Chapter 6:



When I wake up from my sleep, I immediately exercise. After I exercise, I rest while drinking the milk that the maids have provided. While I was resting, I thought back to the feelings I had when I was with princess Valentia yesterday. Due to the feelings of love, I felt yesterday, I decided to accept the offer to marry Princess Valentia.

"Knock, knock" knock on the door.


"Your Majesty, breakfast is ready," said one of the maids who knocked on the door.

"Okay, how about princess Valentia and king Vegard?"

"They are awake and they are ready to have breakfast with His Majesty"

"Alright, prepare the best for them. I'll be right there"

"Ready Your Majesty"

After the maid left, I immediately got ready and headed straight for the dining room. When I got there, I saw King Vegard and Princess Valentia who were already there first. I immediately sat down and ordered the maids to prepare food to be served and we ate together. While we were eating, I decided to tell my feelings.

"Your Majesty, king of Vegard. I have something to say"

"Oh, yes. What do you want to say?"

"I want to accept the terms of marrying princess Valentia. I have made my choice"

When I said that King Vegard and princess Valentia were shocked as were the maids in the room.

"You agree to marry my daughter?" asked king Vegard who was still shocked.

'Yes, I have made my choice"

"Aren't you forced to say that right?"

"Yes. When I was in the park yesterday, I started to feel a strange feeling arise in me. And after I thought about it again, it turned out that what I felt was falling in love. For that, I decided to marry Princess Valentia"

"It's good if it's from what you feel and not coercion from your rotten father"

When King Vegard said that I was shocked.

"What do you mean by rotten father?"

"Father!" Princess Valentia shouted while trying to cover her father's mouth.

"Ah, no, it's nothing," said the king of Vegard with a smile.

After that the atmosphere became a little tense.

"King Vegard. What do you mean by my rotten father? Don't worry I won't be angry. I also feel suspicious about the movements of father and mother. If you know about the truth then I want to know it too"

"Oh, really nothing" King Vegard tried to divert attention.

"King Vegard, I beg you to tell me the truth. I am the heir to the throne of the kingdom, therefore I must know the truth"

"Huh. If that's what you want then I'll tell you about your kingdom from what I know after we finished eating"


We continued eating. After we finished eating, I ordered the maids to clean the dining table. I also ordered the soldiers who were there to increase security and forbade any visitors who wanted to see me. I'm doing this to ensure that the thing that King Vegard will tell me later is something important and secret. We gathered in the meeting room on the second floor of my mansion. We sat down and the king of Vegard started to tell us about my kingdom's past.

300 years ago, the kingdom of Buorn was very good friends with the neighboring kingdom, the kingdom of Zaikel. The two kingdoms help each other if one of the kingdoms is in trouble.

The two kings of their respective kingdoms do not yet have a queen. The king of the kingdom of Buorn, Alex Fotios Buorn does not have a queen because he has not experienced falling in love with any woman. While the king of the Zaikel kingdom, Ivan Dmitar Zaikel does not yet have a queen because he thinks that he must advance his kingdom first.

One day, King Alex received a letter from his friend Ivan saying that he would marry a noblewoman from a distant kingdom. King Alex who heard that his friend was getting married soon, was also happy. He immediately ordered his subordinates to immediately prepare a carriage to the kingdom of Zaikel to attend the wedding of King Ivan.

Arriving at the kingdom of Zaikel, King Ivan immediately welcomed King Alex. King Ivan ordered the servants to prepare a tea party to welcome King Alex. While they were drinking tea they talked about their respective royal matters, they also talked about king Ivan's marriage. King Ivan's wedding will take place in 5 days due to the long journey that must be taken by King Ivan's bride. King Alex also wanted to help his friend to ease his work before his wedding day.

Five days have passed. King Ivan's wedding day has arrived. King Ivan's bride had arrived and was greeted by many people who filled the city streets.

