Chapter 11:


Villain of Technology

My name is Anthony Date or what they call the Villain of Technology. Someone gave me this title and I just accepted it to hide my identity. I don't really have plans to conquer the world, I just want to explore and learn everything. Maybe I am a villain but I'm not villain. I know that was confusing but that's just the truth. I'm not a villain.
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[8 Years Ago]Bookmark here

*Anthony start to learn about the other villains. He go to the lab of Jack Zaizen with his cape and his mask on so that he can keep his identity secret..Bookmark here

" If it is the Villain of Technology, you're quite popular these days for being a new villain.", Jack said.Bookmark here

"Well yeah, I wonder why I'm popular.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"What brings you here? Is it my time to die in you're hands or what.", Jack asked.Bookmark here

"I want to know what you've been doing these days.", Anthony answered.Bookmark here

"And you think I will tell you, with you're tech you probably know what I am doing right now.", Jack said.Bookmark here

"That's the point, I already know it, that's why I'm asking you. I already know about your project, It's either you think that I'm bluffing and lie or tell the truth.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"You're smart and you're curious.", Jack said.Bookmark here

"I am smart and probably curious too about other villains.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"And what are you gonna do next? stop us from conquering the world.", Jack asked.Bookmark here

"I won't interfere to your plans as long as I'm not your enemy.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"You're not my enemy yet, or maybe never so, I'm happy that way. As long as you don't interfere with my plans.", Jack said.Bookmark here

"I guess it's settled.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"What I've been doing these days is transforming people into a gaming characters.", Jack said.Bookmark here

"Is it the same as Villain of Mutants?", Anthony asked.Bookmark here

"It is but I did it better than him. I perfected the mutation, no flaws, no side effects and no mistakes. With the combination of mutation and programming, I can create a perfect game character.", Jack said.Bookmark here

"Explain.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"You see, each game characters have their own traits, I use the mutation to match out those traits like if the game character is a tank then I will make his real skin thicker and so on.", Jack said.Bookmark here

"So it's only a physical appearance, no magic or lasers?", Anthony asked.Bookmark here

"Maybe I can't do magic or lasers but I still have time to discover it.", Jack answered.Bookmark here

"Well that's cute, what about the programming?", Anthony asked.Bookmark here

"I use programming to the peoples brain so that they will act like their character. A perfect game character.", Jack said.Bookmark here

"Are you a game character right now?", Anthony asked.Bookmark here

"Yes I am, I'm a strong game character that can massacre everyone in this world.", Jack answered.Bookmark here

"Why don't you massacre people right now?", Anthony asked.Bookmark here

"Massacring everyone is like having a death sentence. Once I reveal my true intention, there is a time that I will die so lay lowing for now will help me build an army and then I will massacre everyone where I cannot lose.", Jack answered.Bookmark here

"Ok, I will wait for that grand reveal. I think that was it, I will go now and wait until the time where we are enemies.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

[Anthony fly away]Bookmark here

"Yes, I will wait too.", Jack said.Bookmark here

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[6 years ago from now]Bookmark here

*Anthony go to Wrestler Villain hide out with his mask and cape.Bookmark here

"Hello Mr. Inoki, how's business?", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"Business is booming! Wait, who the hell are you?", Roman saidBookmark here

"You want to know who I am. I am the Villain of Technology.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"Who?", Roman said.Bookmark here

"VOT men, I'm popular.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"I think you're fading, you haven't done anything that will destroy the world.", Roman said.Bookmark here

"I don't want to.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"So what are you doing here?", Roman asked.Bookmark here

"I'm here to learn about the brute serum.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"You know what new guy, I haven't been into a fight lately because I keep on making this serum so lets go for a round and if you win, I'll tell you everything. If you lose you will help me produce more of these serum.", Roman said.Bookmark here

"I'm down.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

*Anthony and Roman get to a fight. Anthony can't block Romans attacks and he's losing.Bookmark here

"I miss fighting.", Roman said.Bookmark here

"Your punches are so annoying.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"That's the power of the serum.", Roman said.Bookmark here

*They continue the fight but Anthony can't keep up because Roman punched so hard. Anthony got an idea that instead of blocking his punches, dodging it instead. Anthony dodges his attacks that makes Roman trip and fall. That's when Anthony comboed him and makes him sleep.Bookmark here

"How can you tell me about you're project if you are a sleep. That was a good fight, I think I broke some bones. Sleep well Roman.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

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[5 Years ago]Bookmark here

*Anthony gets invited to the villain meet up.Bookmark here

"Hey kid, come join us here in the table and not stare at the sky in the window.", Danny the Villain said.Bookmark here

"He's just new, he probably scared.", NGGYU Villain said.Bookmark here

"Don't mind him, he is VOT, he can hear us from the window so it's fine.", Jack said.Bookmark here

"Hey new guy, lets do a round 2 next time, you left when I woke up.", Roman said.Bookmark here

"Enough of this, Villain X summoned us here, you get the info.", Karl said.Bookmark here

"Yes, we get it.", Everyone said.Bookmark here

I didn't get any information about what they're doing. I make sure to know everything but why I don't know about that information. That Villain X is the highest tier villain so he might be clever. He might use birds to deliver those info. And by the looks of things, everyone inside is not talking but giving each other signal. Why invite me if I'm not involved to their plan? Are they trying to capture me? I better leave this place.Bookmark here

*Anthony leave the meeting for his safety. The other villains are still in the meeting.Bookmark here

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[4 Years Ago]Bookmark here

*Anthony is sitting outside the restaurant. Someone snipes him from a building. Anthonys bendable metal cape the ATTOTECH made, protected him.Bookmark here

"I'm gonna be rich after this.", Blaze said.Bookmark here

*Anthony comes flying and punches blaze.Bookmark here

"How is this possible, I hit you in the back of your head.", Blaze said.Bookmark here

*Anthony goes to his sniper and cover the hole with his hand and shoot it. The gloves Anthony is wearing protected him from the sniper.Bookmark here

"So now that you know that I can deflect your bullet, do you still gonna target me, Blaze.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"You're quite funny Villain of Technology, but I underestimate you. I thought you are some reckless villains like the others.", Blaze said.Bookmark here

"Who wants to kill me?", Anthony asked.Bookmark here

"That's non of your business. I won't target you anymore so you have nothing to worry about.", Blaze said.Bookmark here

"If you don't want to tell me then that's fine. If you try and kill me again then I kill you first.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"Choose your words kid, and also I see that you duplicate money so if you have a target that you need to dispatch, come to me.", Blaze said.Bookmark here

"Everything for money.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

'That's how I works.", Blaze said.Bookmark here

"Okay, I'll call you,", Anthony said.Bookmark here

*Anthony left.Bookmark here

Someone is trying to kill me. This person hired a low tier villain or a serial killer to kill me. I'm not safe anymore. Those past 6 years of being free are now coming to end but I'm not gonna do anything yet. I'm only gonna fight if I had to, not when I want to. So I should be prepare till that day come. I' do not, cannot, will not interfere unless they attack me. As long as I'm not fighting someone, then I'm not a villain, I am a Spectator.Bookmark here

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