Chapter 20:

Epilogue: The Season of Earth

Reverie's End: Blades of Malice

Date: 6/30/991; Time: 18th hourBookmark here

Gin was standing outside, waiting for Kami to return. The world of Ethos was about to become very turbulent and Gin needed to know the answers to his questions, so he waited. Eventually, Kami flew in from the south and landed on his arm. Gin touched Kami's head and immediately many images started to flow through his mind. The Blades of Malice, the Stones of Ethos, and everything else that Kami saw became part of Gin's memory.Bookmark here

The brooding giant stood there in silence for a minute, and responded, "Thank you, my friend. That will be enough for today." Kami flew away in search of more knowledge.Bookmark here

Gin took out the golden stone, held it up to the Light of Ethos and said, "I know not how much longer I can protect the Topaz. I fear that they may come for it. Surely, they would have tracked it by now. To think it was stolen by a bandit from the Golden Citadel and that through various exchanges amongst those in the underground, it now rests with me.Bookmark here

"Shima is at war in the North and there will be another war in the south soon enough… I need to find the other stones before it's too late," he said, as he looked up at the sky. "Ethos' essence is waning. There is not much time left. I can only pray that there are others who realize this."Bookmark here

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