Chapter 15:

Starting of a new challenge

Blue in the sky

I woke up already being awakened by the nurses who were putting the equipment for the exam, I was already in a different place than I fell asleep, but it seemed still inside the hospital by the sterile walls that skirted us, this examination consisted of taking a sample on my right arm to substantiate the general’s hypothesis: that my arm is a type of Ghost, of course the whole procedure aimed at me not feeling any pain, so they applied anesthesia on the right side of my torso, all this process supervised by the general and Berna who were outside observing the operation, when the nurses took my clothes was evident my blue veins, something that surprised everyone, but the general ordered them to continue the operation, second part was the most incisive, they took a machine that referred to a Field Tool to pierce my arm, however when that machine touched my right arm it was automatically repelled by an electric field created specifically at the site of the drilling, were five attempts, including in different locations of my arm, but all attempts were repelled by various camps, general seeing that he could not resolve his doubt ordered the members of the medical team to collect blood from my blue veins, since they looked like conventional veins, right after the samples were taken I fell asleep completely.Bookmark here

—He's still on the project, just a little later than you guys, so when he leaves, he actually woke up.— when I opened my eyes, I noticed that I had returned to the previous day’s room and almost everyone was there, Junjoumaru near his cousin on my right by the fact that they were closer to the door while Berna, was wearing her Holdfighter uniform, on my right side trying to calm them both down, when they noticed that I opened my eyes, their faces showed a smile that looked like they saw something extraordinary like a child’s birth, Junjoumaru seemed to want to hug me, but he held on to not do it as if he were listening to a recommendation from Berna.—Glad you woke up little brother, you scared us, we thought you would break our "fight" against that peacock general.— Junjoumaru seemed to be letting go of the pressure of the incident three days ago, but at the same moment the general was entering the place with a hot cup of coffee, Junjoumaru ended up bumping into him dropping the liquid on the general.— BUT THAT CRAP…Bookmark here

A confusion was instituted, but the atmosphere became lighter, for I roaring with laughter, the general’s irritation evaporated upon hearing my laughter, so much so that he quickly accepted Junjoumaru’s apology, then he cleaned himself up and returned to the scene, now wearing his wine-colored uniform, now carrying a glass of water that was Berna’s request, he ended up sitting on the couch in front of me and started talking.— You must be finding it strange that your friends aren't as close to you as they usually are, well I said I didn't want them to be so close to you after all we're still analyzing you to see what happened to you but relax because you will still be following them when it is a more theoretical discipline, as from today, in fact, three days ago, you will not practice any practical discipline.Bookmark here

— But, why?— I, Junjoumaru and Victoria automatically questioned him as to why this, apparently I was not the only one who did not know the reason for this decision.—Simple, you Jonhathan are already prepared to go into the field, even because you shoot down twelve HF Armors, three of them of the Shooting Star class, units that withstand extreme pressures became simple sheets of laminated paper because of their lack of control, I bet that if you controlled yourself correctly, we could have a warrior on the same level as your great-great-grandfather or wanted to be higherBookmark here

— But sir, you don't consider it too risky to put him in the front line, he's in a hospital bed.—Berna was also surprised by the general’s decision, even though she knew more than my friends who shared their amazement at the general’s speech— How could he fight like that sir, please reconsider that decision, at least put me on the front line— I thwarted the conclusion of Victoria’s emotional line, even though I knew her to be so skillful, I couldn’t put Ayako’s closest friend in the line of fire in a battle I didn’t even know was coming, but I held her with my right arm, something that generated astonishment in our senior officers, yet Victoria sketched out a familiarity reaction to being touched by my arm that she only noticed which was my limb when she looked back and saw me sitting on the bed.Bookmark here

— So, Sorry—I startled her arm, she walked away from me and she ended up bumping into the general who as her first action looked where my touch was on her and when he confirmed that there was no relationship ordered her and Junjoumaru out of the room, leaving me alone with Berna Now you will never see your friends again, at least until the end of your treatment.Bookmark here

—What did you tell them?Bookmark here

—The usual one: that we didn't know what happened to you, we didn't know that your arm could get infected and we even warned them that it would be better not to visit you, but their friends are thick-skinned, so the general accepted their visit, but following some protocols like not touching you, but you had to break this one.Bookmark here

— So they don't know anything about the Blue Rose operation?Bookmark here

—Not a comma!Bookmark here

—So could you explain to me the meaning of that exam?—From discovering that the exam consisted only getting the data on me, because I had all the same indications of the Blue Disease of the other members of the operation, only that I did not present more severe symptoms, quite the contrary, I showed new symptoms to them, which left the General confused, but he left me out of the operation for a few months, however, he was pressured by the other officers to show the results of the operation, which until now only showed damage to the vault of order, But Hostviner had no relevant data until he remembered and spoke of me, that I would be the mayor of the operation: a soldier who could infiltrate and destroy the enemy within him, but many of the other generals were disbelievers of them, until what I did on the second day of Operation Phoenix, the operation by which I would be tested on the front line, of course using the lack of new troops on the front.—Basically, I want you to be in our first field operation on this project, after all, you are our model soldier in our Blue Rose operation after all your arm can take any shape, but relax this first operation we will do is just go to a location we discovered.— The general had returned to the room when he heard Berna’s dialogue and then quickly he returned to speak with all his false pomp to me.Bookmark here

