Chapter 23:

Demon Generals*- Of course there’d be more

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

Midnight.Bookmark here

I’m holding down the Demon General Balthos with Gravity Well. The black smoke orb is pulsing under the sheer weight of gravity. I place the orb on the street below us.Bookmark here

Hannah points at the orb, and the floating Flame Lances strike it, lighting up the street in flames.Bookmark here

“You can’t hold me down forever!” Bookmark here

Balthos exclaims as he tries to free himself.Bookmark here

I gesture towards Toshikasu, who’s currently with Grayson on the roof of the inn on the other side of the street.Bookmark here

“Toshikasu, use the strongest Light Magic you can cast. I’ll keep holding him down”Bookmark here

“Okay!”Bookmark here

He dispels the Light Clones and jumps down from the building. Bookmark here

“Light of Judgement!!”Bookmark here

A huge magic circle appears on the streets below and another high up in the sky, centering on the Demon General.Bookmark here

The entire city is illuminated by the huge ray of light descending down from the skies onto the ground bellow, creating a huge pillar of light which shines intensely for a few seconds.Bookmark here

The light fades away. Toshikasu falls, he fainted from using the Rank 10 Magic Spell.Bookmark here

“Nature’s Bind!”Bookmark here

Vines attach to Toshikasu, preventing him from falling. The street below us is replaced by a giant hole which seems to extend a couple of meters down.Bookmark here

“Easy there kid. Don’t go dying on us”Bookmark here

The vines carry him to the roof, then is lifted up by Grayson. He waves over to us.Bookmark here

“That was easy!”Bookmark here

The gap in the street suddenly closes, bringing our building and the inn together. Loralei and Evelyn walk over to Grayson. Evelyn points behind us.Bookmark here

“It’s not over. Get over here”Bookmark here

We look behind us. There’s another demon. He’s floating in the air, covered in full armor. He’s holding a huge 2-way axe in one hand and a dark orb in another. Looks like he saved Balthos.Bookmark here

He waves his hand over the orb, dispelling my spell. Damn, he’s likely another general.Bookmark here

Jace, Renz, Hannah, and Aidan walk backwards. Jace whispers out to me, more like a half-shout.Bookmark here

“Hey, you deaf? Back away man!”Bookmark here

I teleport behind Grayson.Bookmark here

“Ah what? Come on! Why’d I even warn you”Bookmark here

Evelyn immediately dispels the illusion. The building in front of us goes back to the original position and the street reappears below us.Bookmark here

The armored figure just keeps observing us. The smoke reforms. Balthos is visibly angered, but he hides it immediately. He looks directly at me.Bookmark here

“That was unexpected. Rank 8 magic Vacuum and Rank 10 magic Gravity Well. Looks like I’ll have to take you more seriously”Bookmark here

The armored demon speaks as well. His voice is very heavy.Bookmark here

“Balthos, don’t forget the other one. Rank 10 magic Light of Judgement. You would have been obliterated if I didn’t save you.”Bookmark here

He looks at Loralei and Evelyn.Bookmark here

“You two, explain yourselves. Why would you betray us?”Bookmark here

A silence fills the air for a few seconds. Hannah is quietly chanting another spell. Renz readies his spear.Bookmark here

Loralei speaks up.Bookmark here

“One reason, among others. You never considered me and my sister as one of you demons.”Bookmark here

The armored demon is silent.Bookmark here

“Fair enough. You were never cut out to be a Demon General anyway”Bookmark here

A woman’s voice calls out from the side.Bookmark here

Another demon appears to our left. She’s wearing full armor as well, and she’s holding both Martin and Nadia. No visible weapons other than the blades attached to the armor on her forearms.Bookmark here

“It’s a good night to die, traitor”Bookmark here

Raspy voice. Another one appears on our right. He’s wearing lighter armor than the two heavily armored ones. He’s holding two short swords.Bookmark here

