Chapter 12:

The Grand Reveal

Villain of Technology

*Anthony barely escaped AVA from the ambush. He’s lay lowing for now. Prof. Kurayami still doing everything on his power to find Anthony. He can’t track down where Anthony is but he gets an idea.Bookmark here

“Alice Hajime, I have a mission for you.”, Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

“The Villain of Technologys identity is already out, I can kill Hera now.”, Alice said.Bookmark here

“Easy Alice, You can have your revenge on Hera when we kill Anthony.”, Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

“What’s my mission?”, Alice asked.Bookmark here

“From what I observed. Anthony and Hera are close to each other. Your mission is to follow Hera around cause she’s the one who will lead us to Anthony.”, Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

“Sound easy.”, Alice said.Bookmark here

“You have to follow her from a far where there’s no CCTV or any technology that will ruin your mission.”, Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

“That’s it.”, Alice said.Bookmark here

“Don’t kill Hera yet, kill her at the very last second.”, Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

“I understand.”, Alice said.Bookmark here

*Alice begin to follow Hera around from a far.Bookmark here

“I really can’t believe that this is happening.”, Neil said.Bookmark here

“Hmph.”, Leo said.Bookmark here

“He ran away.”, Eugene said.Bookmark here

“I don’t see him as a villain, though.”, Sam said.Bookmark here

“Why do you think he join our university?”, Lizzy asked.Bookmark here

“Maybe he done it for a reason. All I know is my dad died because of him.”, Hera responded.Bookmark here

“You’re really against him?”, Sam asked.Bookmark here

“I don’t know.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“Anthony is not a villain, I know that. But what’s happening right now is madness. I still be with you Anthony.”, Sam said.Bookmark here

*After the conversation of the squad, everyone goes home. As they go home, Hera got a phone call from Anthony.Bookmark here

“What are you doing!?”, Hera asked.Bookmark here

“I know it’s messed up but please listen too me.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“Are you the Villain of Technology.”, Hera asked.Bookmark here

“Yes! Yes! Look, I need to talk to you in private, I’m gonna explain everything. I’ll send you the info.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“Make things clear, okay.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“I will.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

*Anthony hung up. Alice knows about Anthony and Heras conversation so she reported it to Prof. Kurayami.Bookmark here

*Anthony go to the park where he will meet Hera in private and---Bookmark here

“Anthony!!.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“Miss Hera, thank you for leading us to Anthony.”, Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

*Every AVA agents revealed themselves and surrounds Anthony. Everyone points there guns at Anthony.Bookmark here

“I didn’t do it, Anthony.”, Hera said.Bookmark here

“Villain of Technology, you are surrounded. No escaping this time.”, Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

“Do you see where I’m standing?”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

*Everyone looks down and see that Anthony is stepping on a landmine.Bookmark here

“If I lift my foot, everyone in this area will die. If you shoot, everyone will die. I knew that this will happened.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

[FLASHBACK]Bookmark here

*Anthony hung up.Bookmark here

“Margo, can you please check the vicinity where Hera is.”, Anthony asked.Bookmark here

“There is no CCTVs in the area, Anth.”, Margo responded.Bookmark here

“Then do a satellite scan.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“I found someone.”, Alice said.Bookmark here

“Who is that?”, Anthony asked.Bookmark here

“Alice Hajime.”, Margo said.Bookmark here

“It all makes sense now, that means Hera is in danger.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“What are you gonna do?”, Margo asked.Bookmark here

“I need to save Hera. Margo, prepare another ATTOTECH and prepare the mines.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

[END OF FLASHBACK]Bookmark here

“You will also die from the explosion.”, Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

“I can survive this explosion, Professor.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“This is not gonna end well, I need to kill Hera.”, Alice said.Bookmark here

“As the Villain of Technology, I will confirm that the explosion that happened 9 years ago wasn’t me.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“We done our research.”, Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

“I am the Villain of Technology, don’t you think I haven’t done my research yet.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