After they arrived at the palace, King Ivan was getting ready to welcome his bride accompanied by King Alex. After the carriage door was opened, a woman got off the carriage and it was also known that the woman King Ivan would marry was named Mariko Wulfruna. He was a duke of a kingdom far in the west.

King Alex who saw the woman who became King Ivan's bride suddenly felt a strange feeling within him. He felt very eager to have the woman, but he held back that feeling because he realized that the woman was the bride of his best friend.

King Ivan's wedding went well and ended with a public introduction accompanied by cheers. After the wedding was over, a party was held in the evening. At the feast, king Ivan introduced king Alex to his wife. When faced with Mariko, King Alex's feeling of possessiveness began to strengthen. But he held it in so hard. The next day the king Alex decided to return because if he continued to be in the Zaikel kingdom then he would face Mariko. Therefore, he decided to return immediately. His return was escorted by King Ivan and Queen Mariko.

The feelings in King Alex became more and more crazy so that he often raged in his room, he also often hurt his servants who wanted to serve him. Due to the condition of King Alex, the higher-ups assumed that King Alex was possessed by an evil spirit. The higher-ups also performed a ritual to exorcise the evil spirit but to no avail. The Kingdom of Buorn is getting worse because of King Alex's condition. But after 1 month had passed, King Alex came out of his room and immediately gathered the higher-ups.

King Alex immediately ordered to kidnap Mariko and make her his wife. The higher-ups at that time were amazed by the order. Many higher-ups refused the order, but king Alex immediately shouted, and then the higher-ups immediately agreed to the order. It turns out that the magic possessed by King Alex, The Order One, which is magic that allows a person to be wise, has been swallowed by darkness because his jealousy has turned into Mind Control where he can control all people.

The kidnapping plan was carried out at night and it worked. Queen Mariko was then appointed and locked up in the underground area of the palace. King Ivan who heard this incident was shocked and immediately sent several soldiers to confront King Alex and asked for an explanation. However, the soldiers who returned from the kingdom of Buorn said that when they arrived in the kingdom of Buorn, they remembered nothing and decided to return.

King Ivan who felt something was wrong, decided to go himself to see what happened. Before arriving at the kingdom of Buorn, suddenly the horse carriage riding by King Ivan stopped. When King Ivan checked what had happened, it turned out that the entire army did not remember what its purpose was. King Ivan who saw this immediately knew that there was a barrier that would make people who pass through it would forget their purpose.

King Ivan is not affected by the barrier because King Ivan has magic namely The Protector which can protect all the effects of magic. King Ivan immediately cast his magic to protect his subordinates from the influence of the barrier. After his subordinates realized they continued their journey to the kingdom of Buorn.

After they arrived at the kingdom of Buorn, how shocked they were when they saw that the kingdom of Buorn was fine. They went straight to the palace. Arriving at the palace, King Ivan immediately went in to meet King Alex and how surprised King Ivan was to see his beloved wife sitting on King Alex's lap.

King Ivan tried to resuscitate his wife with his magic but to no avail. King Ivan asked why King Alex did this to him, King Alex replied that it was because he loved Mariko.

King Ivan is very angry because his beloved wife was taken, he plans to attack King Alex but is stopped by King Ivan's subordinates who have been controlled by King Alex. The fight is unavoidable. King Ivan was very superior in that fight, but just as he was about to attack King Alex, Queen Mariko suddenly stood before King Alex so King Ivan stopped his attack. King Ivan fell right then and there.

King Alex approached King Ivan and wanted to make King Ivan his subordinate but he failed because the magic possessed by King Ivan was able to protect him from King Alex's Mind Control magic. Out of anger, King Alex wanted to immediately kill King Ivan by beheading him. Just before King Ivan's head was about to be cut off, Queen Mariko, who still had little consciousness, immediately used her magic, Teleportation, to teleport King Ivan out of the Buorn Kingdom.

Just before he was teleported, king Ivan saw his wife smiling and crying and king Ivan shouting that he declared war on the kingdom of Buorn until his revenge was avenged. This grudge was passed on to the successor to the throne of the Zaikel kingdom to this day.