“Nadia! Let her go!”Bookmark here

Aidan aims his crossbow at the demon. She points toward the surrounding buildings.Bookmark here

“Boy, you should take a good look at your position first”Bookmark here

Hundreds of demons appear, from the streets below and the rooftops all around us.Bookmark here

Balthos laughs.Bookmark here

“You’re done for heroes!”Bookmark here

They all look like Demon Generals. It was already hard with just Balthos, now there’s 3 more of them.Bookmark here

The situation looks bleak. I could teleport us all out of here, but Nadia and Martin are currently being held by one of them.Bookmark here

*roarrr!*Bookmark here

Huge flames appear in a straight line across the city as a Greater Dragon breathes fire all over the place. Never thought I’d be glad to see Nathan again. The generals turn their attention towards the destruction for a moment.Bookmark here

“Cover your eyes! Flash!!”Bookmark here

Hannah shouts as the area is bathed in a sudden burst of light. I guess this is our cue. Forgive me guys, but you’re all dead weight right now. I’ll go all out here.Bookmark here

“Ally Locate! Mass Teleport! Levitate!”Bookmark here

I focus on the carriages. A huge magic circle extends under our party and teleports everyone away, except me who is currently in the air, and Nadia and Martin who are currently being held by the female demon general.Bookmark here

The Demon Generals look at the inn to see that everyone’s gone. They then turn their attention to the floating figure right above them – me.Bookmark here

The grimoire floating on my shoulder is filled with so much Mana. I feel like I could even take the Demon Lord out. Evelyn’s Illusion spells cost way too much mana to use – and she did it multiple times. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had the Unique Skill, Unlimited Mana. Bookmark here

Rank 10 Earth Magic. Bookmark here

“Quantum Pulse”Bookmark here

Everything around me slows down to an extreme degree. It doesn’t stop time however. It just slows every living being to an almost complete stop within range. Nathan keeps disrupting the demon formation outside my spell’s effective range. The demons which rush to attack me immediately slow down to a stop as they enter the field.Bookmark here

I gather Mana from the book. It’s draining really fast.Bookmark here

I float down towards the female Demon General. Her eyes are still looking at the spot where I once was. I slowly try to pull Nadia and Martin from her hands. She’s got quite a grip on them.Bookmark here

Alright done. They’re both free. Their weapons are gone though, probably back at wherever they hid earlier before they were found. It doesn’t matter since all of our heroic-grade possessions are enchanted with Auto Retrieval. Martin’s rifle and Nadia’s sword will just teleport back to them in a few minutes. How convenient.Bookmark here

I land on top of the inn.Bookmark here

“Ally Locate, Mass Teleport”Bookmark here

Alright. Time to get out of here. I’d love to stay and try to beat the crap out of these generals, but I overestimated the amount of Mana in the grimoire. The book is almost out of Mana. Quantum Pulse would shred whatever Mana I have inside my body if the book’s Mana runs out. Bookmark here

Nathan and Martin disappear. I’m still here.Bookmark here

Wait. I’m still here?Bookmark here

I look around me. The demon generals are still frozen in mid-air.Bookmark here

No wait. The one beside Balthos. The armored one.Bookmark here

He’s pointing a finger towards me. He can still move, albeit very slowly. He’s mouthing the words – Soul Bind. I can’t teleport away.Bookmark here

I move towards him. His eyes follow me as I circle behind him. I need to end this quickly. Bookmark here

“Frozen Claymore”Bookmark here

An ice sword forms in my hands. I slowly plunge the blade into the neck of the armored demon. I’m glad he’s not wearing a helmet or neck armor.Bookmark here

“That’s one General down”Bookmark here

To make sure he stays down. I swipe the claymore horizontally, cutting his head off. That should do the trick. I can already feel the effects of Soul Bind wearing off.Bookmark here

The other demon generals would quickly get me once the field ends though. Hm. Bookmark here