“Maybe you didn’t do the explosion but you still a villain.”, Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

“Why do you want to capture me? Is it because I am a villain or is it because I’m the only one who can stop you from your plans, Villain X.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

*Everyone is shocked from what they heard and start to point their guns at Villain X.Bookmark here

“If Prof. Kurayami is Villain X then Marie Sakamoto didn’t escape the prison.”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here


“Miss Sakamoto, I have a target for you.”, Villain X said.Bookmark here

“Who is it?”, Sakamoto asked.Bookmark here

“Lizzy Fukuhara, she gets suspicious at us.”, Villain X said.Bookmark here

*Villain X open the prison cell of Marie.Bookmark here

*Sakamoto launch an attack at Lizzy but get killed by Hera.Bookmark here


*Everyone point their gun at Kurayami.Bookmark here

“It's disrespectful to point gun at me. You’re injections you got, it’s a micro nuclear bomb that can kill you instantly. If you disobey me, you die. Now point your guns at him.”, Villain X said.Bookmark here

*Everyone is being forced to point their gun at Anthony.Bookmark here

“What should I do? Whose side I am on?”, Sam said.Bookmark here

“Let me ask you one last question. Why are you so desperate to kill me?”, Anthony asked.Bookmark here

“We could have been partners, we could have rule the world but your parents refuse so now I will take your brain and combine it with mine.”, Villain X said.Bookmark here

“So you’re the one who hired that villain to kill my parents and explode that building, 9 years ago?”, Anthony asked.Bookmark here

“A villain killed his parents but, another villain exploded the south building? That villain killed my father.”, Hera is angry.Bookmark here

“Yes, I am, everyone is mine like these agents here.”, Villain X said.Bookmark here

“You killed my parents.”, Anthony is angry.Bookmark here

*Anthony fire a gun with the ATTOTECH to Hera. Anthony lift his foot from the mines. Alice launches an attack at Hera. The ATTOTECH reaches Hera before Alice dagger hit her. Margo give Hera a suit and Alice hit her from the back, the suit saves her but she got knocked out because of the impact of the blade. The landmine triggered but it didn’t explode instead there is a big flash bang that removed the vision of everyone for a few seconds. Anthony fly towards Hera and see that Alice isn’t affected of the flash bang.Bookmark here

As I expected, Alice is an assassin student of Sakamoto and she also has the brute serum that’s why she’s not affected by the flash bang. I need to knocked her out before everyone’s vision comes back.Bookmark here

*Anthony launch a punch at Alice but she dodge it and launch a punch at Anthony.Bookmark here

I’m wearing a suit but you’re punch is still hurts.”, Anthony said.Bookmark here

*Anthony get an idea. Anthony grab Alice and use his ATTOTECH to hold her. Anthonys other hand transformed into a Enhanced Impact Gloves or EIG and hit Alice as hard as he can and completely knocked her out.Bookmark here

*With that Anthony grab Hera and fly away, leaving everyone behind and knowing that Hera is in danger if he leave her be.Bookmark here

*After that flash bang trick, Villain X lose again to Villain of Technology.Bookmark here

“Kill Hera.”, Villain X said.Bookmark here

“I can’t! Her micro nuclear bomb has been deactivated.”, Villain x Assistant said.Bookmark here

“That guy is annoying. We’re not done yet Villain of Technology. Everyone to AVA.”, Villain X said.Bookmark here

*Everyone is still forced by Villain X.Bookmark here

“What are we gonna do?”, Sam asked.Bookmark here

“We have to obey him for now.”, Lizzy said.Bookmark here

[Villain X and Alice]Bookmark here

“You’re plan failed!”, Alice said.Bookmark here

“I know you want to take revenge on your mom Sakamoto but you can do that later. I have a plan.”, Villain X said.Bookmark here

“That’s the only thing in my head right now. Hera killed my mother.”, Alice said.Bookmark here

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