— What do you mean, our mission would not be to defeat the Ghosts?— I was confused because after all, I thought we would do a Class 5 or higher mission for the vehemence in the general’s speeches, but one thing I was curious about during the semester is precise whether Hostviner is so strict when he hears about it.—What I said in my speech was a possibility of a possible mission, but our troop's first mission will be to finish your sister's operation.—I automatically sat down to listen carefully to the general.—Better that way, you must remember very well that your sister's last mission before Bloodynight, this is what I'm talking about, maybe she didn't talk so much about this mission, right?Bookmark here

—Did you forget that he has no memories from before his accident?—Berna seemed so astonished at the general’s speech because she considered that the event of three days ago had not changed something in me, unlike the general who showed his hunter’s gaze on me, he seemed to know something that not even Berna, who was probably his long-time co-worker, since I thought of countless possible answers, even the most complex to rival the typical Hostviner pride, however, I noticed that I would not need all the pomp to answer him—Yes, but she normally didn't talk about her problems at work, she must have repeated the same behavior at work, that's what happened Berna?— My gaze at her cleared her and the general’s doubt, both of whom nodded, including Berna, held her tears when she possibly remembered the time they worked together, Hostviner felt comfortable with their situation and began to explain the mission in more detail.Bookmark here

— In fact, her sister was quite reserved in this matter at work, however, she was very dedicated while wearing her uniform, so much so that during her command we discovered the possible place of origin of the Ghosts because that operation she was away for a few weeks was an expedition into the interior of the continent and we even came across a large black structure that resembles a gate, but buried within the sands of the Nilma Desert, we just couldn't continue the operation because of its accident, but we left some troops near this structure. in case it happens at the place, it is a pity that the number of soldiers who remained in the city was insufficient to retain those hordes.Bookmark here

It is shameful to know that I was a thorn in my sister’s side during an operation that could very possibly support her promotion in the order with the discovery of the "gate of the kingdom of time", but there’s still a small piece inside my chest that’s thrilled to learn that she always cared about me, apparently I wasn’t the only one who was embarrassed when the general talked about this operation, Berna disassembled an aspect of discomfort in the general’s speech, but it didn’t stop Hostviner from talking.—Out of respect for her, I, no we finished the work of two years behind her, as we will go there, pick up the structure and take her here for closer analysis, however, this task will not be easy because takes five days to go to the site, even inside the HF Armors, imagine taking an apparatus to bring the maximum amount of structure to the City.—He smiled when he finally revealed his plan, but there arose a huge impulse in me coming straight from my right arm signaled by a stew soon after his speech, that impulse took over my body of assault, for I jumped out of bed to attacklo, it seemed that I had turned a robot as it was in the Coliseum occurrence with all my emotions being stolen for me to follow the order coming from my arm, however at the last second, when I was close to striking thefornt general with my arm that had taken a blade shape, I was able to control my body so as not to attack him, but on the contrary, he kicked me with all his strength that managed to break the hospital bed with me, that noise caught the attention of everyone outside, Berna who tried to stop me was amazed at all the action, But you noticed that my consciousness returned just as my arm returned to its normal shape, but it took General took a few seconds to appease his killer instinct and when he noticed the return in my arm, he automatically bawled.Bookmark here

—You were controlled right?, You can say I won't do anything against you, just say if it was this or something else?— With my positive nod he calmed down, he called Berna near and spoke some words that I could not hear through a combination of factors that were the nurses, who were actually Holdfighters specializing in rescue because of the white band with a red star in the center on the left arm of one of them who was lifting me, asking me that I was right along with a sound of energy inside my head, it wasn’t an electric current running around my body like it was in the earlier operation on my arm, but rather a noise that sounded like a metal solder filling my head and didn’t help much with the crowding of my room, however, I saw Hostviner’s speech before I was taken to another hospital room by those Holdfighters.—Take him to the hospital terrace right after lunch, I'll talk to him for our weapons.Bookmark here