Rank 10 Air Magic.Bookmark here

"Winds of Disaster"Bookmark here

The air pressure around us drops. Winds start to swirl, forming an air column in the middle of the area. The wind speeds pick up, and soon cyclones start to form all around us, centering around the middle.Bookmark here

The Quantum Pulse suddenly dispels. I’m out of mana. The color in the area around us desaturates for a moment and then comes back, freeing the demons from my spell. Bookmark here

“Where’d the hero go?”Bookmark here

Balthos exclaims, still looking at the spot where I was before the spell.Bookmark here

The armored demon and I fall to the ground. Right within the demon horde. Before the demon generals could realize what was going on, the cyclones quickly blur the surroundings, fling dust and debris that gets ripped off from the surrounding infrastructures.Bookmark here

“He’s over here!!”Bookmark here

The demons rush towards me. One of them swipes his blade at me. I try to parry it, but the force of the two blades clashing made me lose grip of it. Curse my inexperience with swords.Bookmark here

“Teleport!”Bookmark here

Before the blade hits me, I managed to teleport myself somewhere random. I land right in the middle of an open street. The shadows surrounding the area are disappearing. The city sirens begin to echo across the city. The spell I cast turned into a full-fledged hurricane and is destroying everything on the east side of the city. And there’s a Greater Dragon wreaking havoc on the other side.Bookmark here

“Ugh!”Bookmark here

I clutch my stomach. One of them managed to stab me in the gut, but I don’t think it’s fatal. Bookmark here

“Heal”Bookmark here

The wound slowly closes. There are people on the streets again. I’m done for if anyone finds me. Bookmark here

I turn and head to the nearby alleys. I just hope I don’t bump into anyone-Bookmark here

Sure enough I bump into someone.Bookmark here

“Ah sorry about that sir!”Bookmark here

A half-elf. Half high-elf to be exact. He’s wearing some weird clothes that are probably worth an entire building. His blonde hair has streaks of black in it, his skin a shade darker than most elves-Bookmark here

My eyes direct to the sword he’s holding. A mercenary?!Bookmark here

“Uh Sir? Are you okay?”Bookmark here

Crap. I’m at a disadvantage. I’m out of Mana and I don’t even have a weapon. I back away slowly.Bookmark here

“Even the elves are after our heads huh?”Bookmark here

The half-elf seems to be confused. He then realizes that he’s holding his sword.Bookmark here

“Ah! I’m so sorry sir. It’s just that everyone suddenly disappeared and there were these shadows all over the place”Bookmark here

He imitates a shadow by wriggling his hands. What a weird way to emphasize.Bookmark here

The sword he’s holding suddenly budges. He pauses for a moment.Bookmark here

“You mean it’s him?”Bookmark here

Is he talking to me? Wait no. He’s talking to his sword. Alright I really need to back away. Or I’ll just head in the other direction. I pass by him and begin speed walking away into the alley.Bookmark here

“Hey! Wait!”Bookmark here

The half-elf suddenly gives chase. Crap!Bookmark here

I make a run for it. My Mana recovers a bit.Bookmark here

“Ice Wall!”Bookmark here

A wall of ice appears behind me, blocking the path between me and the half-elf. A piece of wood suddenly juts out of the ground and trips me over. No!Bookmark here

I face plant into the ground. I raise my head to see that the half-elf is already in front of me. He squats down to my level.Bookmark here

“Hey I said wait, sorry if I was too blunt. Here”Bookmark here

He offers me his sword. It’s definitely high-quality, mostly platinum alloy and riddled with enchantments.Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

“Oh, please hold the sword”Bookmark here

Is he toying with me? Does he think I can’t fight anymore? I grab the sword.Bookmark here

Aelius.Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

The half-elf smiles.Bookmark here

“Yeah, I was like that at first as well”Bookmark here

“Was that you?”Bookmark here

No it was me. The sword. It’s me Yatsumi.Bookmark here

My eyes widen. Sword. Bookmark here

“Amaris made you an angel!?”Bookmark here

The sword pulses.Bookmark here

Correction. Archangel. I’m a flipping archangel, but also a sword right now.Bookmark here

