes, we’ve wiped out our attackers. Bookmark here

“Wait a minute, where are all the people?”Bookmark here

Nadia points at the streets. There are only the corpses of the beastmen and dwarven mercenaries.Bookmark here

“We were so loud, how come there’s no guards or people?”Bookmark here

“Tsk. He really used it here.”Bookmark here

Loralei looks back at the inn. On top of its roof, there’s a demon looking at us.Bookmark here

He’s got 2 horns, silver hair, gray skin, almost standard for a demon. He’s wearing black mage robes with a sort of jewel in the middle. Not even a piece of armor. What’s worrying is his shadow, it’s all over the place. It seems to spread out all over the city.Bookmark here

Balthos.Bookmark here

“Hello heroes, it took you quite a while to notice it. My name is Balthos, 4th General of the Demon Army. I’ll advise you to surrender and I’ll make it painl-”Bookmark here

He immediately gets cut in half through his waist.Bookmark here

“You’re done.”Bookmark here

Loralei is right behind him. His blood flows from her scythe. There’s a portal behind her, I look to the side and see that Evelyn is operating it.Bookmark here

The shadows don’t dissipate however. Some of it concentrates on Loralei’s feet, which turn into spikes pointing towards her.Bookmark here

“That hurt, let’s see how you like it!”Bookmark here

The spikes extend. Loralei cuts it all into pieces with a blur and walks back into the portal, appearing beside Evelyn.Bookmark here

The shadows then re-attach Balthos’ upper body into his lower body. The cuts immediately heal.Bookmark here

“Looks like I still can’t kill you. But now you can’t kill me either!”Bookmark here

His face distorts into a wide grin.Bookmark here

A Light barrier appears all around us. Toshikasu speaks up.Bookmark here

“Darkness element. You’re the perfect opponent!”Bookmark here

He creates another Light Platform which extends from our place upwards towards his. Toshikasu then charges along with his clones.Bookmark here

Grayson also follows him. Bookmark here

“Nature’s Bind!”Bookmark here

Vines appear all over him and pin him to the roof floor.Bookmark here

*BOOM!* Bookmark here

A projectile goes straight through the barrier and into the demon general’s head, bursting it into pieces.Bookmark here

“Flame Lances!”Bookmark here

Multiple sharp rods made of fire appear around Balthos.Bookmark here

Jace and Renz walk beside me. Aidan keeps his crossbow aimed at him.Bookmark here

The Flame Lances aren’t moving because Toshikasu, his clones, and Grayson are already at the target, hacking him into pieces.Bookmark here

Balthos laughs then turns into smoke. The smoke engulfs the entire area.Bookmark here

“It’s no use. You humans should have understood it by now!”Bookmark here

I point at the smoke.Bookmark here

“Vacuum”Bookmark here

A vortex appears in the middle of the area. It begins to suck in the smoke.Bookmark here

“What?!”Bookmark here

“Gravity Well”Bookmark here

The smoke gets gathered into a single spot and then drops to the ground.Bookmark here

Thanks to all those spells casted, I’ve got tons of mana.Bookmark here

Time to unleash hell.Bookmark here

Cali Maki
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