Chapter 21:

Appendix: The Basics of Ethos

Reverie's End: Blades of Malice

Seasons of Ethos:Bookmark here

There are 360 days in a year.Bookmark here

There are 12 months with 30 days each.Bookmark here

Each month consists of 5 weeks with 6 days per week. Each day is 24 hours.Bookmark here

The 12 months start with "1st Darkness" and end with "2nd Light".Bookmark here

1st Darkness: 8 hours of light only.Bookmark here

2nd Darkness: 4 hours of light only. Very dangerous months; high crime rates and depression during these times. Staying indoors is recommended. A bit cold.Bookmark here

1st Flame: hot weather (75 F).Bookmark here

2nd Flame: really hot weather (100 F). Flame mana restores light during these months. People can die from heat stroke. Volcanoes might erupt. Drought.Bookmark here

1st Water: rains a little.Bookmark here

2nd Water: rains a lot. Water cools people off but rivers tend to flood during this time. Tides can erode coastal areas.Bookmark here

1st Forest: harvest.Bookmark here

2nd Forest: really good harvest. Some areas experience earthquakes. A bit warm.Bookmark here

1st Wind: windy.Bookmark here

2nd Wind: very windy. Dangerous; hurricanes and tornadoes can occur. Slightly chilly.Bookmark here

1st Light: 16 hours of light.Bookmark here

2nd Light: 20 hours of light. Good vacation months. Hard for some to fall asleep. A bit warm.Bookmark here

Languages of Ethos:Bookmark here

The common tongue of Western Ethos is known as Thorian. It is generally learned as a 2nd language in Eastern Ethos. There are a few older languages that are still around as well.Bookmark here

Karsi: The main language of Minas, but also spoken in West Valis by the elite.Bookmark here

Aegean: Main language of Gaia. Very common in Aegis and Brywood. Spoken by the elite in East Valis. Can be found in parts of Shima as well.Bookmark here

Zalar: Main language of Ramah indigenous people. It is very difficult to learn.Bookmark here

Siril: Main language of Charon. Bookmark here

Old Siril: Some of the elite in Charon can speak this ancient variant. Only useful for ancient texts.Bookmark here

Ethorian Measurements:Bookmark here

Hex: 25 miles in length.Bookmark here

Penta: ¼ mile.Bookmark here

Skar: 12 feetBookmark here

Tria: 1.5 feetBookmark here

Lia: 1.5 inchesBookmark here

Dot: 4 mmBookmark here

Main Character StatisticsBookmark here

Lita: Age: 37, height: 5'7, weight: 118 lbs.Bookmark here

Will: Age: 18, height: 6'2, weight: 204 lbs.Bookmark here

Dart: Age: 19, height: 5'6, weight: 122 lbs.Bookmark here

Ordalia: Age: 27, height: 5'5, weight: 115 lbs.Bookmark here

Gin: Age: 21(?), height: 6'5, weight: 255 lbs.Bookmark here

Beowulf: Age: 32, height: 6'0, weight: 247 lbs.Bookmark here

Miri: Age: 19, height: 5'3, weight: 135 lbs.Bookmark here

Amalia: Age: 15, height: 5'4, weight: 107 lbs.Bookmark here

Sinister Man: Age: 30(?), height: 5'11, weight: 208 lbs.Bookmark here

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