Chapter 1:

Chapter 1


     A bullet piercing their brain resulting in instant death.
     Their brain.
     That wasn't a typo for "the", the prime minister wasn't the only victim that day. In fact, the crime didn't occur in one place, instead, they're scattered all over the city. It couldn't be argued that the prime minister held the most important role for the society amongst all victims, but it's too cruel to ignore the rest of them. All of them at least have an influence on many people, ranging from financial-wise to solidarity-wise. I'm talking like a CEO of a megacorporation, supreme court judge, human rights activist' leader, and left-wing party leader. That's only a few of several people that were killed that day.

     Could you imagine the chaos of the following morning? This very country needs 3 weeks just for replacing the deceased with another person to do work more or less as capable as the previous oneーmainly less though. There's still a dispute among common people, a dispute that disturbingly grows more supporters as time goes, which are trying to justify the murder. Aside from two resemblances that I mentioned before, that is the cause of death and their prestige in society, this one couldn't be easily ignored.

     Many scandals that were declared as case-closed previously were suddenly got brought up again in the media after this massacre, thus many seeing this case as the act of redemption. Surely that is an indicator of an uncivilized country, seeing from an outside perspective, I don't blame you for that however. We are not the best country in the world, far from that, but we also do have proper infrastructure, nationwide healthcare, and several prestigious universities, making us just like your typical countries in general.

     So, at least let me explain, even it still not making sense for you at the end, just hear me out first.
     I'm the type of person that doesn't use the word "God" that lightly, they are after all the most powerful being that sees us as equal. However, this time, it seems like this act doesn't ask the victim what they believe in, what their political stance is, or how much money they have.
     They just simply kill them all equally.
     With the same killing method.
     Not looking at their background.
     Only their sin.
     Just like, you knowーGod.
     With pure justice.
     With pure equality.
     Of course, this wasn't the act of God themself since as I said earlier, this was, in fact, an act of an organization. Back at the crime scenes, they leave a written message around their body.
     Simply said, "Don't forget where you came from ーAA".
     "AA" is presumably the perpetrator, the organization in this case.
     Don't ask me why I write that line like that.
      This website doesn't let me import an image.
     I don't take any responsibility for this.
     It was truly making this case like a work of art, that somehow has a weird romantic accent to it, just like the typical crime drama you've seen. A few months ago, it has been confirmed that it is also a hint that leads to the perpetrator, it has leading them closer to solve the case, although the detail hasn't been made public.

     It was beyond comprehension seeing that many people all of sudden took an interest in this case not as a crime, rather as a dramaーalmost more like a cult. I already heard too much about how monotone an adult life isーbut to think that this case drags them way further from reality making me even doubting myself more about whether I can enjoy my life as an adult later on.

    Ah, I hope you don't get invested with the hint-and-elegant-message part because I guarantee you will get disappointed with the reason behind that. We are not following much of the murder case here, as I said.
     This whole thing is about me.
     And how I regret participating in solving this case.
     How I regret approaching him.
     My classmate.
     As I heard him, talking on his phone, in solitude, days before the massacre, saying the exact line.
     "Don't forget where you came from"