Chapter 40:

Council Decision

Adventures of Zeleon

Time is slowly ticking away, there's only four days remaining before the New Moon night. Now recovered from his poisoning, Leon was ready to put things into motion. He prepared himself, getting his armor on, getting his broadsword tied to his hip, and Silva at his back. He shook his hair, which had gotten a bit long, and took a deep breath.

"Is that your ritual to get you going?" Courtney was in the hall doorway trying not to giggle, as Leon could only sigh.

"How long have you been standing there?"

"A few moments. Enough to see you zen yourself."

"Well. As you can see I'm ready, you persistent pest." Leon cracked a smile after saying that walking past her, ruffling her hair as he did.

"Wha...hey that's my thing with you I'm the taller one! What's gotten into you today? You have something extra in your step."

"I can't tell you myself. I just do." Leon shrugged.

"I know the nerves you have Courtney, I'm willing to quell my own worries to calm yours. You're the true centerpiece to this whole...plan if you can call it that."

"You're up to something. I know it. But, I'll let it pass as you treating me like a cute pet." She said as she walked with him to keep up.

"Oh god, did I stumble upon something you're into…?" Leon moved ahead of her, as a bead of sweat dropped off his brow from sheer nerves alone.

"Maybe you did. Maybe you didn't. give me wayy too much power over you. Maybe you've played into my hand the moment you saw me in the doorway."

She continued her teasing of him until a certain baby dragon attacked her at the bottom of the stairs on the first floor.

"Pillows!" He nestled against Courtney after tackling her with a frontal assault. She pet his head softly, before setting him down to the floor.

"Hello Helios, I'm sorry we can't play right now. There's some big things we'll be up to over the next few days."

Her words made the dragon's head and tail lower as he sulked before walking away.

Leon spoke aloud. "Helios, after this we'll return here and relax with you okay? If this were some stuffy get together we needed to attend we'd skip. This is more massive! And a good story to tell in the future, so if you wait patiently you'll be one of the first to hear it!"

Courtney heard more of that rare enthusiasm in his voice, but it caught the young dragon's attention, as his eyes opened wide as he made a loud gasp.

"Friend is up to big stuff with Pillows!" His voice couldn't hide his excitement. "Tell me stories pleeeease..!" He ran off giving a little wave with his still developing wings, as Leon breathed a deep sigh of relief.

Courtney went outside with him, as she shook her head. "You filled his head full of aspirations. I hope you're ready to suffer the consequences."

"I'll spin it into such an epic tale that he'll never ever forget." Leon said as he noticed they were going in a different direction than expected. "Where are we headed Courtney?"

"The place I call home. At least as a pit stop. It sits snugly between the Komodron and Dragon territories."

"Wait what? You've lived that far this whole time and made it to my room daily like that?"


Her response sounded numb to Leon, he wondered if something was wrong as they headed on.

They arrived at her home at nightfall. A little shack located near a river that ran from an ocean about thirty miles away, amongst lush grasslands. The night sky was filled with stars as the slivers of the three moons could be seen.

Courtney was pretty quiet the whole way, she wasn't acting as she normally did with Leon, but it didn't discourage him from trying to open her up.

"Courtney, it's beautiful out here. You've been holding out on me." Leon joked.

"...yeah I guess I have." She responded in a soft almost inaudible tone.

"She's acting really strange. I wonder what's wrong."

Leon thought for a moment as Courtney entered the small shack and ushered him in, he followed her in as she shut the door behind him.

There was barely anything in it. A bed, a wooden chair, an empty cupboard that only had dust in it, and only two windows. She sat in the chair, offering the bed up to Leon. "Please sit." She spoke with a lack of tone in her voice. Leon accepted her request to sit in the bed, and gave her a look of concern.

"Something on your mind?"

"I've never brought anyone here before. The last person I was here with was my fiancé so I apologize for my attitude about it." She responded with a sigh. "I don't know why he's been on my mind more…"

"I don't really know what to say. If it helps I'll stay quiet for a bit. We both have quite a day ahead tomorrow, so maybe rest?"

His words were heard by her, but she shook her head at them.

"If you stay quiet then I'll hop in that bed with you just to make you yell. The primary thought in my mind is how to keep you safe, I want to get you back home to your mom and so I can have some fun Earth adventures with you."

"Then you need to make it too. You're taking the same risk, and while you're a vampire there's no guarantees for you either. And while Serena likes to call me a centerpiece, I'm just a piece. You are the centerpiece, without you we can't have a trusted Queen."

Leon's rational thought process made her chuckle a bit.

"You're really a good friend, you know that? I do understand my role that I must play to get us through it. But please understand yours, we want you as a long-term Guardian. Or at least as long as you choose to."

Leon shook his head with a smile. "Just agree to keep an eye on each other then, it's just good to see you smile."

