Chapter 34:

Let you go!

Who will the Villainess choose?

Akira povBookmark here

When the door opened with a creak I turned to see Damien was standing there. He frowned looking at me.Bookmark here

“Why are you standing there with an open window? You are all wet again?” He took big strides towards me and pulled me back as he moved and closed the window and pulled the curtain to cover it.Bookmark here

Then he turned to me. I shivered with the cold as his icy gaze pierced my body. Bookmark here

“What happened to you suddenly?” I wanted to tell him about the bird, about the note. But I was sure that he would not believe me. Like he did not believe me before. Suddenly I was feeling lonely and had a strong urge to go back home. I want to go back to my time where there was no magic and we could call cops to deal with the stalkers!Bookmark here

Tears filled my eyes with that thought, and he looked at me stunned.Bookmark here

“Hey, why are you crying now? Are you a small girl that cries over this small matter? I have not even scolded you!” he scolded again as he moved closer and tried to pat my back but his actions were so stiff and clumsy. I was sure it was the first time that he was trying to console someone.Bookmark here

“I am fine.” I replied but my voice came more quivering than I had thought. Soon hiccups formed as my sobs died.Bookmark here

“If you are fine then why are you crying and hiccuping? Do you know there is even snot on your face? You are looking too ugly!” my eyes widened and I glared at him.Bookmark here

“Are you even real? How could you say that to a girl? You are worse at consoling people who are crying, I am sure you will make them cry further!” I replied as I puffed my cheeks.Bookmark here

“It worked on you though. And I am not going to console any other woman in my life but you.” he shrugged his shoulders and I blinked. Bookmark here

Only then did he realize what he had said.Bookmark here

“I mean it is because you look ugly while crying that is why I can not see you crying.” he said in a sharp tone, his red ears giving away.Bookmark here

“You are a perfect tsundere.” I said as I chuckled hard.Bookmark here

“And you are a perfect queer girl! Crying and laughing simultaneously. Anyways you should go to sleep. I was here just to take my coat. This time lock the door and do not open the window again.” he said with a sigh as he moved towards the door and i panicked!Bookmark here

‘What if the bird returned? Or what if I slept and the shadow followed me again?’ No, I shook my head. I would not stay here alone, I would not stay anywhere alone!Bookmark here

“Wait, Damien, why are you going out? You are the archduke, you have an image. You can not sleep in the lobby.” I was sad as I held his arms tightly.Bookmark here

He frowned looking at my behavior.Bookmark here

“I have already told you, we can not share the room. You know the consequences too!” he said with a frown but then concerned filled his eyes when he looked at my scared face. “Is there something that is troubling you?” Bookmark here

I just bowed my head but did not reply. Bookmark here

“If you will not tell me, I will not be able to help, Akira.” he replied with a frustrated tone.Bookmark here

“Damien, we can not share the room, but we can share the lobby together, right? Since there are already so many people there. No one would double there we are there so that we can share the proximity.`` I asked, and he sighed.Bookmark here

Running a hand in his hair, he kicked the bed to take out his anger. I could see his irritation. Bookmark here

“Fine, then who is going to use this room?” he asked as he looked at the room, though it was not luxurious enough. It was still more comfortable than the lobby where only a part of the sofa or chair would be all we had.Bookmark here

“We can give it to a mother with kids or a sick or more needy person. That way you will even get respect from them.`` I replied and he shook his head.Bookmark here

“Do you think I need respect from them? I am not the one who acts to get sympathy. I am not like your fiance!” he replied as he looked at me with disdain.Bookmark here

“Yes, but maybe a few of them have seen your sibling. I can talk to them and ask them discreetly. Oh, come on Damien, please! I do not want to stay here alone.” he sighed once again looking at my pleading face.Bookmark here

“Fine, follow me. But do not complain later when you will not get a comfortable place to lay down at all!” he replied with a glare and walked out.Bookmark here

I followed him with a giggle. Bookmark here

When we reached the lobby it was filled with people, each had a blanket with them and they were having tea or soups. They stood up looking at Damien and bowed their heads.Bookmark here

“We have decided to give room to the one who needs it most. As we cannot see all of you in trouble. So, is there anyone who is sick or has an emergency? `` Everyone looked at the woman with three little kids, one of her daughters was continuously sneezing and shivering.Bookmark here

“You can have room for tonight. Warm bed and blankets with fire will help you.” she bowed her head again and again with gratefulness as she thanked us and left.Bookmark here

We both sat on the chair when the man offered us a sofa.Bookmark here

“This would be more comfortable for the lady, my lord.” I nodded with grateful eyes and we both settled on the sofa with two blankets.Bookmark here

I continued to look around afraid to even close my eyes. While he closed his eyes as soon as he found a comfortable position. Soon, everyone slept and the lobby turned silent. Bookmark here

I continued to look at the fire, but soon my eyes turned heavy and I fell asleep.Bookmark here

My eyes opened and I was once again in the dark forest. I could hear the same footsteps and the same evil smirk.Bookmark here

“You think you can escape from me? No, Akira, I have called you to make you mine. You can never leave me.” I started running again as his words fell in my ears. Bookmark here

I was afraid that he would hold me, take me like last time. No, I could not let that happen!Bookmark here

“You can run as much as you want, Akira. But in the end you will be mine. There is no way for you to escape.” came his evil voice so close that i started running faster but soon my legs gave away.Bookmark here

My body was exhausted and I did not have the courage to run further.Bookmark here

“Please, I am not the real Akira. I just somehow transmigrated here, and this is not even a real world. It is just an otome game. Leave me, let me go. I don't even know who you are!” I cried as I could not bear this anymore. It was making me sick!Bookmark here

“Tsk tsk! It is not any game, my dear wife! It is a parallel world from where you have run away. But I have brought you back, and this time I will not let you go!”Bookmark here

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