Chapter 14:

Revealing Dreams

Blue in the sky

The school siren woke me up, when I opened my eyes I was in the middle of the corridor of the Academy, I was in the middle of the day, but it seemed that there was a great festival going on, although there was no one present, I walked around the perimeter of the school and it looked like everyone who was there was snatched away, because everything, be it classrooms, auditorium, hallways or even stalls that were there seemed to have been abandoned just a few minutes ago, balloons were flying by being the first to say goodbye to the venue when I arrived at the schoolyard and there were preparations for something that seemed to be a ceremony, as was my opening ceremony, all the bleachers were empty allowing me to look behind her and I saw a boy was crying curled on the floor, his crying reverberated in the void of the Academy, I was going to help him, but a female voice froze me at the same moment.Bookmark here

—Jonh, Jonhathan, where are you? Jonh???!!— This name was familiar to me, so much so that I instinctively responded to this girl who was Lauriceia, only younger and wearing the uniform of the Academy, next to her was Berna that different from the time I met her, 'cause she looked a lot like Laurice when she was the captain of the Holdfighter troop, but seeing her now she looked a lot like Victoria, the only one difference being the color of her hair, they both looked pretty sweaty, looking for me, yeah that boy was me, At the age of six or seven, I was dressed as the masked hero, a character who was a success for children my age, when Lauriceia took my hand, the desert scenery of the place moved to a crowd of cheerful and happy people celebrating the day.— Come on Jonh, our parents are waiting for us, mom will be worried, she is with those treats that you love.Bookmark here

When she started to leave I began to cry, for all this memory was being revived in my mind, but when I was going after her to be able to see clearly the face of my parents, but a woman held my right arm with an absurd force, nearly knocking me down, seeing a surprise, this woman evoked the darkness of her body, the few parts that aren’t blue were white like her corneas and teeth, I noticed that when she started talking.—So you're the boy that Ayako talked about so much, in fact, you are quite intriguing, your body is quite complete, unlike others like you who were usually fragmented in the entry process.— She said assessing my body, when I noticed it automatically I looked at my arm that she was holding me, he was normal, not keeping the shape of recent years, but rather a human form, without cuts or scratches, It amazed me, how had my arm returned to human form? Then I remembered the line from the beginning of this "dream", I did not think that because the touch of that woman seemed so real, so it would be she such "goddess" warning on the precipice?Bookmark here

You can't go there, inside my temple history can be revived but not changed, inside my domains it's the most I can change from the realm of time.— She seemed to have premeditated my mind, because the moment she let me go, I was going unconsciously towards my sister, but her voice caught me, freezing my limbs and fixing my vision on her, so she started walking and this simple action infected me, making me accompany myself on his walk when I noticed the backdrop of the courtyard moved abruptly to the hallways of the room and then I could see in the midst of the fervor of the crowd, my parents having fun and opening a smile when we arrived at the venue.— These are your treasures, correct? so you must revel at this moment a lot because if you want to battle us, you will lose this treasureBookmark here

—Who are you, what is your name and why are you interested in me?— I was confused by all of this, so I wanted to get as much information quickly as I could not assure myself that I would be there the next second, but when I saw the facet of it, there arose in me a feeling of comfort, a feeling I was with my mother, even though she’s standing right in front of me.— I understand your conflict, after all, you've never seen me in person, but I know all your feelings, after all, I've been on your side since that night— When she murmured it in my ear bloomed a feeling of anger that broke the calm setting of my memories with rays purple color, however, she put her hands on my face and it calmed me, even her frigid touch comforted me, Even though I couldn’t erase my memories of the Bloodnight, I could return to that festive setting that was the graduation ceremony.Bookmark here

