Chapter 16:

Hunting a spy: A web of lies further to reach might be a helpful tool to protect.

Cellular Redo

What happened so far. We where able to perform the concert with no any further problems. Well I wouldn't say that night went smooth sailing from then on.Bookmark here

I found one of the transfer page as I was grabbing my bag in the club room. That page was one of Iwasaki's transfers papers to a fancy expensive school in Tokyo. And again later that night I was picked up by her older brother, who gave me a ride in order to get a talk with me privately. I gotta say he was pretty intimidating when he was talking to me. The end of our conversation he warned me to stay far away from Iwasaki despite the fact he knows we're dating. In the end I felt frustrated knowing that he's got a big up on me and one mistake he could hurt my friends and family in an instant if he felt like it. The next day I confronted Iwasaki but she also suggested I should stay away from her and I should forget even meeting her.Bookmark here

A week has passed and we haven't spoken or interacted with each other. She didn't attend club activities not once. Even when we pass each other in the hallways we felt like strangers to each other. The more and more things continue like, this the more frustrated I get.Bookmark here

My friends saw me looking depressed and snapped me out of it saying I need to make things up with her. When I came in to, I found her in the back stage of the jym where she was playing a piano. I asked her to follow me to our club room where I told her what I've noticed when I first heard her play. She cried out of bitterness of her self and I was there to confort her.Bookmark here

Now we are still in the classroom and Iwasaki looked to have calmed down from her outburst of crying thanks to her emotions.Bookmark here

"So what do we think we should do with your brother?" I asked in order to guage the situation at hand.Bookmark here

"Well for one thing what we do know is he is obsessed with me transferring out of this school as soon as possible." she says.Bookmark here

"About that, when do you start to transfer?" I asked.Bookmark here

"I can't transfer immediately since midterms are coming up. So I think I'll be transferring until the end of summer vacation." she said.Bookmark here

"I see, so whatever we have to do, we gotta do it before then. Another question, how does he know everything about me and our relationship? Does he have any spys in this school?" I asked.Bookmark here

"That can be a possibility, however he hasn't been in the country for over 2 years. So he did not know my enrollment to this school up until recently." she answered.Bookmark here

That makes a lot of sense, since the last time I went to her house I didn't see any other cars for any other matter. That could mean he doesn't know about our face relationship incidents then?Bookmark here

"I see. How many spys do you think he has in school and who do you think could possibly be the spys?" I said.Bookmark here

"I don't know. But I think his personal attendents could range up of students and teachers. " she explained.Bookmark here

"I see... So everyone in school could be our spy. And since everyone have been spreading rumors around the school about our relationship, it made things even worse. This is so tirering." I said.Bookmark here

"Well, well, well. What are you too doing in this room all alone? I see you've finally made up with each other." a voice came out of nowhere suddenly spooked us. And that voice was, again, from Nakano and she brought the whole gang.Bookmark here

"Jeez, Nakano you gatta stop doing that. One day you'd give me a heart attack you know that." I responded to her sudden surprise visit.Bookmark here

"Come on you'll live. Anyway we all came here to help you in any way we can. But it seems to be you've already resolved the issue." she said.Bookmark here

Wait if the spy here's that we have finally resolved our issue it'll put us in a disadvantage and we'll loose our element of surprise. Think! What's the best solution here.........Ah I've got it.Bookmark here

"Actually our problems are far from over. I mean we've resolved it but there's a chance that who ever tore us apart could do it again." everyone looked at me so surprised as I said that.Bookmark here

"Well here's the thing. Someone intended to break us up out of jealousy. We both don't know who it is. But if we could suddenly get back together, that person would persist on making matters way worse than they already are." I said that and everyone listened attentively. I then looked looked at Iwasaki, who was currently standing behind me and gave her a wink. Which I believe she understood what was I trying to do.Bookmark here

"Oh I get it. You want to act like you too are in bad blood and we should keep our mouth shut and act like nothing happened." Nakano says.Bookmark here

"That way who ever is responsible could have impression that he or she had succeeded. Right?" Miyazaki senpai said.Bookmark here

"Could we count on you?" I asked.Bookmark here

"You kidding me. What are friends for I mean, I think we can handle it." Nakano says.Bookmark here

"I'm not the type who like to ruin other people's relationships like that. So I'll keep it a secret." says Imai Senpai.Bookmark here

"Me as well" says Miyazaki senpai.Bookmark here

"A-And me also." says Miyura.Bookmark here

"Thanks guys. This means a lot to us." I thanked them.Bookmark here

The next day after school. I was walking in the hallway towards the bathroom.Bookmark here

Let's see we don't know who is the spy or how many are they. And the problem is there could be anyone in this entire school.Bookmark here

After I'm done doing my business in the bathroom, while returning to the classroom I felt like I'm being followed from the back. I then picked up my speed. That person keeps following me. Since the hallways where filled with students I couldn't make up who is it. Who ever it is sure can blend nicely with the crowd. I walked toward the corridor with no one in it to make up her face. I entered random classes to take some cover. After a while, I didn't here any footsteps at all. I think I lost that person. By any chance can that person be a spy. Now I'm being paranoid.Bookmark here

The soon I crossed the corner I collided really hard and fell. When I tried to get up, I was covered by darkness.Bookmark here

"Hey I can't see what's going on." Without knowing whats going on I extended my hand an felt something soft and firm.Bookmark here

"What's this. It's so soft and firm." I kept squishing until I heard a sudden moaning. Don't tell me. I tried to remove whatever was in my face. And to my surprise, I'm on top of a girl while grabbing her brests. Not again.Bookmark here

"Umm.... Could you please get of me? I can't move." she said while blushing. Bookmark here