They took me to a room, still on the same floor, only more isolated, very likely not to show me to the people outside the operation, there my meal was already set on the table, I just sat down before devouring almost every meal, to notice that I would not attack, the Holdfighters took the opportunity to eat with me, it seemed strange this act of them, but one of them said that he met my sister in a mission that she commanded and in a lunch break he and his companions shared the table with her who talked to them as if she was a similar, they also told about how she was quite solicitous and friendly with them, unlike other superiors of them, the conversation flowed up when they received a call from Hostviner himself to take me up to the hospital terrace; The terrace was on the top floor of the building, was covered only by the roof that supported a heliport, but the place seemed to be unoccupied, even being skirted by several windows twice the size of a person, which naturally illuminated the place, the general is just on the opposite side of the entrance, already holding his already drawn foil and on his side this Berna holding his uniform.Bookmark here

—I hope you had a good lunch as this could be your last—As a lightning bolt the general attacked me and I couldn’t even run away because behind me were those Holdfighters who had lunch with me, I thought only one thing: Defend them, in a fraction of a second I turned my right arm into the first thing I could remember, then I remembered just what happened the last time I was at the Academy where I was able to fully connect to HF Armor as more of a layer of skin on my body, so I turned my arm into the shape of what would be the "arm" from the machine and endured the general’s wave of attacks.Bookmark here

—Did you create this arm consciously or not?—Within one of the small intervals between his attacks, the general asked me about this sudden change, I just blabbed saying that I wasn’t a monster, or something pompous just to show me to everyone who was on the spot, I don’t remember right, Because the waves of attacks from Hostviner pretty much hijacked all the air next to me, I didn’t care because I was hoping those Hostviners would come down from the only elevator that gave access to the terrace when the elevator stopped on one floor was the moment that Hostviner retreated from his intensive attack to gain breath for the "next round", since I just fell on my knees exhausted from that first wave, something strange is that I thought I could hold out the same or longer than Junjoumaru, Maybe it’s my digestion that ruined the stone wall strategy.—Tell me, why did you have this stupid idea?Bookmark here

—Simple little brother, you always reacted instinctively when you changed the shape of your arm, even when Victoria touched you in the Academy infirmary, she told me during your beauty sleep; well I think you are being controlled in all these moments, after all unlike just now that you turned your arm into a member of HF Armor, your arm took strange shapes to you, unless your sister took work home.—Hostviner expounded his thought back to me, he walked up to Berna guarding his foil before turning to me, but now beside his subordinate—How is? She never even spoke a line about work.Bookmark here

—So you've never seen this before, right?—He took a blue dagger with Berna, this dagger seemed to be a miniature version of the dagger that my arm transforms, even sharing all the geometric designs inside the blade, which left me amazed, however, a familiar voice rose to my head simply telling me: "Attack him"; unlike earlier I held that impulse, upon realizing my sudden change of mood, General and Berna took a step back, Hostviner gave the dagger to Berna and took his sword, pointed it at me and with his classic superb voice said:— Knew there was something behind you boy, you have the same kind heart as your sister, now attack! the one behind that blue arm.Bookmark here

From now on I don’t remember what clearly happened, because quick after Hostviner’s speech, everything in front of me became a dark blue mist, practically shutting me out of everything that happened out of that mist, the only thing I could hear was the sway of a fight, randomly I could see the general as he struck my face with his foil, that my isolation lasted little, after I heard a great rumble all in this mist dispersed, I was chained up and Berna was pointing a firearm at me, or something similar to the Bows class in my face, she was pretty bloody, while the general was getting cares from a rescue Holdfighter, I looked all over the place and the whole austere scenery from before became a pretty devastated place, several of the windows were broken, including those perpendicular to me, where there were two HF Armors holding the chain, the face of Berna was terrified, apparently I did something extremely brutal, so much so that some of the pillars were destroyed, when I saw my right arm, it was glowing with alien writings for everyone on the spot, except for Hostviner who with regained consciousness got up and walked up to me.Bookmark here

—Don't kill him, I want him alive, you're pretty lucky or unlucky because you're going to help finish a job for your sister, the problem is you're the item we've been looking for, "The blue key in the black lock, when you puts one inside the other will get unlimited power" you must have heard that somewhere right?, so let's go together to that gate and see what kind of power is there, hope the thing in your arm cooperates with us to arrive in the location.—That was the last information I had because he automatically fainted and I felt like I was hit by some tranquilizer dart because falling asleep, all I saw was just darkness until I was woken up by a noise of a moving vehicle when I opened my eyes I was in a glass chamber, wearing the Pilot’s uniform adapted so that my arm did not conflict with the fabric, while all the other Holdfighters were in their full uniforms, including one that realized my awakening, but when he was going to report the vehicle stopped.Bookmark here

—Ladies and gentlemen, we have finally reached our goal in recent years: welcome to the gate of Lauriceia—Hostviner’s voice drained by the radio of all, when he said that all celebrated as they were ridding of the weight of their consciences, all immediately left the vehicle leaving the cover that protected my capsule fall in the middle of the sand, soon after the light from our larger star overshadowed my vision I could see and feel that I had arrived where Nike had spoken: the gate of the time kingdom.Bookmark here

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