Chapter 17:

Meeting with the devil: An older brother's promise

Cellular Redo

After mending our relationship with Iwasaki, we both thought of a counterattack to her older brother. It turns out Iwasaki doesn't want to transfer to another school even though she's about to before the end of summer vacation. So in order to prevent that we need to find a way to stop it. Our first step is to find the spys around campus who are keeping an eye on Iwasaki and her close friends, including me. While walking inside the hallway I was tailed by an unknown person. I later bumped onto a farmilar girl, who I believe was helping in preparation for the concert. I later found out that she is acting suspicious as if she was collecting information about me. Bookmark here

Iwasaki and I are currently in the hallway standing across two sides of our accused spy. In this situation her escape routes are blocked the only way through is from me or Iwasaki. But I highly doubt that she wants to make a commotion, then again this is a huge gamble again. She could just attack one of us and start running. Be that it may, I think she might attack me since there is a possibility that she's working for the older brother and she wouldn't do anything to harm Iwasaki. But I can't let my guard down. Bookmark here

"Now tell us, who are you?" I said with a serious tone. Bookmark here

"Now see as if that the two of you had trapped me in both sides. It seems that I have no choice then." the accused spy says as we are anxious of what she's going to say. Bookmark here

"Lady Tamako Iwasaki, I'm sorry for showing my presence with my informal attire. But as you might have guessed, I am one of your brothers high ranking maids. My name is Shina Matsuyama." she says as she bows to Iwasaki. Bookmark here

"So my prediction was right, you are a spy, huh." I said.Bookmark here

"When have you been spying on me?" Iwasaki went straight to the point and asked her. Bookmark here

"I have been asked to surveillance you from day one of your arrival to this school." she answers. Bookmark here

"And how many are you in this school? " she asked again. Bookmark here

"In order to not cause suspicions I was the only one tasked to do this. And since my master, your brother, only knew just recently, he lacked man power to form a unit to watch over you." Bookmark here

"I think just one person is already too much, but an entire unit is kinda going too far." I remarked on her answer. Bookmark here

"I see. Anything else you need to tell us?" Iwasaki asked her one more question. Bookmark here

"There is nothing in particular." she answered. Bookmark here

"So we caught our spy, so now what?" Iwasaki asked me. Bookmark here

"Hmm, Can you give us contact with him?" I asked. Bookmark here

"Unfortunately, he is out of the country for an important seminar overseas. And I don't have any information when will he come back." she answered me back. Bookmark here

"I see, so the guy is out of the country. Great. Well there's nothing else on my side as well." I said.Bookmark here

So now we know that Matsuyaba is our only spy. And the he is out of the country already now what's our move. Bookmark here

"Just message me when he gets back there is something I want to personally talk to him about." I added. Bookmark here

"I'm sorry ma'lady but even though you have found out that I have been sarvailing you, I'm still not going to stop and I'm going to add this to my report." she said to Iwasaki. Bookmark here

"It's fine. You can add everything that has went down here." I said. Bookmark here

"Wait is that even safe? He might use this to make things even worse than they already are." Iwasaki said. Bookmark here

"Are you sure everything." she asked. Bookmark here

"Yes everything from the last detail I want him to get the message when I meet him." I said. Bookmark here

"As you wish." she said. Bookmark here

"Wait one more thing. Why did you confront me, if you where tasked to surveillance Iwasaki. I doubt that it's just mear chance. That doesn't add up." I asked Bookmark here

"Just yesterday I was tasked to act as your mistress in order to make miss Iwasaki see you as a scumbag in order to diminish any lingering feelings she might have for you. I might have done it today if you haven't caught me." she said. Bookmark here

"Talk about insurance. He is really good. But it doesn't make sense I already....... I see. Also can you talk like how you did before I feel uncomfortable when you talk like that." I said.Bookmark here

"Is it fine ma'lady?" she asked Iwasaki.Bookmark here

"It is. After all you would blow your cover if everyone sees you out of character." Iwasaki says. Bookmark here

"Then in that case. Can we exchange Line ID" she says with a big grin in her face and Iwasaki and I are both shocked. Bookmark here

"Why all of a sudden."I asked. Bookmark here

"Wait a minute, you don't even have MY ID. How come you get to have hers. " she complains. Bookmark here

"Oh, how interesting. You don't have your pressious girlfriend's contact numbers? How rude can you be?" Matsuyama mocks me. Bookmark here

"Hey, give me a break. Things have been pretty busy in the last few months that I forgot it's all." Honestly I even surprised myself how come I don't have her contact info. Bookmark here

We then exchanged our contact information and went our separate ways. Iwasaki and I went to the club room to gauge the situation. Bookmark here

"So far we know that Matsuyama is the only spy guarding you in the school." I said.Bookmark here

"But what I don't get is why did you tell her to report everything. Isn't that  kinda stupid." she asked. Bookmark here

"That maybe true. But I have a plan. Even though it's a gut feeling, trust me on this one." I said. Bookmark here

"Aright fine. As long as you don't risk our plan for nothing. I really don't want to leave you guys." Bookmark here

"Don't worry. I did promise, didn't I. I'll resolve this and if push comes to shove, I'll force him to refuse." I said. Bookmark here