"Sorry, sorry. I didn't do it on purpose I swear." I say as I get of her. My face was so red that you could confuse me as a tomato. Bookmark here

Despite the fact that I accidentally groa...i mean grabbed her chest, she didn't look unfazed. This girl has blond Bob haircut, huge eyelashes and her chest, well, I think is kinda nice. I think. A-Anyway she looks to be your typical gal. Bookmark here

"Don't worry about it. I know it was all a mistake. I shouldn't have ran towards you like that." she says as she stands up. Bookmark here

"So how where they?" she asked. Bookmark here

"What?" I asked since I don't know what she was talking about. Bookmark here

"My boobs of course. You where acting kinda rough fondling the earlier." as she said that my vision focused on her breast. Bookmark here

"HAAA... AH.... NOO.... YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG . LIKE I SAID I DIDN'T DO IT ON PURPOSE." I started to freak out. Bookmark here

"Don't worry I was only joking." she says as she giggle. Bookmark here

It turns out that the thing she was holding was a banner and she was taking it to the storage room at the jym. I accompanied her and of course I was holding the banner. As I was walking I just had thought, I think I saw her somewhere but where. Bookmark here

"You're always going your way helping out people. Why is that?" she asked. Bookmark here

"What is this an interrogation?" I asked her with my own question. Bookmark here

"Oh come on. Isn't kinda of a drag for you always giving a hand just to not getting anything." she explained. Bookmark here

"I don't think so. I do it because I want to. I don't want anything in return." I say. Bookmark here

"Is it why you helped the music club form? " she asked. Bookmark here

"If I did then I would not know how to play now would I." I said. Bookmark here

"Fair point." she remarks. Bookmark here

"Ahaa... I knew it. You're with another girl. I knew that you're a sleasebag, but I didn't think you'd go..... OOW WHY DID YOU HIT MEEE?" she whines after I bonked her in the head. Bookmark here

"That's for calling me a sleezebag. And this is for making me repeat myself." I said as I hit her on the head again. Bookmark here

"OOW BUT I WASN'T GONNA SAY IIIIIT." she whines. Bookmark here

"I'm not quite sure about that. Anyway what are you doing here Senpai, don't tell me that your skipping away from your work again." I said. Bookmark here

"Weeeell." she looks away. Bookmark here

"Why are you the president in the first place?"i retorted. Bookmark here

"You should probably get back to work or Uchida senpai will get angry at you again." the girl I was walking with said. Bookmark here

"Yukiko-Chan may be cute but she'll never find me." Sakai Senpai said. I feel sorry for Uchida senpai since she has to deal with this one's idiotism. Bookmark here

"Hey, isn't that her walking that way?" the girl I was walking with continued and Sakai Senpai jolted. Bookmark here

"Well..... I..... Um..... Seer ya!" she immediately ran to the direction we where walking. Bookmark here

"And there she goes. You really did that on purpose didn't you?" I said. Bookmark here

"Well I think it had to be done since she just can't stop annoying you about the marriage misunderstanding thing that happened when you bumped with Uchida senpai." she said. Bookmark here

"Yeah I guess you're right." I said. Bookmark here

"Also it's kinda funny to see her panic like that." She continued. Bookmark here

"You know that you're cruel right?" I said. Bookmark here

We continued to walk to the jym. And we put away the banner. Bookmark here

"Thanks a lot. You know that you're a great help." she said. Bookmark here

"Anytime." I shortly replied. Bookmark here

"Now I got somewhere I have to go so I would like to ask you for your help sometime. And who knows I might give you a reward next time." she said while showing her breast a bit. Bookmark here

"Are you trying to mess with me?" I responded trying to put up a straight face. Bookmark here

"I'm just only joking. We see ya. Hayashi." she said as she was moving out of the jym. Bookmark here

The next day I was walking towards the staff room to go submit some important club activities reports. I think about the same girl from yesterday who came out of no where. There is something about here that I can't put my finger on. I was in deep thought until she approached me and stood right next to me. Bookmark here

"Good Afternoon. How was your day?" she said with a big grin on her face. Bookmark here

"Am I supposed to answer that question?" I retorted. Bookmark here

"You're always with those quick remarks are you."I said. Bookmark here

"Yeah I guess I am." I said. Hold on how does she know about that?Bookmark here

"Just who the hell are you." I asked her after I stopped walking for a moment. Bookmark here

"Hmm. Well I guess we haven't introduced each other yet." she said. Bookmark here

"Apart for the formalities. You've already know my name and you talk like you already know me. That's kinda weird for a person I just only met yesterday. Now I ask again who are you." I asked with a bold look in my eyes. Bookmark here

"Well I obviously know your name because you're dating Iwasaki, the beautiful girl in this school. Of course I would know you're name." she said. Bookmark here

"Good point I can let you go on that part. But I can't let you go just yet. You known my habit of helping people without any obligation to need to and my incident with Uchida senpai. Not to mention yesterday when we met how come you where going the direction opposite to the jym? Was it to make an excuse for following me earlier?" I asked. Bookmark here

"Hm. My my you're quite a detective aren't you. But I'm kind of curious about how did you find me out?" she asked as she grins. Bookmark here

"You're obviously dodging my question aren't you. But I'll tell you how, it's because you where one of the girls who was helping us set up our equipment the in our last concert. And you pretty much made it easy for me to figure out. Now I've answered yours you're supposed to answer mine. " I explained. Bookmark here

"You give me more credit." she responded. Bookmark here

"I think I would like to here your explanation. So I'm going to join the conversation as well." Iwasaki said while coming out of the corner nearby. Bookmark here

Who is this girl. How much does she know about our plans is she one of the spys in the school. And how many of her are there. Bookmark here

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