Chapter 3:


Two faced

"I gave it to him sir. Yes, twice as planned. I know it was a bad plan but it worked sir. Thank you sir. When are you going to transfer the money? Oh okay great thank you. Yes, we'll keep in touch. Goodbye." 


"Excuse me" I hear a soft voice talking to me "oh hello"  I turn around and say. It's Julia white. She a chemist who makes high quality drugs and sells them to the Biancos. She asked me what happend so I told her. After that we kept talking. "So what's your name miss?" I asked smiling even though I know who she is I can't let her know that. "Julia white." She tells me. We keep talking, she asked my name so I answerd. She told me she sells "stuff" to the Biancos, she really couldn't be more obvious than that but I follow and act clueless. I told her I was a lawyer and a family friend, she bought it. Good. We leave, she declains my invite but wants to meet on another time. I leave. "Ah shit this was a long night" I say to myself and look at my clock. "Almost three... I should really go home."  I tell myself and keep walking. My house isn't that far away, it's 15 minutos from the Biancos. It may not be as pretty and big as the Biancos household but it's pretty impresive. I keep walking and I look around, the streets are empty and i'm just trying to enjoy the cold air of the night and the scilence. The streets are long a wide, full of expensive houses. I get back home and make myself a cup of green tea and then I go to bed. "UHH WTF WHOS CALLING THIS EARLY" I yell as I wake up suddenly from my phone ringtone. I look at the time it's 11:47am. It wasn't as early as I thought it was. I look at my phone and it's a number I don't recognize, yet, I pick up. "Hello?" I say trying to sound as awake as possible. "Is this Michal?" Said a soft yet sure voice. "Yes" I hear a heavy breath from the other side "good. It's Julia White from last night. I wanted to say i'm sorry you were very nice to me and I wanted to meet up." I smile to myself "oh Julia! Hey I hope your feeling better after last night, and it's okay I understand it was a very shocking night. If your up to it we can meet today." I can almost hear her thoughs running through her head, it's funny. "Yes yes I would love that. Let's meet at the place you asked me to go last night. Please text me the adress. Be there at nine". "Sound great" I say and she answers "well, good. Goodbye" *BEEP* she hangs up. Good this is going pretty well, she sounds like a strange woman but I think that a good thing for me. Hours go by and I get ready to meet Julia. While getting ready I turn on the TV. "Tragedy of the rich" oh I know what this is going to be about. "A young man named Danny Miller was dead after he commited suicide during an elite party." Yup, been there. "The case is being checked, it's been told to us that in his blood a rare drug was found. So was he roofied and that made him go mad? Or did it take it intentionally?". I turn off the TV. I finshed everything I had to do and called an uber. "3 Miles bar please" I tell the uber driver. He nods and starts going. When I spot Julia standing near the entrace, probably wating for me. "Julia, hello." I say in a serious yet friendly tone. She jumps and turns around "oh! Michal, hello. You scared me a but coming from behing like that." She said "oh sorry about that". An akward silence lays upon us. "So shall we?" She nods and we walk in. We sit down and we both order our drinks. "So... Michal, you've got quite an accent." She says in a sure tone. "Yeah well i'm from England actually. Born and raised in London you see." She looks at me and says out loudly "I LOVE London, i've been there a couple of times for-" she stops for a second she seemed thinking about her next words "-buisness trips, amazing place." She looked down after understanding how awkward that came out "So, why did you came to LA?" She said sounding calm. "Well, I love London don't get me wrong but LA always facinated me. And as a lawyer I deal a lot with people and here, well, I surely met a handfull of different people." She smiles. We keep talking, we drink and eat and got quite drunk. "Last night was wild huh" she spits out of her mouth "yeah it sure was. Poor man I bet the stress of his family took over him." She looks at me and says "It might been a murder the say. I heard it on the news. The theory is someone slipped something into his drink. So he was on something that made him so desprate he died... I wonder if I can make that..." she stopped and understood what she said. "Uhh that sounded wrong. I'm a chemist you see so I make drugs." I smile and tell her "that's interesting. What kind of stuff do you make?" She seems panicked and says nervously "oh nothing really... hey it's getting pretty late I should get going" I breath deeply and say "alright but let's meet again yeah?" She smiles and says "of course" we look at each other in the eyes "your very beautiful, Julia" I say and she blushes "thank you, you're  pretty charming yourself Michal." We stop and lean for a kiss. "Goodnight Michal" she said, smiled, and left. "Haha she's a weird woman." I say silently. Every thing is going according to plan. I hope I don't actually end up falling for her.

Joe Gold

Two faced