Chapter 21:

Meiko's disappearance

Diary of a Lost Wish

My name is Shinichiro Ogata, I've been searching for the demons since my brother disappeared, sadly I can't bring him back, but at least the demon's curse is ending soon.

Since this morning I've been feeling something weird, I can't explain it but is like if there's some evil aura in this town, there was already but today is stronger than ever.

I will visit that girl to ask her if she knows anything, I will go to her house cause I haven't seen her today and that's weird.

I arrive at her house, and everything is quiet, the door in her backyard is open, so I go there.

There's a lot of people lying on the ground, they're sleeping, and I can't see that girl anywhere, maybe someone took her. I see her dad, and I slap his face so he can wake up.

He wakes up pissed, “I was having a good dream, why did you wake me up?”

I yell at him, “I don't know, you tell me! What happened?”

“My boss came to Meiko's birthday, and he wanted to give her a gift. After that everything was blurry, and I just wake up.”

“I told you to not say anything to your boss! Now your daughter is in danger.”

“But I didn't know, maybe she was acting suspicious, plus you look shady and you might harm her.”

“I might look shady, but your daughter might be dead right now!”

“But I just wanted the best for her.”

“Yeah, but I warned you! Do you know where she is?”

“I don't know, I'm not even sure if my boss has a house, I think he sleeps in his office.”

“Well, then we need to go there.”

“But the security is tight, I don't think we could enter, I can enter the company, but I don't think you could. Also, I can't enter his office.”

“Think about something then, I don't think we have much time.”

That girl's dad looks like he's thinking something. “I have a solution! there's a delivery that's going to be in the company in some hours, it will go on a truck, so if I distract the driver you can hide there.”

“Well, I think I will do that then.”

“But I forgot about the elevator, you need a special number to access the office, unfortunately, I don't know it.”

Suddenly a girl with blue hair and glasses, I think she is called Hana talks, “I'm not aware of everything that happened, but if you need a code maybe I can hack it.”

“Can you really do it?”

“I think I can, I'm not skillful compared to before, but I know a trick or two, plus I have some apps on my phone that can help me.”

“Then come with me, we can save that girl.”

“I will help senpai in any way I can, if someone evil just took her then he's my enemy.”

Now I have to hide in the truck with this blue hair girl so we can enter the building.

A little girl with purple hair and a cute girl with black hair also wakes up.

“I want to help Meiko, she is my friend, if something bad happens to her I don't know what I would do.” the black hair girl talks.

“Me too, I want to help Meiko.” the little girl also talks.

I have to tell them the truth, “Look, if you don't have any ability or something that can help us rescuing that girl then just stay here.”

The girls are looking around thinking of something to say.

“But I need to help Meiko, and why would anyone wanted to harm her?” the black hair girl is crying.

“I can't explain now because we're in a hurry, if you don't have anything that can help us, stay here.”

The black hair girl looks angry, but she knows she can't do anything.

“But we want to help in any way!” the little girl is also crying.

“Well is not the most important thing, but try to calm the people here when they wake up and tell them that Meiko had to go or you just tell them a lie but don't make them panic.” Not my brightest idea, but they will calm down a little.

“If that's the only way I can help, then it's okay, also I didn't think I would be useful anyway.” the little girl is sad, I don't like to make girls cry.

“But no one has explained to me what's happening!” now the black hair girl is yelling at me.

“I'm sure that little girl can explain to you, we have to go now.” I then talk to the girl's dad and that blue hair girl, “Let's go now, we don't have much time.”

Before I go I notice that the black hair girl and the purple hair girl are talking.

Now we are running to the company, I sadly don't have anything to eat now, and I'm starving.

“What was the plan again?” the old guy is running, he looks tired.

I'm not tired, so I talk calmly, “we go to the truck, which I hope is close, then you distract the driver saying you need to check the shipment, and while the driver is distracted, I enter with this girl. Then when we enter the building, this girl is going to do some things that I don't understand, and I will go to the office.”

“You can count on me on the hacking, I'm the best in town.” the girl looks confident.

“Let's hurry cause the truck is going to be there at any moment.” the old man looks worried.

We finally arrive at the company, and now we are following the old guy cause he knows the truck's route. Then we walked on the sidewalk, and we see the truck, it was close to the company.

We hide behind some bushes while the old man stands in front of the truck with an ID on his left hand, “Hey! stop, I need to check the shipment.”

“No one told me about an inspection, let's go to the company, and you can check it there.” the driver sounds like he's having doubt.

“But if you have bombs or something? I need to check it now.” the old man is dumb.

“You don't look like someone who makes an inspection, also you don't look like someone who knows about bombs.” the driver suddenly gets out of the truck and goes to the old man.

I think this is going bad, so I approach the driver from behind while ducking, and I knock him down.

“Hey! Why did you do that?! I was close to convincing him.” the old man is angry.

“Yeah, yeah, we better go now. Girl, come with me to the back of the truck, and you old man get dressed as the driver and drive!”

“Fine, but this is a bad idea!” the old man is still pissed.

I take the unconscious body and hide it in the bushes, then I go to the back of the truck with the girl, and the old man starts driving.

“I hope we save senpai on time,” the girl looks worried.

“We will, and I have a debt with her because she helped me with my brother, or well his demon form.”

“Oh, so you're the man who was talking with senpai outside the convenience store.”

“I guess I'm.”

“Senpai is the most important person to me, I need to save her.” the girl looks sad.

“Don't worry, I will save her.” I won't stand that someone dies again because of those demons.

We passed the security, I can't see the old guy because I'm in the back of the truck, but it looks like he did a good job impersonating the driver.

The old man knocks the back of the truck, and we get out of it. We are in a parking lot inside the building, luckily there's no security, and there's an elevator.

“For a moment I thought the security guard would find out who I was!” the old man is sweating.

“But we did it, now we only need to take that elevator,” I respond.

“Sadly no, that elevator only takes you to the first floor, so you will need to find another there.”

I go with the blue hair girl to the elevator. Before the elevator moves, I ask the girl to deactivate the security cameras, and she did it without any problem.

We get to the first floor and we sneak through the offices, there are some guards, but I avoid them easily. We finally find the elevator, but it's guarded by two persons, I sneak close to them and knock one down, the other tries to punch me, but I'm faster than him, and I knocked him with a kick.

“Wow, you look like an action movie star!” the girl is amazed.

“Maybe I should do action sequences in the future, by the way, there's the elevator, do your magic.”

The girl starts to hack with her phone. Meanwhile, I check if there's a guard around, but I don't see anyone.

Like fifteen minutes later, the girl finally finishes, “and that's it, now we can go to save senpai. When I had a demon I'm sure I would hack this faster.”

“Nice, but I want you to go back with that old man, I need to go alone, or you might get hurt.”

“But senpai is in danger, I need to help her!”

“Yeah, but is dangerous, I prefer to risk my life and not yours, go back I promise she will be safe.”

“Fine, but if there's any problem you can call me.” she gives me her phone number. Then she sneaks without any problem to the other elevator.

I go to the elevator alone, I hope I'm in time before something happens to that girl.

Finally, the door opens, and I see the president of "ALIVE" with a vase in his hand. The next thing I see is the floor, I got hit, I think I'm passing out, I hope the girl is fine.

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