Chapter 15:

Her Circumstances: A desperate song for help

Cellular Redo

"I'm going to say this once so at least get it in your skull. Brake up with Tamako and stay away from her as far as possible." he was being more intimidating than usual right there. I could feel how serious he is from that last remark.Bookmark here

"Tamako is part of the higher society and simply hanging around with you and that commoner school is nothing but a hindrence to her, and our image in the society." he says so arrogantly. His words alone made my skin crawl. Bookmark here

"If so, then why did she enroll to our school in the first place?" I asked out of calm. Bookmark here

"It's mearly a phase she's on. But I think when she transfers to the new school, she'll come to hers senses when she goes to the environment she belongs. Don't you see she's just merely using you to convinience her self. " he then says. This guy is insane his aura is really suffocating me now what he says make me even furious. But don't let him get into your head Hayashi. Bookmark here

"Now I know I'm being harsh on you. Think of this as a brother going all his way to help his own sister. I'm pretty sure you, of all people know since you also have a sister as well." he continued. I felt like punching him in the face is how mad I was. I held back since I think he's just trying to get onto my head to mess me up. I just have to calm down. Bookmark here

We then arrived a block near my house where he dropped me off. I'm now walking in the silent street trying to digest what he said. And each time I kept thinking about It I get even more frustrated and I punched a streat pole near me to exitinguish my frustration. Why are things happening like this?Bookmark here

"I'm home" I shout as I returned home. Bookmark here

"Welcome back how did your concert go?" she asked.Bookmark here

"Fine." I gave here a short answer and headed straight to my room. And mom, her underwear and shirt again, I didn't even breathe out one remark about it. Bookmark here

"Onii-Chan the bath is ready." Iroha shouts. I didn't even respond to her. I eventually, got up to take a bath. After I finished with my bath, dinner was already ready. Iroha gave me my portion. I kept taking small bites than usual today. Bookmark here

"Onii-Chan are you alright you seemed not your self since you came back from school." Iroha asked. Bookmark here

"Usually, you scalf down basically everything Iroha gives you. Right now you're just eating like you've lost your soul." mom followed. Bookmark here

"Huh, ah no the concert was a blast. We all rocked it." I responded in a depressed tone. Mom suddenly stood up, walked toward where I'm seating and gave me a hug. It was walm and comforting. I felt like I didn't want her to let go. Bookmark here

"It's fine, if you don't want to tell us. I'm pretty sure whatever is eating you must be painful. You can tell us whenever you're ready to. For now just we're here for you, right Iroha." She said. This is the side of my mom I really like. Every time I came home sad, she'd confort me like this. Bookmark here

" Right we're here for you. Onii-Chan "Iroha joined. Bookmark here

Monday morning when I was walking towards the gate I saw Iwasaki coming out of her car. That ice queen expression that faded away a while ago has returned once again. I tried approaching her but..... Bookmark here

"Ayato, Hi Hi. Huh, is there something wrong?" she asked. Bookmark here

"No. It's nothing really." I said that and Nakano noticed Iwasaki in the distance. Bookmark here

"Hey why don't you call out your girlfriend? Are you in an argument?" she asked. Bookmark here

"You could say that." I said. I don't want to tell her whats going down, because I don't want to get her involved in this matter. Bookmark here

Durring lunch, met up with Iwasaki in the hallway. Things became awkward right now. The hall was as silent as an empty room. Bookmark here

" So..... Is it true that you're transferring?" I asked just to cut the tension hanging in the room. Bookmark here

"Did he tell you? " She seemed to be a lot more tensed up about it. Bookmark here

"Well, yes and no. I found out from a paper you dropped in the club the other night and he told me and said I should back off." I said.Bookmark here

"Like that....huh....and I was really enjoying here." she whispered but couldn't hear what she was saying. Bookmark here

"It been fun. Hanging with you and the other but my time is up here. It was fun while it lasted. If anything I would like to say goodbye to you my dear first friend I've ever had. But it will be easier for you to forget me. " she gave out a big smile while she said that and then left right there. Bookmark here

A week past and things stayed the the same as they where. Iwasaki stopped coming to the club room anymore. The only time I could see her is when we passed each in the school and when we do, we looked like we're complete strangers. These days I kept having this ache in my chest. I felt like I wanted to shout releasing all my rage. Bookmark here

Later in the afternoon I was on cleaning duty. I was basically holding the broom and drifting out of no land. Bookmark here

"Hayashi, Hayashi what's wrong? You've been standing on the exect spot for a while now." she asked and apparently she's been calling me for awhile now. Bookmark here

"Ah, I'm sorry. I'll get back to cleaning." I said after recovering.Bookmark here

"Tell me. Hayashi is the reason of you acting depressed related to you not talking to Iwasaki?" she asked and I immediately stopped what I've been doing. Bookmark here

