Chapter 13:

Chapter 13; Sigma- The Festival of the Lights


Chapter 13; Sigma- The Festival of the LightsBookmark here

The Festival is this lux~Bookmark here

The Festival of the Lights. The one lux of the luxus when the darkness of Umbra would be repelled though ever so slightly.Bookmark here

It was observed ever since we humans came into being that the Umbra of the last lux of each luxus would always last three times as long, if not more.Bookmark here

As it would be difficult to work in the dark, human ingenuity took over and conquered Umbra with the likes of oil lanterns and mana lamps, the latter of which could be widely seen around the city of Tawouest as street lights that illuminate the city during Umbra.Bookmark here

Interesting titbit of information but not one that would be relevant to a 15-luxus old girl such as myself.Bookmark here

I mean come on! It is the festival, one of the most interesting and fun lux of the entire luxus. Bookmark here

For the past 10 festivals where I am old enough to grasp its significance, I would always celebrate it with my friends from the Gardina but ever since we graduated from the Gardina last luxus, we barely see each other anymore…Bookmark here

Although by luck or by Lux, I managed to meet two new friends over the past few luxes. Bookmark here

One is Yang whom I found lying unconscious in the forests at the foot of Mount Sagar just outside of the Sagar Biquadrant.Bookmark here

She was a weird one, speaking in an unknown tongue. Bookmark here

A girl that looked more like a boy than most boys, I highly doubt that most, if not all of the people around her, including mum and big brother ‘lyza took her for a boy. Bookmark here

It even got to a point that she was mistaken for a young man that tried to escape his duties in Matha and was abducted by the Matha guards even though Jyn was the one beside her.Bookmark here

Speaking of him, there is another friend that I have met these past few luxes, Jyn. He just showed up at our home after Anna and I brought Yang back from the forest.Bookmark here

But he’s a guy.Bookmark here

He was also another weird one. Not only can he converse with Yang but he could also communicate with his crow friend, Glass.Bookmark here

But he’s a guy.Bookmark here

A boy that looked more like a girl than most girls, I highly doubt that most, if not all of the people around him, including mum and big brother ‘lyza took him for a girl.Bookmark here

But he’s a guy.Bookmark here

I am more than sure that I have just repeated my last sentence.Bookmark here

But he’s a guy.Bookmark here

Anyways, the two of them did not have any intentions of revealing their true genders outright. So as their newfound friend, it would be my duty to keep their secrets from leaking out as much as possible. Although clever people like Anna would have already grasped the gist of what is going on even without us saying anything…Bookmark here

That is not the focus of this lux. The true focus of this lux is the Festival~Bookmark here

Eliss: [And with us this lux is Yang and Jyn, wandering travellers extraordinaire~ Our mission this time around?~ To have every bit of fun to be had during this Festival of the Lights!~]Bookmark here

I declared with much zest and enthusiasm in the middle of the streets we were walking.Bookmark here

It is embarrassing, you know? To shout like this in the middle of the streets…Bookmark here

Normally, that would be going through my mind but since this is the Festival of the Lights, everyone is more than willing to drown themselves in the bustling atmosphere that they would not pay as much attention to the weird things happening around them.Bookmark here

That was until the sound of thunderous applause erupted from the tall figure behind the two of them, attracting the eyes of everyone around.Bookmark here

Jyn: [Glad to see that you are having fun, Ms Eliss. Although, you did forget to mention Mr Elyza...]Bookmark here

There it was, the tall figure with a hair of gold as bright as lux in the sky. If he’d smiled, nine out of ten of the ladies walking in Sagar would turn to look at him. Bookmark here

I just so happen to be part of that one out of ten that, instead of turning around, would choose to sprint at full speed in the other direction so that he is no longer in my sight.Bookmark here

Do I hate big brother ‘lyza? Not really. He is actually one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met but that doesn't erase the fact that he is sometimes annoying to the point of being obnoxious.Bookmark here

Case in point, his utter lack of shame that enabled him to clap his hands as if he was in a standing ovation after a brilliant performance.Bookmark here

He might not be able to feel shame but I do!Bookmark here

I tried to give him a mean glare to get him to stop but that only made him clapped even louder and at a higher frequency.Bookmark here

Eliss: [Thank you, big brother ‘lyza, that is quite enough~]Bookmark here

He finally stopped after I asked him to.Bookmark here

Honestly. big brother ‘lyza is such a …Bookmark here

The most brilliant idea just came to me and I immediately looked into Yang’s eyes for affirmation.Bookmark here

Though her eyes were very much duller compared to when we first met, she still somehow decoded what I had in mind and gave me a firm nod.Bookmark here

Alright then. On the count of three…Bookmark here

Eliss: [THREE TWO ONE, GOGOGO!~]Bookmark here

I grabbed Jyn’s hand and sprinted into the crowd upon crowd upon crowd of people and disappeared from big brother ‘lyza’s sight.Bookmark here

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bookmark here

When we finally did stop to take a breather on the pathway running along the river that divided the Matha and the Sagar, we finally realised that we lost big brother ‘lyza. Bookmark here

However, along the way, we had inadvertently lost Yang too when she could no longer keep up with our sprint.Bookmark here

Jyn: [This is bad. Yang had no means of communicating with the Tawouest folks, making it hard to find his way around to us.]Bookmark here

Eliss: [Unfortunately, that is the case here~ We might even need to backtrack ourselves in order to find her~… Jyn?~]Bookmark here

I was about to make haste and return along the path we just sprinted from in order to bump into Yang again but Jyn’s attention was taken away by a certain sight in the crowd in front of us.Bookmark here

