Chapter 22:

The Last Demon

Diary of a Lost Wish

Everything happened so fast that I can't put my thoughts in order. Right now, Shinichiro is in the ground because Yuta, my dad's boss, used a vase to attack him.

Some hours before the attack, I was mute because of one of Yuta's wishes. I felt that it was my ending.

Yuta was mad insisting that I should wish that he travel 25 years in the past or then, I won't talk again. Also, if I don't talk, then I wouldn't make any wish to Pakya.

He insisted it was the best thing and that the world might change or something, I don't believe him, also I don't think Pakya would make that wish true.

I refused with my head, but He got so mad he seemed violent. After I refuse a lot, he took a flower vase to hit me.

But then he heard the elevator coming, Yuta said he didn't expect someone, so he waited outside the elevator and hit Shinichiro when he got out without hesitation.

I hope Shinichiro is fine, also luckily, he saved me from being hit, but I don't know what I should do.

Yuta comes closer with the broken vase on his left hand, “Are you gonna wish for that soon? I don't know if I killed your friend, but if you don't hurry, I might end the job.”

I still can't talk, but I nod my face hoping that I can think of a way to get out of here. If I make that wish I don't know what the consequences would be.

My voice won't come out, I try to talk anything but I can't, Yuta is getting anxious, “C'mon, talk now!”

I still try to say anything, my words won't come out, but I give up, and I say the wish. Suddenly I talked, “I wish that Yuta go back 25 years in the past.”

Pakya tells me, “You can't wish for that! Pakya~”

As I thought it was a forbidden wish.

Yuta starts yelling like a mad man, “How is that not possible!? My damn penguin also can't make it true!”

He tries to attack Pakya, but it's too fast for him.

Then I talk, “Maybe it won't matter which demon was, I don't think any of them would make that wish come true.”

He screams, “It took me years to find those scrolls, and I was sure they could make everything true, why this is happening to me!”

I want to escape, but Shinichiro is still on the floor, and Yuta is really close so maybe if I try to make a wish he could hurt me. I will try to calm him down, and when I have the opportunity I will wish to escape with Shinichiro.

“But why do you want to wish for that?” I ask.

“I lost one friend, and I've been trying to revive him since that day.” he looks sad.

“The demons can't revive someone.”

“I know, but that's why I wanted to wish to travel back in time to save my friend. Maybe one of the six demons could make it true.”

“If one demon couldn't make that wish true, then I doubt the others could make it true.”

“But how can you know!? You made disappear all of them! and everything I did to get the demons were in vain.” he's erratic again.

”I know some of us would love to bring back someone, but it's impossible.”

“But you don't have an idea of what I suffer!

Everything started when I was a kid, my dad was a millionaire who created this company. I could get whatever I want, or that's what I thought.

One day I got bored, and I escaped to the city, here I went to a park, and I saw a bunch of kids, so I played with them. I played with them every time I scaped to the city.

I meet one kid called Akira, he was maybe one year younger than me, we ended up being really close friends.

Akira told me that we should be happy all the time, no matter how bad is the life we should be happy, and enjoy everything we can even if one of us is no longer here. With him I was happy.

One day Akira didn't show up, and I didn't found it anywhere, thanks to another kid, I discovered that my friend was sick, but he was so poor so he couldn't pay for his treatment.

I visited him in his house to tell him I will help with the money I have. He didn't mind if I couldn't help him, and even if he was sick, he looked happy.

I asked for help from my dad, but he didn't do anything saying that I shouldn't be friends with someone so poor.

Weeks passed, and Akira never showed up again. He passed away because of his illness.

My father tried to calm my sadness by making me play with some rich kids, but it didn't work, they just care about social status, and they weren't my real friends.

No matter how much money or power I had, I could never bring back my friend Akira. How could I be happy if he's not here anymore?

Years passed, and I don't remember how but I discovered a rumor about some scrolls that can grant any wish true. So my objective was to get them and bring back my friend or at least go back to the past to change everything.”

“So everything you did was to help Akira.” I feel bad for him, but still, he's dangerous.

“I will never give up, I will revive Akira in any way, it's funny because to disappear my demon I need to give up my biggest wish, and I would never do that.”

“No matter what you do, Akira won't come back. Maybe it's time to give up on that.” I know it's not the best time to say it, but maybe I can stop that curse and escape with Shinichiro.

“But I've been waiting so long to revive him,” He suddenly gets mad again, and he raises the hand with the vase, “You know how many people tried to stop my biggest wish? One of them was my dad.

Days after I discovered about the scrolls, I tried to get some money to find them, but he wouldn't lend me any.

I was so furious so when I had the chance I paid some people to rob my house. So while they were doing it I killed my dad. I told the police that the thieves did it and I got all his money.

If you think I would never do anything to make Akira live again, then you're wrong. And if I killed my dad without hesitation then I won't mind killing a little girl!”

