Chapter 33:

You are mine!

Who will the Villainess choose?

Akira povBookmark here

“How did you suddenly get two wounds on your hand?” he asked with concern but I was tongue tied.Bookmark here

“Would you believe if I say that a bird came in the storm and hit me from its beak and then flew with speed so fast that you would have trouble looking at her with your naked eyes in that heavy rain?” I asked and he frowned.Bookmark here

“If you do not want to tell me then it is fine.” he mumbled and I sighed.Bookmark here

“But I am telling the truth. There is a bird that is so beautiful with its colorful feathers. But she becomes angry whenever she sees me with you. It seems that she did not like you. Is there any creature like that?” I asked and his face hardened. He was looking like he would kill someone this instant.Bookmark here

“If this is a joke, princess. It is the worst joke I have ever heard. And here I thought we have passed the line of making jokes at each other!” I could see that he was angry but did not get the reason. He kept complaining that I had done something wrong. But what was it?Bookmark here

“My lord, your meal.” a girl came with a food trolley in her hands.Bookmark here

“We have already had our dinner.” I replied to the girl who stopped in her tracks and then looked at Damien. I rolled my eyes at her pitiful act! It was not like I had scolded her or insulted her that she was making that pitiful face!
But then I looked curiously at Damien to see how he would react. I kept looking at him, but he did not give any reaction at all! As if he did not hear us at all.Bookmark here

Even the girl stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do!Bookmark here

“My lord, do you want to have dinner?” I asked him in the end.Bookmark here

“I just wanted something warm for you, so that you will feel better.” he replied as he took a towel and started drying his hair. His silver hair shone with the drops of water that were slowly falling over his face. He was looking so mesmerizing that I could not blame the girl who was gawking at him!Bookmark here

“Leave the cart here and you can go.” I said with a sigh and the girl nodded but looked at him reluctantly as she left the room with the speed of a snail.Bookmark here

“Are we going to share the room tonight?” I asked as it may not be a big deal from the world I have come from but it was a sin here.Bookmark here

As expected his eyes widened hearing my question and he looked at me angrily. Bookmark here

“How could you even think about it? Are you forgetting that you are the future empress of the empire and I am the biggest enemy of the empire? If things went public you will be executed for treason!” he said with a cold voice and I gulped. Bookmark here

‘Alright, I have never thought that I would be killed just because I shared a room with a hot guy. It was not like I was going to something. I didn't even have that kiss!’ ah! The kiss!Bookmark here

“Then wouldn't it have been a big deal if i would have kissed you?” I asked, tilting my head as I was sure he had not shown any reluctance at that time.Bookmark here

“That is because I was sure that you would not kiss me.” This time his voice was a pitch higher, but his face was filled with guilt! He was lying.Bookmark here

“Ha! What if I would have kissed you??” I definitely asked. Bookmark here

Thus he moved his face and walked towards me with slow footsteps as if a hunter was walking towards its prey. I suddenly started to feel uneasy, my heartbeat rose as I looked at his face that was filled with complicated expressions.Bookmark here

He sat beside me and his hand held my chin, he moved my face and looked straight into my eyes,Bookmark here

“If that would have happened, I would have taken the responsibility by marrying you. But then I would have to kill the prince for that.” he said with an intense gaze. Bookmark here

“Why did you need to kill him for marrying me?” To my own surprise, I heard myself asking that question. As if I had no problem with marrying her, I was just worried about the death of Andrew. But it was a honest feeling.Bookmark here

‘Marrying him did not sound that bad, and somehow my heart felt fuzzy and warm after hearing that!’Bookmark here

“Because I am sure he would not let you go without insulin, a war to have you.” His grip on my chin tightened and he came closer, his lips moved closer to my ears, almost kissing it in the process, “because you are one hell of a seductive temptress that could be the reason for the destruction of the whole empire.” his hands moved from my chin to my lips and then he moved them abruptly as if he got burned by my touch.Bookmark here

“I am going to the lobby for the night. I will see you tomorrow, Akira.” since when have we lost honorifics completely!
I saw him leaving the room with mixed reactions. There was no doubt that I was in love with Andrew. Then why the hell did I feel so much emotion when Damien was coming close to me? And I was sure that he was feeling the same too. I have seen it in his eyes!Bookmark here

I closed my eyes and moved towards the trolley and took a glass of water when I heard the flapping again. But this time there was no smile or love in my eyes as I knew that the bird could hurt me anytime it wanted.Bookmark here

“Why are you here again?” I asked in a colder tone this time as the bird moved and tried to sit on my shoulder but I moved away.Bookmark here

It tilted its face as it looked at me. Maybe I was hallucinating but I felt that the bird gave me a smirk!Bookmark here

“Koo kooo..” it started chirping as if telling me something but I did not get a word. Then it flew back to the window and brought a paper in her beak this time.Bookmark here

It looked like a small letter. I frowned as I was sure it was not there a second ago. Still I moved and took it as I wanted to know what this was all about.
Taking the letter in my hands, i opened it to read, Bookmark here

“You are mine, Akira. You could not be with anyone. It was too difficult to find you and bring you here. Do you think I will let you kiss someone else? No, your body, your soul, your lips, you kiss. Everything is mine.” I felt fear crawling up to my body. These were the same lines that the shadow who followed me in my dreams told me why they were trying to assault me. Bookmark here

I looked at the bird whom I have taken as my friend. That bird was smirking once again as it looked at me, and this time there was no doubt in it.Bookmark here

It gave me one last look as it flew back into the stormy sky while I just stood there spellbound!Bookmark here

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