"I doubt that would ever happen." she chuckles and I follow. Bookmark here

It has been about 4 days since we found out about Matsuyama. And lately nothing has really happened in particularly. And suddenly my phone rang to notice me of an incoming message on Line. Bookmark here

"Come meet me at the back of the jym after school there's something important that I have to tell you." Message from Matsuyama. Bookmark here

"Sure" I replied. Bookmark here

I could only guess what's up with that sudden text u got. It's probably going to be about the older brother. Bookmark here

Finally after school. I rushed out the door to meet up with Matsuyama. To be honest I'm anxious about this meet, in fact I feel like I want to ditch it thorough and through. Bookmark here

"You came. Well what do you think? " Matsuyama asked. Bookmark here

"If it's about your boobs, I've already said that I'm sorry okay." I responded. Bookmark here

"No not something like that. I'm talking about this situation. It looks like I've sent you a message to meet me in so that I could confess my feelings for you right." she says with a smirk on her face.Bookmark here

 "Then if that's the case then I would have gave you the biggest rejection you'd ever hear."I remarked. Bookmark here

"Why isn't that harsh. You know a kind of response would hurt a young maiden's heart. " she replied on my remark. Bookmark here

"Just skip to the point, why did you drag me out here for? Is it to waste my time, because it's sure as hell walking." I added another remark. Bookmark here

"My aren't you impatient. One sec." she took out her phone to call someone is what it looks. Bookmark here

"Hello..... Yes.... Yes.... He's with me now here." She handed me here phone. Bookmark here

"Hello" Bookmark here

"You're more observent than I've expected. Figuring out Shako is one of my attendents." Bookmark here

"You're giving me way more credit than I deserve."Bookmark here

"Haaah I guess, Matsuyama mosly was not giving out her clue as professionaly as possible. Bookmark here

"Anyway, this is not a good place for us to talk. Why don't we meet somewhere else in person. Huh." Bookmark here

"Sounds good where do you want to meet." Bookmark here

"You tell me, I'm not rich at all." Bookmark here

"Of course you aren't. How about the PALACE CAFFE in town." Bookmark here

"Sounds good, meet you there then". Bookmark here

I ended the conversation over there and quickly threw her phone. Bookmark here

The next day I went to the palace caffe. The building is huge. Is this a caffe or company. Upon the entrance there was a butler who accompanied me to my table. Bookmark here

 "I'm grad you've made it." the brother says to me. Bookmark here

"What is this, your first date or something. I'm sorry, but I an not into guys. I said and he laughed. Bookmark here

"Anyway about Iwasaki." I continued. Bookmark here

"I've heard everything about her. And while where in the that subject, you really had fun fondling Matsuyama's chest huh." he mocked me and it worked Bookmark here

"That stupid girl when I said everything I didn't mean you should tell them about that." I said. Bookmark here

"But I'm surprised that you're still persisting, after all that I've said. Man you're so annoying." he says. Bookmark here

"You'd expect nothing from me. I'll anoy you as long as it takes until you let Iwasaki stay at our school. After all I made a promise." It would seem I have broken his facade a little. He seem to be angry. Bookmark here

"Hoh really, what makes you think I'm going to change my mind? You gotta be insane." he said. Bookmark here

"I. don't just think, I just know that you would." I said. Bookmark here

"You're really are amusing guy you know that. But this is not some kind of game." he says with an intimidating tone. Bookmark here

"Tell me something, why did you just suggest me I should stay away from her. It was kind of interesting since you look to be those hot shot business men who always has an ulterior motive even to his family." I explained. Bookmark here

"Where are you getting at? " he asked. Bookmark here

"I'm just saying that you're a kind brother is all." I said. Bookmark here

"I'm not following." he said. Bookmark here

"Take my situation for example. When I was talking to Matsuyama earlier. It donged upon me. Why would you collect my surface data instead of my entire background data? It's easy you only did that in order to frighten me by flooking me rather than chasing me out of town or something. You did all of that to fool me and Iwasaki to hate you. Doing it in order to protect her no matter the cause In order to protect her. Bookmark here

"Like I said. You really are an interesting person. You got that one right on the money. I did all of that to protect her from my family's influences and curruption. But if she stays in that school they'd grab her at ease. At least, I could protect her." he said. Bookmark here

" You make a compelling point. In my opinion, I think transferring her to that school is more dangerous. Wouldn't they infiltrate her gaurds and take her out then?"Bookmark here

"That's a possibility. But I'll at least know how to find her. I don't want anything to happen to my little sister."he says. Bookmark here

"I'll be fine." a voice came from the table behind me was from Iwasaki. She then faced our side.Bookmark here

"Tamako. What are you doing here." he asked. Bookmark here

"She was here this whole time in order to here why is she being treated like how she did." he looked surprised as I said that. Bookmark here

"I guess the cat is out of the bag." he says while he chuckles a little bit. Bookmark here

"Look while what you're doing is applausable, but didn't you think that you're taking her to the same route as where you where talking her far away from." I said. Bookmark here

"Bother, thank you for what you have done for me up until now and I appreciate it. But you should have a little faith in me. I'm not a little kid anymore." she said as she bows. Bookmark here

"How you've grown. Fine I will cancel the transfers. But I'll increase the surveillance quality on you." he said. Bookmark here

"I think that will be fine brother. " she said. And just like that we won a battle of her freedom. But something tells me that we haven't won the war yet. Bookmark here

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