He tries to attack me, but suddenly Shinichiro stops him. His head is bleeding, but he takes Yuta's arms.

“Everyone lost someone important. If you don't cooperate with that girl I will kill you to stop your demon.” Shinichiro talks with a smooth voice.

“Let me go, I will kill you!” Yuta is struggling, but he can't liberate, because of the movement the vase fells to the ground.

“Everyone here has lost someone, I lost my mother, Shinichiro lost his brother, but sadly they can't come back, but we still have them in our memory.” I'm trying to calm him down.

“But Akira didn't deserve to die, he was still young.”

“I don't think anyone deserves to die, no matter their age, but as I said, we can always have them in our memories.”

“You don't understand, I did everything to save him!”

“But at what cost, what would Akira think if he sees you? What would he think if he discovers you even killed someone for him?”

“He would be grateful!” Yuta thinks what he did it's justified.

Shinichiro is still holding Yuta, maybe he would have killed him already, but he thinks I can stop the penguin demon curse.

“You don't look happy, what Akira wanted was that you were happy. You don't realize that everything you had done hasn't made you happy.” I hope what I said works.

“I will be happy only when he comes back!” Yuta doesn't understand anything.

“Even if he revives, he won't be happy, if he discovers what you have been struggling he would be sad.”

Yuta starts to cry with anger, “But I want to see him again, maybe there's only one way.”

Then Yuta escapes from Shinichiro and takes a piece of the vase, but instead of attacking any of us he brings the piece to his neck, he's trying to kill himself, “If my wish can't become true I will see Akira on the other world!”

Shinichiro is faster, and he stops Yuta's hand, then he talks, “I would let you die, but I don't think this girl would want to see anyone dying even if it's a piece of trash like you.”

“Let me go now!” Yuta is erratic.

I suddenly had a plan, if I can't go back in time, maybe I can show him Akira one more time, “Pakya I wish that we could see Akira from 25 years ago.”

Out of nowhere, a video appears projected on the wall, There we see two kids playing and talking, I think they are Yuta and Akira.

After some time, Akira goes to his home, there he faints, and her mother helps him. The scene moves forward, and he's in bed sick.

The next day he plays with Yuta again, he's happy, but when he goes back to his house it's the same story, he's sick. This repeats for some time, every day they played, and then Akira was sick, sometimes it even looked like he needed to rest, but he played with Yuta anyway.

Maybe he had some sort of terminal illness, but he doesn't tell Yuta or any of the other kids.

It doesn't matter what happened, Akira was always happy, and he knew that Yuta was a sad kid, but he tried his best to show his better side.

Apparently, it was Akira's choice to not ask for help or telling his friends. The projection ends after a scene of Akira in bed happy, maybe he was remembering the good moments with his friends.

Yuta then cries, “Why you didn't tell me about that? I would have done everything to help you.”

“Maybe he never wanted anyone to worry about him.” I tried to comfort him.

“But I could have helped him. I want him to come back and that everything returns to be like those days.”

“I'm sure if Akira could, he would want to play again, but he's not here anymore. You have to accept that and live with your happy memories of him.”

“But for me, those memories are full of sorrow.”

“My mom told me before she died that even if people die, they are still with us, even if it's just on our memories. But if we think real hard, we could see them close to us, perhaps on the table, in the street, or in any place we shared memories with them. People die, but until we see them after death, they are still with us on our memories.” I hope something that I said works.

Yuta gets on his knees and cries for a while, he lets go of the piece of the vase and says, “Sometimes I imagine him being by my side, but instead of being happy he's just asking why I never helped him. But in reality, if Akira were there he would smile at me even if I a piece of trash.”

Then he sees the desk behind me and continues talking, “Sorry, I didn't know you really wanted me to be happy even if you were struggling with your life,” Maybe he's seeing Akira behind me, he talks a lot of things saying how he's sorry,

I would think he just got crazy, but I'm sure he's just reconciliation with Akira. I see the penguin demon, and by a miracle, it disappears like if it was dust.

While Yuta is crying I help Shinichiro to move, and we escape, I hope Yuta gets redemption. We go to the parking lot, and I see Hana and my dad, they both hug me and explain how they got there.

We arrive at my home, and both Yukino and Kanako give me a hug.

Yukino while crying says, “Sorry, I told Kanako everything about the demons.”

“Don't worry, I will talk to her about that later.”

Kanako looks sad, “I think we need to talk as soon as possible Meiko.”

“I know, I will tell you everything tomorrow.” I hope she's not angry with me.

After some talk, everyone left for their home.

That night I dream about a man who was with some friends laid on the grass looking at the sky, then everything starts to burn. In the end, the man himself burns. Maybe it was the life of the penguin demon, apparently, he also lost his friends, I don't think they all really burned, but maybe it was symbolic.

The next day on the news there was a scandal because the president and owner of the "ALIVE" company confessed to murdering his own father.

Now I'm close to ending the curse of the demons, there's only Pakya left, the last demon.