Chapter 11:

Revelation. Understanding. Difference.

Little green apocalypse


We are all born equal.

At least, that’s what they say.

In truth, the birth, the appearance in the world of a new being is the most unequal thing in the world.

Even universally.

Each person is born with their own specificities, their own environment…

And each grows up in a different way.

In this case, can we be equal to others?

The answer is simple.

We are only equal, in the value of human life.

We are born, we live, we die.

Currently, no one seems to have deviated from this rule.

And if anyone had made it, I don’t think he or she would want anyone to know.

Immortality has been a delicacy for generations.

In the end, we can just see that humanity seeks to widen these inequalities, because he doesn’t want to be someone’s equal, he stands out from them.

Is this also my case?

I was born with these powers.

I’m not the one who wanted it.

But, do I have to deny my birth so far?

Do I even have the right, towards my mother?

Or even to this father, whom I never knew?

We’re not born equal, but some would have liked to be born like others.

… If I hadn’t had this power, how would my life have been?

I would have made friends, like in these manga.

I would have studied.

And after…

I would have a life, a family life.

Only to worry about the next day.

Only worry about my ‘other half’.

… I think I’m starting to understand the meaning of these words.

All of these things make sense.

… Tell me, Hiko.

Am I a monster, to you?


“You knew I was listening to you, eh.”

Was it necessary, all these restrictions?

I can’t even speak…

“If I allowed you to speak, you could still grow plants.”

“I’m wary of your instability, it’s better this way for now.”

“… Your body was in a terrible state.”

… This thing draws from the available resources of my body and materializes in all of them…

All sharp things I can imagine. Or rather, it’s a reflection of my thinking at the given moment.

This thing uses my body as it sees fit…

Well, that thing is me.

“Isn’t it painful?”

… Yes, it hurts.

I feel like I’m transfixed everywhere.

It’s a hundred times worse than when my heart was pierced.

Even if the resentment is different.

How’s your arm?


“We’ll say that I’ve known better times. I won’t be able to use it for a while.”

You didn’t fix it, let me put a splint on you…


Very well.

“… Sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that.”

“It horrified me enough to see you like this.”

“Your mental state worries me a lot.”

“You’re the shadow of yourself.”

How is the man?

“… I killed him.”

What’s the value of a life?

What’s the meaning of all this?

I no longer look like myself?

Have I ever been someone?

… I wish this was all over.

If only.

If you two hadn’t been there.

I wasn’t born like the others, that’s what you think, Hiko?

I’m starting to think so too.

You, the others, you certainly have no power…

But yet, me and my mother, we do.

There are people like me, right?

… That’s the reason for all of this, right?

I’m not the only one…

Unless those voices in my head are right.

I have to restore balance.

What disturbs this balance?

You disturb this balance.

I disturb this balance.

The solution is simple, right?

What are you doing?

“I’m stealing your energy.”

“… I don’t like to see you like that, Lyre.”

… What are you going to do if I explode, like before?




“You won’t”

… Do you want to test me?

Gushed out…


Show him…



“Have you finished your seizure?”

Why aren’t you afraid?

“Why will I be afraid of the one who saved me?”

Stop taking my energy, I’m going to pass out.

“… Actually, I should absorb enough to keep you out for the next few days.”

“It would be impossible to leave with you relaxed. I’ll tie you onto a cart and drag you home. It’s possible with everything there’s here.”

… Don’t do that.

“Give me a good reason.”

There are several reasons but…

Do I have to say them?

… I would prefer to keep them secret.

“It’s useless trying to hide things from me.”

“I’m inside your brain.”

Get away from me!

“Stop struggling! I’m not going to let you do another silly thing.”

I’m not doing to do anything, please stop!

“No! I don’t believe you. I don’t trust you!”





“This flood of emotions… I felt like my head was exploding.”

“What are you talking about?!”

… Don’t touch me.

Don’t come near.

I will defend you.

Whatever it costs me, you will survive.

You will survive, don’t worry.

If you take one more step…

“… Calm down.”

“I won’t touch you, so calm down.”

“And explain me everything.”

Free my mouth, please.

“Thank you.”


“Do you remember, yesterday?”

“That moment, when i…”

“I panicked.”

“You came to comfort me.”

It was yesterday? I can’t remember how long it was.


“I was happy.”

“No… It was more than that.”

“I didn’t want this moment to end.”

“I don’t know how to describe it… It was a very strong feeling.”

“Stronger than anything I’ve felt before.”

“And that night…”

“This thing has grown.”

“… Did you really do nothing?”

“I don’t know how to do it, but you, you know…”

“Don’t tell me that…”


You understood?

… How smart you are, Hiko.

“It’s impossible.”

“It’s not possible, Lyre. It doesn’t work like that.”

… Is that so improbable?

“Improbable? No, no. It’s impossible!”

“Aren’t you the one lying to me?!”