"You as well. Your smile is so warm and honest, you don't do it near enough."

The pair talked until they fell asleep. By the break of dawn they were already up and headed their separate ways. Leon went to get help from the Komodrons, while Courtney went to get help from the Dragons. More specifically the Dragon Council.

Without Leon, she made it to the heart of the Dragon territory in less than an hour's time. For most, it would've meant doom to step foot near the main capital, Dranova. But Courtney went back with many of the Dragons from their youth.

The capital is located in a lush canyon that contains a massive abandoned castle. The Dragon Council meets in a wide open cave, and one day a week they allow for their own to come and let any concerns or information be expressed.

Courtney chose exactly this day to come and let her own voice be known. As she did, the seven dragons looked at her with both shock and intrigue.

The head of the council, a bright red chinese dragon with his snake-like body coiled up, focused his golden eyes on the vampire.

"Courtney Huntington, it has been a long time since we last spoke, thirty years in fact. What brings your face back here after so long?" His voice bellowed deeply, and could probably intimidate most anyone.

She however wasn't phased as she responded with a casual, laid back tone. "Maezail, it's been quite a long time indeed. But I come here on urgent business as opposed to catching up. There is a plan to extend and make positive changes to the peace treaty. However, the Wolves and Vampires are about to war with each other if we don't stop Charlotte. So I ask for your help in aiding us."

The others began chatting amongst themselves before Maezail silenced them. After mulling a few thoughts he had an answer. "Hmmm. I believe a treaty is possible. But we need at least four parties to agree, but as your story tells, there's only three. We do wish to remain peaceful so we'll be on board when the conditions are right. Your need for help is the real topic of discussion here."

A smaller purple female wyvern piped up. "That's not even a topic to discuss. We shouldn't help a vampire who's afraid to face her creator."

Another discussion amongst them ensued once again. Before Maezail cut through it once again. "Courtney, tell me why you wish to have dragons with you?"

"Charlotte plans to eliminate wolves and enslave most of the human race. Such acts would disrupt the balance and equality of Zeleon forever. I request your help to keep them from killing each other, I plan on handling Charlotte myself."

With her last few words she glared at the wyvern, squashing her words that she is in any way a coward.

Maezail was moved by what she said, and between the seven of them they made their own decisions. "Now those in favor say I, those who don't say nay."







The last vote came down to the wyvern and she almost snickered at Courtney when she gave her final decision. "Nay."

"You….you look familiar. Wait! Could that be the dragon Sepheron was with? I need to talk to Maezail alone."

"Unfortunately, it seems you won't get our support. But if you're successful, consider the treaty signed." Maezail said, sharing the disappointment in his voice. "I would like to speak with her alone if everyone doesn't mind, we've gone over a lot today. A brief break will do us good."

The other dragons cleared out. The wyvern scoffed before joining them last.

Courtney sighed as she looked up to the large red serpentine being. "Thanks for trying. I'm sorry for showing up out of the blue like this. But this was incredibly urgent."

"No issue at all, Courtney. You are welcome here whenever. I wish you would've come here sooner."

"I was trying to keep a low profile, I'm sure you heard I separated myself from the group. There was no way I could keep going with how Charlotte has gotten. Now, I plan to challenge her for the throne."

"Do you have any help at all?"

"I got the new Guardian and Maeva Alderwood. The Guardian is recruiting the Komodrons to help us, he's close with them but I have a feeling I know what the stipulation will be knowing Varius."

"The Guardian? You mean the Earth human...Leon yes? As capable as he is, you'll be left at a disadvantage. I hope you will make it out alive." Maezail spoke with obvious concern in his voice, and for a brief moment made Courtney second guess herself.

She shook the thoughts off before responding. "We can do it. I know we can. But there is one thing that's nagging at me. Who was that female wyvern? She seemed familiar somehow."

"That was Zeru, she used to be attached to Sepheron before he left the council. Actually, bringing that up, you carry a scent similar to his….even though he has passed on."

Courtney coaxed him in close to whisper. "He has kin. A singular child now being raised in Zelenia. Don't tell anyone."

Maezail didn't react to it audibly so he didn't raise any suspicion. But he smiled, to let her know of his quiet happiness. "I wish you luck, I hope the young Guardian can prove himself to be the difference you needed."

"It's funny. He doesn't see it that way. He thinks it'll be me."

"You are the closest to her strength, it's not unthinkable that you can surpass her. But please, don't let me keep you. Go on and create peace for Zeleon."

"Yeah..thanks Maezail, let's talk again under not so dire circumstances. And maybe introduce you to Leon too, I think you'd like him."

"I look forward to it."

Courtney gave a gentle wave as she exited the cavern, she took a deep breath as thoughts filled her head. "Surpass her..hmm? There's nothing I can do that she can't, so...that makes us equals. Ugh...I keep getting in my own head over this, I can't. I need to keep focus."