— Right, right, you made it back here, it would be horrible for you to start falling apart for something so simple, you must have already seen Ayako, right? you shouldn't be mad at that, my name, alright, you want to know my name: I'm Nike, I'm your friend's boss, so you should relax a little, as I don't bite.— Her crystalline tone of voice when she performed changed to a faint desperate tone accompanied by her face that made me laugh, she managed to soften the mood, but looking a little more closely to her reminded me of Lauricea, not the one in front of us, but my elder sister who always kept herself naked when she was near me, even if Nike’s robes made her resemble a goddess, in a long dress that even with the dark hue was dense and almost immaculate, His way of acting from the moment I calmed down reminded me of my playful sister.— I knew you could smile, alright, so let's see more warm memories of you and in the end, I'll order something from you.Bookmark here

Apparently that imposing, the dense woman gave way to a friendly and charitable girl, Nike seemed to change her mood to fit my mood because from that phrase she took me to several memories that were once caught inside a box sealed by the accident, several moments as my first times that I walked alone, we talked and went alone to school, all this being documented by my parents, in those moments she rejoiced with my childish form, memories after the incident of graduation and in these moments she was thrilled with "our struggle" during the absence of our parents, moments where I met Ayako for the first time, strangely I had already met her parents and Junjoumaru, she planting a doubt that germinated in the last memory before the accident, because when it showed moments before the fatality I felt that everything that was seeing a theater, according to this memory showed I was thrown out on the street by a small group of Holdfighters who were harassing a girl who was a colleague of mine and I went to defend her, but from what I remember inside my mind was that I saved a child, however, the vehicle that hit me was the same: a large troop truck that was running inside the City, he was quite dirty and accepted me, as I remembered I threw the child out of the path of this truck, while this "memory" showed that the soldier had enough strength to throw me in the middle of the avenue.Bookmark here

—So will you hear my wish?—She showed certain pomp, but unlike the first time we met, the way she spoke demonstrated that she was younger than her presentation showed.—Why do you think that would convince me to join you?—Same sweet face of hers, grew on me a feeling of anger, after all, she seemed to be entertaining with my memories, so much so that she laughed on my first day at school where I stood crying when my mother left me in the room, but when the memory of my accident appeared she looked like a statue, it seemed that she saw this memory only out of obligation, however, she saw my angry face, so she tried to ease my nerves.— Well, as we can see, you are a good person, apart from the data collected by Ayako...Bookmark here

—So where is she, I'm sure she would be more honest than you.Bookmark here

—These were your memories, I can't change anything in the realm of time, but you can have your memories altered by yourself after all…Bookmark here

— I remember the accident very well, I remember the sounds and now that you showed, better, you unlocked these memories for me and I thank you so much for reminding me of all these precious moments, but I want to know why you altered the memory of the accident.Bookmark here

—What do you mean, all I showed was, except your body started to react with the atmosphere, but your body is…Bookmark here

— SPEAK SOON, because you changed my memories, I remember very well, I was coming home with Ayako, we were just going on that avenue, then I saw that little girl who was disoriented in the middle of the avenue and a truck is out of control, I threw myself to save there and...—Strange, I should remember that girl’s face when I tried to remind her everything around me started to blur and turn into a spiral, but it didn’t fall apart because Nike again held my face and when I looked in her eyes I felt that I was comfortable, Nike seemed to be a lovely person in a brotherly sense, but as I remembered the frozen backdrop of the accident, I would automatically let go of her "spell", but I couldn’t get out of where we were, it felt like we were in a locked room, But she calmly began to speak.— Jonathan Lucius, the descendant of the Stars-Demon, that day I was the one you saved, I was grateful for that act of heroism, but I couldn't reveal the reason for my visit to that settlement of the Star People at that moment, but apparently, the Twin gods of energy graced him with the touch of the stars, something I had been trying to apply to my believers, but to no avail.Bookmark here