Right there, in the middle of the dense crowd was a small petite figure with a hooded cloak covering most of her face. Though her expressions cannot be seen, it wasn't too difficult to guess that it would be one filled with worry, seeing as how she looked exactly like a child who had lost her mother in the crowd.Bookmark here

Eliss: [Well, Jyn, what would you like to do?~ Finding Yang or helping this little girl?~ Either way, I would be sure to support whatever decision you have made~]Bookmark here

Jyn seemed to be deep in thought ever since he laid eyes on the lost little girl and after some time, he finally replied:Bookmark here

Jyn: [Let’s help the little girl. Yang is older and much more courageous than any of us. A slight disorientation would not dampen her spirit, unlike this little girl...]Bookmark here

With that, we approached the little girl as least threatening as we possibly could.Bookmark here

Jyn: [How goes the Lux glory? Big sister and I are here to help you? Where are you headed to?]Bookmark here

Jyn seemed abnormally good at talking to others, even closing the gaps between strangers so effortlessly without much hesitation or feeling out of place.Bookmark here

The little girl replied to him in a strange and foreign language and unsurprisingly, he understood it and was nodding along.Bookmark here

Jyn: [The Academy of Magic, that is where we need to be headed to.]Bookmark here

We made our way over to the Academy by following the pathway along the river.Bookmark here

The crowds there were especially dense due to the myriad of stores set up for the festival. It was rare for there to be so many stores. Normally, if you need anything, you could simply produce it via magic through the right magic circuits but the Festival is slightly different.Bookmark here

It is one of the rare times that people had a purpose to spend their currencies.Bookmark here

To ensure the little girl we are escorting does not lose her way again, the both of us hold her hands which were still wet, most likely from wiping away her tears.Bookmark here

Occasionally, the little girl would stop walking and look at the myriad of products sold at the respective stores with eyes of fascination. I would love to buy her something but it is hard to make it a habit to keep currency on my person.Bookmark here

I looked at Jyn for help but he merely stared back at me blankly. Yang would have realised what I meant…Bookmark here

Eliss: [Is there anything we can do for her?~ She looked like she really wanted those items on display~]Bookmark here

I whispered to him in a voice that the little girl could not hear. He looked at me, then to the girl, then back to me again.Bookmark here

Jyn: [I don’t think that would… You know what, I will work my magic.]Bookmark here

It was the first time he showed any other emotions other than acquiescence but the results he had shown were indeed magical. Somehow through unparalleled oratorical skills, he was able to haggle the price of things all the way to the low low price of free.Bookmark here

It was almost villainous for him to hold so much speaking power. Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to be the type to misuse it in any shape or form.Bookmark here

After some time manoeuvring through the crowd, we finally arrived at the Academy.Bookmark here

The girl’s parents were nowhere to be seen yet she was okay with staying behind.Bookmark here

Eliss: [Is it really ok?~ Should we stay behind and...]Bookmark here

Jyn: [I think it is quite fine if she said she would be ok. Additionally, we can still make it back home in time for the lighting of the sky lanterns.]Bookmark here

Ah, right. The sky lanterns. The focal point of the whole Festival of the Lights. Don’t want to miss that now, do we?Bookmark here

With that in mind, we left for our home. The last thing I recall of the little girl in a hood was her glistening face shining under the pale mana lamps.Bookmark here

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bookmark here

Back at home, mum and Anna had already prepared the sky lanterns for everyone. All we had to do was to cast fire magic and light up the lantern underneath.Bookmark here

I am slightly worried about the absence of Yang and big brother ‘lyza. Maybe we should find them after all but Jyn seemed to be looking forward to the highlight of the festival. Bookmark here

In the end, we decided to go through with the lighting of the sky lanterns first before we start to look for the two of them.Bookmark here

As the sky lanterns, not just from our household, but from all over the city, floated further and further into dark skies, the darkness of Umbra became slowly illuminated.Bookmark here

Fireworks would present a similar effect but to me, the sight of the sky lanterns filling the sky presented a more calming…Bookmark here

Eh?Bookmark here

What…Bookmark here

What is that in the sky?Bookmark here

It’s a…Bookmark here

IT’S A MONSTER!Bookmark here

No, calm down. With its compound eyes and large wings, it is less of a “monster” and more of a “giant moth”. A giant moth that should never exist in this…Bookmark here

Before I could complete my thoughts, spectacles came one after another:Bookmark here

The sight of the Gardina being pushed high into the sky by tendrils of roots and tree branches.Bookmark here

The sound of massive explosions coming from the direction of the castle and the Matha Biquadrant.Bookmark here

The smell of burnt wood as parts of Sagar in the direction of the Academy went up in flames as high as the outer walls themselves.Bookmark here

There was chaos amidst all the screams and running unlike any other.Bookmark here

I found myself standing rooted to the ground and unable to do anything other than to look.Bookmark here

No, there isn’t anything to be done.
Bookmark here

I looked to Jyn for any affirmation of this terrible reality but there he was,Bookmark here

smiling.Bookmark here

A rope of sorts came from the sky right beside where Jyn was standing. Bookmark here

He looked at me with eyes I had never seen before and said in a tone I had never heard him said in the past few luxes:Bookmark here

Jyn: [My name is Jyn. Just Jyn. Fourth general of the Inhuman Army. The mission had been accomplished without fail.]Bookmark here

As soon as he grabbed hold of it, the rope quickly retracted, pulling him along into the dark Umbra sky.Bookmark here

I subconsciously reached out and grabbed hold of him and was lifted off from the chaos of the Sagar Biquadrant.Bookmark here

[End of The City of Tawouest Arc]Bookmark here

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