“No, more importantly why are you here?”Bookmark here

I’ll tell you about it. Let the Seiji lead you out of here first.Bookmark here

Who?Bookmark here

“Seiji?”Bookmark here

The half-elf responds.Bookmark here

“Yes, that’s me”Bookmark here

“Okay then”Bookmark here

So this half-elf is named Seiji. I look at him again. He looks like an airhead. But I can’t be choosy. I stand up and give him the sword/Yatsumi.Bookmark here

“Alright then, I see you’re out of mana. I’ll teleport us out of the city”Bookmark here

I nod at him. He starts chanting.Bookmark here

“Mass Teleport!”Bookmark here

A magic circle appears below us. A second later, we’re in a forest. Bookmark here

“Alright! Another teleport then-”Bookmark here

“Wait. I need to meet with the others first”Bookmark here

I use the Mana gathered by the book.Bookmark here

“Ally Locate”Bookmark here

I focus on Iris. Bookmark here

“Mass Teleport”Bookmark here

We teleport somewhere out in the open. Iris is wearing her suit. Bookmark here

“Aelius!”Bookmark here

She immediately grabs – hugs me.Bookmark here

“You’re back! What in the name of Aelius was that?? Don’t try to solo things out!”Bookmark here

Grayson immediately shakes me. We’re somewhere far from Rosenburg, in the open plains at the entrance of a forest.Bookmark here

“Is everyone okay? Nadia and Martin? How’s Toshikasu?”Bookmark here

Aidan walks over and gives me a light punch. Bookmark here

“They’re all fine, just unconscious. Thanks for saving them. Thanks for saving my sister”Bookmark here

“So. Who’s this?”Bookmark here

I look behind to see Loralei already has her scythe around the half-el- I mean Seiji’s neck. She’s holding the sword/Yatsumi by the scabbard.Bookmark here

“Ah Loralei, he’s a friend!”Bookmark here

She lets go of the scythe; it disappears. Seiji coughs.Bookmark here

“That was a bit rough miss”Bookmark here

“I can be rougher if need be.”Bookmark here

“Huh what does that mean?”Bookmark here

The rest of the group proceeds to scold me while Seiji and Loralei argue in the background.Bookmark here

“Ah everyone!”Bookmark here

I point at Seiji.Bookmark here

“The half-elf is named Seiji. He helped me get out of the city”Bookmark here

Everyone comes over to greet him. Iris is still holding my arm.Bookmark here

“Um Iris, you can let go now”Bookmark here

She lets go. The metal exoskeleton detaches itself from her and disappears.Bookmark here

“Ah, sorry about that. I’m glad you’re safe. I was about to go back to get you”Bookmark here

That explains why the group stopped.Bookmark here

“Don’t worry about it, I had it under control”Bookmark here

“Under control? Seeing as you needed someone to help you out the city, it didn’t go well. Next time, at least let me stay with you.”Bookmark here

Loralei gives me a punch to the back.Bookmark here

“Ow!”Bookmark here

“Loralei!”Bookmark here

Iris confronts her. She just ignores Iris and walks in front of me.Bookmark here

Evelyn starts healing me. Loralei looks at my stomach. She places her hand on it. Bookmark here

“Tsk”Bookmark here

She seems angry. But more importantly, this is embarrassing.Bookmark here

“Um, can you let go of my stomach? It’s already healed, don’t worry about it”Bookmark here

Loralei lets go. Bookmark here

“Everyone! Let’s move out!”Bookmark here

Hannah calls out to everyone.Bookmark here

“Where are we going this time?”Bookmark here

Renz walks over to me. He looks at me then heads to the carriages.Bookmark here

“We keep heading west, that’s about all we can do right now”Bookmark here

Okay then. Let’s go.Bookmark here

Cali Maki
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