"So you noticed huh?" I said. Bookmark here

"Damn straight we did." a sudden voice came out of nowhere said that. The voice was coming from Nakano standing at the door , who was with Miyazaki and Imai senpai. Bookmark here

"You where basically a walking zombie this past 2 weeks that everyone could tell." She continued while walking towards me. Bookmark here

"It's nothing you should worry about." I said it while I looked away.Bookmark here

"Huuuuu, there you go again saying that it's not a big deal, when it's clearly is. It's literally tearing you apart." she said and to be honest she's telling the truth.Bookmark here

"We all don't know what happened to the two of you but all we know is that it's up to you to fix it no matter what. After all our club is not interesting without our precious two Kouhais. " Imai senpai said. Bookmark here

"You're the one who persisted on letting her joining the club. I know you can fix it." Miyazaki said. Bookmark here

"I don't know if I could do it. I feel I don't know her that much though and I feel like I'm biting more than I chew." I said and Nakano held my shoulders. Bookmark here

"Do you remember what you said during our introduction. You said you want to make a lot of friends and new memories. Do you really want to include a bad memory that you don't want to fix?" Nakano said as I looked amazed. Bookmark here

"I-I also believe in you." Miyura also voiced out her opinion as well. Bookmark here

Since when did I become this influensive. But it's true though. It's not like me to mope around like this. And also I did make a promise. Bookmark here

"Alright you guys won. I'll make up with Iwasaki." I said that with a smile on my face. Bookmark here

After that, I went to look for Iwasaki. She could be anywhere in the whole campus and I doubt she has left already. Now I think I just have an idea where we could find her.Bookmark here

I've arrived at the backstage jym. Where the grand piano was placed. She was sitting quietly as if she never wanted to go anywhere. Bookmark here

"I thought I might find you here." I said. Bookmark here

"How did you know where to find me?" she asked. Bookmark here

"Because the piano is the only that makes you happy, since you've chosen to close us down." I said. Bookmark here

"What do you want? " she asked. Bookmark here

"I'll tell you, but first you wanna follow me?" I asked. Bookmark here

We both went out the jym and as I asked she followed me. The whole time we where walking she kept quiet. Unti we reached the club room.Bookmark here

"This place?" she asked by not knowing. Bookmark here

"Yeah. This is where we both met, hang out together and even laughed together and practice for that recent concert. Those memories we both, no, we all shared weren't much, but they are all precious." I said. Bookmark here

"It's all hopeless because all of them at this point they feel like nothing but a dream." she said. Bookmark here

"You know why I brought you here?" I asked. Bookmark here

"To waste my time on foolish memories." she says. Bookmark here

"I see you still got a sharp tongue. But no I brought you here because this was the first time I've heard you play that piano. Even though you bearly recognize the out tuned note." I said that to mock her. Bookmark here

"S-Shut up. And so you heard me and annoyed me to join the club. I get it all."she says while she was embarrassed. Bookmark here

"That I did. But the note wasn't the only thing that I've noticed. Remember what I said when you said I should give you a good reason for you to join. I said that it sounds like you're crying for help." I said that with a serious face and she tensed up. Bookmark here

"I didn't get it at first but now I think I get the picture. What also helped was a rich girl like you going to an average school like this also adding your brother to the equation. All of that means that you're caged from the shackles of your family for a while and have been desperately crying for help now haven't you. "I said that but the I see tears dropping out of her eyes. Bookmark here

" Ah, sorry I didn't mean to hurt you or anything. "I said trying to calm her down. Bookmark here

"Huh.... all all that you said was ridiculous but why am I" she went from tears dropping to bursting with tears. I got that one right on the money. Bookmark here

"You don't know me, you don't know anything. All I've been through in my life. Everytime asking why was I born different from the others. The envy I had for not being able to be like the others." she says while she weeps. Bookmark here

"I get it and I could only imagine it but now I am here for you." I said and her weeping became louder. Bookmark here

"Why are you so desperate on me. All of this could have been easier for me to get past. Since I'm used to it already." she says while she weeps. Bookmark here

"I told you already what are friends for didn't I" I answered. Bookmark here

"But, but all I just did was use your kindness for my own personal and emotional gain. I used you." she then cries even more louder. Bookmark here

"That smile and laughter didn't look or sound fake at all. And I think you noticed as well. I'll tell you this and now. I'm going to do anything in my power to set you free and make you live a happy life you ever wanted. " I said that last part after extending my arm towards Iwasaki. She then ran toward me and desperately hugged me and I hugged her back. Bookmark here

"It's gonna be alright now. You can let it all out. I know that you've suffered a lot and tried your best. But just leave everything to me. For now lay everything to me. " I said to her and I've held her until she came down. Bookmark here

That's right I will save Iwasaki. But for now let me clear the first hurdle. The older brother. Bookmark here

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