Chapter 5:



I was taken aback for a moment at those words. I am very happy that I will marry a beautiful woman like Princess Valentia. But at the same time, I feel something is not right with this incident. Bookmark here

"I apologize King Vegard. But can I reconsider this offer?" Bookmark here

"Of course," replied King Vegard Bookmark here

"What does that mean, Erick? Why don't you just accept the offer? The one you're going to marry is a princess from a big kingdom," said my father, seducing me to accept the offer. Bookmark here

"This offer should be rethought carefully because it concerns someone's future, our family's future, and also the future of the kingdom" Bookmark here

"Father has thought of all that so you don't have to think about all that, all you do is accept the offer then the power of our kingdom will be stronger," Father said persuading me. Bookmark here

"Huh? Have you ever thought about my feelings? You accepted the offer without talking to me. Therefore, I still can't make a decision now" Bookmark here

Princess Valentia who saw and heard the debate between me and my father at that time was surprised by it. After saying that to my father, I walked out of the room. The angry father wanted to chase after me but was stopped by my brother and then allowed King Vengard and Princess Valentia to have a little tea. Bookmark here

They drank tea together while talking about the offer. While they were drinking tea and talking about the offer, suddenly Princess Velentia stood up. Bookmark here

"Excuse me? Can I take a little walk around the palace?" Ask princess Valentia to my brother. Bookmark here

"Oh of course, please go around the palace" replied my brother. Bookmark here

"Thank you" Bookmark here

After getting permission from my brother, princess Valentia started walking out of the room and started to circle the palace accompanied by a maid. When princess Valentia walked past the training ground, she saw me practicing my sword and wanted to say hello. He walked towards me. Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you Prince Erick" Princess Valentia bowed to introduce herself. Bookmark here

"Oh, Princess Valentia. What are you doing here? Aren't you in the meeting room with my father and brother?" Bookmark here

"I have asked your brother's permission to take a walk around the palace" Bookmark here

"I apologize but I currently have a bad feeling. For that, I apologize for not being able to accompany you around the palace" Bookmark here

"Oh, it's okay. I understand how you feel when you are arranged suddenly" Bookmark here

"Instead of us talking here we better find a good place to talk" Bookmark here

After saying that, I ordered a few maids to prepare a tearoom in the palace garden, then Princess Valentia and I walked towards the palace garden. We sat down in the seats prepared by the maids. We sat down and started talking about many things. Starting from the politics of their respective kingdoms, state finances, and much more about our respective kingdoms. Bookmark here

For some reason, I feel very happy when I talk to princess Valentia. At that time, I felt what it was to fall in love. I don't feel afraid to talk about the safety of the country that shouldn't be told to people from other kingdoms. After talking with princess Valentia for a while, it didn't feel like it was getting late. Bookmark here

"Well, it's getting late. Thank you for accompanying me when I'm feeling bad. Also, sorry if there are words that offend the princess" Bookmark here

"Oh, that's fine. It's fun for me too, because there are people my age to talk to" Bookmark here

"Oh. I feel happy too" Bookmark here

"After this, will the princess go straight back to the kingdom?" Bookmark here

"We'll be back tomorrow. Tonight, we'll head back to the inn maybe" Bookmark here

"Inn? What do you mean by inn?" I asked surprised. Bookmark here

"Yes, the inn. The inn that your father has provided" Bookmark here

"You stupid father! Why did you let honorable guests from other kingdoms stay at the inn? I'll take care of you later!" I said to myself in annoyance. Bookmark here

"How about you guys just stay at my place? I have a mansion that suits you guys. How about it?" Bookmark here

"No need to bother. Your father has already prepared it for us" Bookmark here

"This is an invitation from myself. I can't allow distinguished guests from other kingdoms to stay at the inn. At least before you return, I can serve you." Bookmark here

"Then we will gladly accept. Thank you very much" Bookmark here

"Let's go back to the meeting room" Bookmark here

"Okay" Bookmark here

After that, we walked back towards the meeting room. When we arrived at the meeting room, we were surprised to see the situation there. In the chaotic meeting room, the father and king Vegard who were already lying on the floor, and the brother sitting pensively in the corner roared. Bookmark here

Princess Valentia and I were shocked by what had happened, we immediately went to them. We thought it was because there was a disagreement between them, but when I approached my brother and asked what was going on, he reeked of alcohol. So did Vegard's father and king. Bookmark here

We tried to wake them up, but they didn't wake up. Then I immediately called the butler to call the other maids to help move them. After I moved my father and brother to their room, I immediately escorted Princess Valentia and her drunken father to my mansion in a horse carriage. Bookmark here

Arriving at my mansion, I helped princess Valentia bring her father to the room I said before. after we finished with king Vegard, we decided to have dinner together. While we ate, we chatted and joked about what had happened in the meeting room earlier. After we finished eating, we decided to get some sleep. We will separate to our respective rooms. Bookmark here

"Eh. Princess?" Bookmark here

"Yes, prince?" Bookmark here

"Good night" I said shyly. Bookmark here

"Good night too" Princess Valentia replied with a smile. Bookmark here

We parted ways to our respective rooms. At that time, I was very happy to receive a good night reply from Princess Valentia. I slept with a very happy heart. Bookmark here

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