— Stars-Demon, Stars People, Twin Gods of Energy, Star Touch? I can understand the point of believers being those people that are inside the Ghosts, if there are more people inside those beasts, but everything I didn't understand what you said before— I remembered the Coliseum Occurrence, that person who ran away from Stray Dog’s broken-down body looked a lot like her, only this person was wearing something simple compared to the clothes she was wearing, but those quotes from her speech before she spoke of "believers" seemed to be alien words, but these doubts were quickly answered by herself in a tone of surprise.— I thought you were already understood what I said, his great-grandfather was the great accomplice of his people, those who arrived in heaven and dominated our land, your ancient patriarch led a force of shattered our people, cutting our ties with the other petals and forcing us to go into the parched interior of our home, would be natural for us to have resentments and we return using the same language you have shown us.Bookmark here

She showed this scenario around us to exemplify her speech, the scenes seemed so vivid that it would move anyone who looked, I saw scenes like her people, which was quite similar to us being the only difference the blue hue of her body, observing our arrival and celebrating as if it were shooting stars cutting their crimson sky, of people falling dead on the ground with the inversion of colors, of blue covering red, if it was not the asphyxiation that killed her people it was our weapons that did the job, the disaster forced them to evolve to survive and in the middle of that evolution they found a mineral that reminded me a lot of what my right arm had become, only it seemed to be something softening a lot of energy inside those blue gems, these precious stones created a powerful armor that protected them in counter-attacks, my people managed to resist these offensives and from here triggered a conflict until today, something apparently abhorrent to her who cried while telling her story, Even though it thrilled me there was still doubt for me.Bookmark here

— I'm sorry, I'm sorry for all the atrocities my people have done to yours, but if you're a goddess, why didn't you stop all of this, I bet you wouldn't have any deaths because of your omniscience?Bookmark here

—Your people's concept of deities is different from ours, but even so, I could do nothing, as I cannot invade the realm of time, much less destroy your people, as I share the time of existence on this root-fixing planet of Your people, that's why I need your help, Jonhathan Lucius, because only you can overcome this deadlock that keeps our peoples guerrilla, with your star touch you will make our peoples stay together and can live together in peace.— When she reached out her hand to firm our agreement, unconsciously I walked back, I did not understand my importance within her desire, even though she demonstrated so clearly the resolution, with my right arm I have the power to counteract the power of the two, but something did not fit, it seemed that there was a gap in her explanation because the material that my arm was made reminded enough of the Ghosts, so how I could neutralize them and the most important one: my arm possessed symbiotic both to the interfaces of HF Armor and to the Ghosts, so how could I stop them in the middle of a battle; while I was affected by it I ended up bumping into the body of a person.Bookmark here

— You finally remembered my name, thank goodness I hope you become my hero again.— Ayako was crying behind me, she looked like she was breaking up in tears when she saw me, I wondered how I could not relate her voice to her image, however when I tried to touch her image seemed to disappear as if it were an image projected on a screen, but she embraced me as if I was present in the room, creating a confusion, something that Nike’s own omniscience was able to scale.—I had already said that our concept of deities is different from your people, this friend of yours has been with me since that night and she is very excited, no wonder she is my most dedicated believer, your people are quite interesting when we talk about your most alkaline emotions, you constantly change your most superficial expressions while storing your innermost feelings, something my people hardly did before our first contact, no wonder your friend still has the same image since her arrival in my temple.Bookmark here

— Nike, I ask you again why me? I'm nothing, I'm not like my great-great-grandfather, much less am I in the shadow of my sister who as you saw she's a better warrior than me, I'm just a normal person, not a hero who can change the world in a blink, I don't even know how my arm works, imagine a void person like me doing something unprecedented like defeating two armies alone.—I didn’t feel confident, even with all that information given to me, I couldn’t understand this protagonism delivered to me, it all seemed alien, even though I tried to correlate her words with the images that that scenario showed, then I needed a direct answer from her, however, Ayako that managed to put in human words.— You have humanity's most powerful weapon in your right arm, a weapon that has been crafted by the entropy of the universe, your arm can take any shape as long as you want and imagine, of course depending on the energy employed in it, but everything that has happened since you entered the Academy it seems that your ability fell asleep, but it was great to accompany my brother and cousin living with you, however, to activate your weapon to have a practical ornament for you, you need a strong source of energy.Bookmark here