“No… You’re not lying to me. You’re not the type to do so for so little.”


There’s something wrong with me, right?


“I can’t help you on this one. It’s impossible. I don’t have the skills at all. There’s something weird with your body.”

“But to say that now is a bit ridiculous…”

“It’s your body. You have to tell me what to do.”

“… I have to go back home.”

“I have to collect the blood at home.”

“Blood, for what?”

“… I miss some.”

“… Altogether, can you carry me for a while?”

“But untie me, I’m begging you. I will not...- “

“Of course, I’ll untie you.”

“I think the problem is no longer there.”

So, the real fun begins?

… My life is busy, isn’t it?


“Let me fix your arm, I’ll call a plant.”

“Are there times when you think about yourself, damn it?”

“Don’t grow anything, we’ll do with what’s already here.”

“And I forbid you to use your power too much, otherwise I will tie you up again.”

“… Okay, sorry.”

“Well installed?”

“Yes, but are you sure it will be okay? We can wait, I’ll be back on my feet very quickly…”

“Don’t worry, it’ll train that arm for me, while the other one heals.3

“… I shouldn’t abuse your kindness. As soon as I can…- “

“Idiot, get some rest. You’ve done enough for today.”

“Take this gourd, if you’re thirsty.”

“… You should keep it. It will serve you more than me.”

“… Do you mind that much thinking about yourself? Learn to love yourself a little, Lyre.”

“Yes, but…”

“We’ll see when the times comes. For now, keep it.”

“It’s your job to protect other, right? Start with this one.”

“Can you breathe well? I told myself that a roof would be nice for this kind of situation…”

“Yes, it’s nice.”

“It doesn’t bother you?”

“… Are you worried about me?”

“Of course I’m worried!”

“… I see.”

“… Say.”

“How were the girls, in your school?”


“Or humanly?”


“Physically, they were quite attractive.”


“Do you find me attractive?”


“Yes, a bit.”

A bit…

“… Humanly, nothing special.”

“Some followed suit, and others formed groups together.”

“It wouldn’t have had an unhealthy side to begin with. But the following was more complicated.”

“The pressures, the tensions… They were really split.”

“All because of a boy they loved.”

“So, I thought they were pretty scary.”

“… Do women get scary when they fall in love?”



“Well, no, I shouldn’t say it with such conviction.”

“I have already explained to you with the examples of my parents.”

“But in general, people are capable of a lot when it comes to love.”

“From the most fanciful to the most incredible. Sometimes going through the most terrifying.”

“Everyone sees love in their own way. And each perception leads to another way of seducing the opposing one.”

“I’m not an expert on this, but that’s how I observed this.”

“Hope that gave you a general idea.”

“Quite honestly, it troubles me even more than my basic vision.”

“But I think I can understand what you want me to understand.”

“Everyone tries to convey their love, in a more or less physical way, since they can’t directly deliver it. Since it’s a feeling that only exist within us.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“As long as you understand the concept, you can manage for the rest.”


“I can’t give you an answer yet.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I feel that way for you…”

“I don’t know If I want to be with you. I don’t know If I want to pass my love on to you.”

“At the same time, we stick together permanently…”

“You feel good with me, right?”



“… Forget it, keep moving forward.”

“Yes, yes, princess.”

“Are you angry?”

“For what?”

“My behavior.”

“I often go against your decisions. I’m impulsive. And… I stupidly pursue my dream.”

“We could have died because of me… Because of my indecision.”


“To tell you the truth, you piss me off.”

“… You see, you’re angry.”

“I hate when you protect me. I hate to see you suffer. Seeing you like this hurts me. And I hate your powers.”

“They make you believe in a stupid dream. They consume you and weaken you. Seeing you degrade yourself every day breaks my heart.”



“I know how you are, and I don’t want to change who you are.”

“I like your personality. I like your state of mind. I like how you take care of the things around you. And I find your vigilante mania pretty cute. Take your time, and you’ll find yourself.”


“I’m not doing this to be cute!”

“I know it well! Haha!”

“I like your way of being. You are genuine, bordering on the strange. You seem to be ‘override’ the rules of society. You’re quite unique in yourself, but what I love about you…”

“It’s your gaze.”

“… Why are you looking at me?”

“Your gaze, it looks at my soul.”

“I feel like you can see into people’s souls.”

“… Thank you?”

“You’re welcome.”

“All that to come back to your question. No, I’m not angry, so take care of yourself. Or I’ll have to do it for you.”

“That’s what you’re doing already, right?”

“Oh, no. I told you. Practice.”

“… Don’t hesitate to let me know if you’re tired.”

“You know very well I won’t!”

“… Idiot.”

“Sleep well.”

“… Good night.”

I had a dream.

A dream where I was high in the sky. Beyond the clouds.

The size of our planet was fascinating.

… But I felt alone.

No one was there with me.

I was the only one who could contemplate it all.

And I started to feel sad.