When she said this, Ayako walked up to Nike carrying something in her arms, when she handed this object to her, Ayako turned to me and with a crying face waved to me— See you soon.— In a beam of blue light, Ayako’s body became a light that entered my right arm that returned to its rock-shaped shape, only when she entered my arm that I began to cry for her loss, for I remembered what happened precisely on the Bloodnight, again Nike came to comfort me, but when again I felt his icy touch recomposed my doubt, but now more centered:— What do you want me to do with my arm?Bookmark here

— Use your arm to break through the wall of time, your arm is the only object on this planet that can fight the army of the time.Bookmark here

— Where is this wall?Bookmark here

— You will know when your leader shows you the objective of your mission.Bookmark here

—Leader, which leader?Bookmark here

—The one you call the superb General Hostviner—when she spoke his name it seemed that at the end she laughed at the end of her sentence, as she was disdained of him, or disdaining my experience with him, but in the end, she answered a question that was in my mind and would already mend with my previous question.—When you see big black pillars in the middle of the desert, you should go there to overcome the ruins of the entrance gate using your arm as a key and there everything you see will look distorted, when you realize this you will know that you are in the realm of time, your goal is simple, imagine that your arm can grab everything around you, so you can alter space and time, is that how you talk about these gods?— When I waved yes, she kept passing the instructions— There you might think that your arm would be a bridge, for you to send your friend to the past, when you do that, just leave the place and you will see the change.Bookmark here

Immediately after she said this, the scenery became a purple nebular spiral serving as a stage for Nike, we dived where our planet was supposed to be located as our planet approached us, our size decreased proportionally to fit with the immensity of the size of Zaurus, however, I could see the continental petals that make up our planet and compared with the size of the Cities, that even being quite close to the continent where the Capital City was, But in comparison to the size of the continents it seemed only to be small circles holding the petals and the bridges connected these petals to the pistil where the Capital City was, as we approach the City that "holds" the continent Nilma I could see the same scenario that I saw commonly horizontal from above and when we approached the locality of the Academy, but my vision darkened to the point that only hear the voice of Nike.Bookmark here

— Remember, when you see the black pillars, you must enter the gate and tarnish the realm of time.—She hugged me with all her might, but I felt no pain because of an exquisite strength, but rather came straight to my mind several flashes with images of the site, with Stray Dogs digging something up in the desert, some of her citizens analyzing the area and finally an image showing a piece of this black pillar, the last thing I saw was her leaving alone for the sky, a purple light opened behind her and then I woke up.Bookmark here

When I woke up in a hospital ward, a nurse is taking care of me and when I opened my eyes I ended up scaring her, but when I noticed my awakening she went out of the hall calling General Hostviner when she left on the spot, I could fix everything around me, I was in the same hospital that I discovered my blue arm, but it seemed that I was not so long unconscious, because the tree that stood in the courtyard of the hospital still kept its green leaves, something typical of a mild summer, I returned to hear footsteps breaking the silence of the corridor on the side of my room.Bookmark here

— I'm glad you woke up quickly, I thought you'd waste more years of life lying in bed.— Even keeping his pride, the general was relieved, not only he, Berna who was on his side hugged me with all his strength and in the midst of his crying he said to stay three days in a coma right after that "show" that it was my arm, she said that both she and general were in the hospital while I was in a coma, kind of disrupting the Phoenix operation, but the general himself said that I was still in operation, but I still had to do some tests before returning to the group, seeing that I was well, the two went home, after all, it was night when I woke up, so they needed rest leaving me to the care of the medical team that soon after they said goodbye, began with care for my recovery, but that didn’t last all night because when they saw that I was healthy they left the room for me to go back to sleep, but they left equipment in case I didn’t wake up the next day.Bookmark here

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