Chapter 13:

The Lost Girl

Villain of Technology

10 years ago in the city, there's a beggar. You can see in her face, the face of no hope and depression. She is wandering in the city where she gets discriminated,Bookmark here

"HEY YOU LITTLE BRAT! GET AWAY FROM MY STORE.", Random store owner.Bookmark here

Wander...Bookmark here

"HEY ASSHOLE, MIND STOP DISTRACTING MY COSTUMER?", Random store owner.Bookmark here

And wander...Bookmark here

"Give me your money, you little shit!, you don't have one then I'll take you to my friend then and we're gonna have fun.", Random teenage beggar.Bookmark here

*There is no emotion in her face.Bookmark here

"Here, a brat. She's all yours.", Random teenage beggar.Bookmark here

"Are you kidding me, that brat is probably dirty not only in the outside but also in the inside. I might get infection if I do it with her.", The boss of the beggar.Bookmark here

"What should we do with this brat?", Random teenage beggar.Bookmark here

"Throw her in the bridge.", The boss of the beggar.Bookmark here

*Yet there still no emotion in the face of the lost girl. She got thrown of the bridge and got drifted by the water. The lost girl can't swim, she thought that she will die but she survived. She started wandering again back to the city with her wet clothes. It started to rain and the lost girl sat in front of a building waiting for nothing. Someone approached her, gave her a towel and let her inside the building. That building is an apartment. That person let the lost girl inside that persons house.Bookmark here

"Do you have a parent?", Random person asked.Bookmark here

*No response from the lost girl.Bookmark here

"Do you have anywhere to go?", Random person asked.Bookmark here

*Still no response.Bookmark here

"Do you have a name?", Random person said.Bookmark here

"Name?", A response from the lost girl.Bookmark here

"Yes, what's your name?", Random person asked.Bookmark here

"Brat, Asshole, Little Shit. That's my name.", The lost girl response.Bookmark here

"No, no, that's not your name.", Random person said.Bookmark here

"Then what is my name?", The lost girl asked.Bookmark here

*The random person felt sorry for the lost girl.Bookmark here

"Your name is Alice Hajime.", Random person said.Bookmark here

"Alice Hajime, what about you?", Alice asked.Bookmark here

"My name is Marie Sakamoto, nice to meet you. Alice.", Sakamoto responded.Bookmark here

*The lost girls face or should I say, Alice face turned to dullness into hope. Miss Sakamoto adopt Alice like her own daughter, take a bath, eat food, and learn how to read. At that day, the lost girl life changed.Bookmark here

[A month have passed]Bookmark here

"Do you remember anything from your past like your parents or something?", Sakamoto asked.Bookmark here

"Parents?", Alice is confused.Bookmark here

"Parents, it is consist of father and mother that will take care of their child.", Sakamoto said.Bookmark here

"Child?", Alice is still confuse,Bookmark here

"You are a child.", Sakamoto said.Bookmark here

"I am a child and you take care of me, means you are my parent, you are my mother.", Alice said.Bookmark here

*Miss Sakamoto can't refuse what Alice said to her and accepted it.Bookmark here

"Your right, I'm your parent, I'm your mother.", Sakamoto said.Bookmark here

[1 year later]Bookmark here

*Alice is in her room when someone visited Miss Sakamoto. Alice snooped in to hear their conversation.Bookmark here

"Mr. Kurayami, why are you here all of a sudden.", Sakamoto said.Bookmark here

"I am here because I thought that you aren't gonna form an assassin team or should I say I thought you are not going to be a teacher for assassins.", Villain X said.Bookmark here

"What do you mean?", Sakamoto asked.Bookmark here

"What I mean is, you pick a child.", Villain X responded.Bookmark here

"Leave Alice out of here.", Sakamoto said.Bookmark here

"She's gonna have to be the next you.", Villain X said.Bookmark here

"Alice is not a toy, she's my daughter. I am your certified assassin and your friend.", Sakamoto said.Bookmark here

"Yes you're right but what do you think will happened to your daughter if her mother died in one of her missions, is she gonna go back wandering in city again?", Villain X said.Bookmark here

"I won't let her back to her past life and I am not gonna die.", Sakamoto said.Bookmark here

"Well I leave you with that, I'm here because we need to prepare to take down the Villain of Technology. I'm preparing a team when that time comes", Villain X said.Bookmark here

"I'm in.", Sakamoto said.Bookmark here

"One more thing, 2 assassins are better than 1.", Villain X said.Bookmark here

*Villain X leave the house. Miss Sakamoto is nervous and exhausted. Alice came to her and---Bookmark here

"Mom, I want to be an assassin with you.", Alice said.Bookmark here

"You hear the conversation we have?", Sakamoto said.Bookmark here

"Yes.", Alice said.Bookmark here

"No, I won't let you to be a assassin, it's dangerous. I can do it my self.", Sakamoto said.Bookmark here

"I'm not doing this for you, I want to do this for me. I wandered through the city finding hope and now that I find it, I want to be someone and that is to be like you, so please I want to be an assassin like you. mom.", Alice said.Bookmark here

"Alright, I will teach you.", Sakamoto said.Bookmark here

*And there it is. The birth of a new assassin. Miss Sakamoto trained Alice for years and years to make her the best version of herself.Bookmark here

[4 years have passed]Bookmark here

"So if I die, you can protect yourself from threats.", Sakamoto said.Bookmark here

"Your not gonna die mom, now that I'm an assassin, I will protect you with all of my heart.", Alice said.Bookmark here

"What about your past, still bothering you?", Sakamoto asked.Bookmark here

"A little bit but I'll be fine.", Alice responded.Bookmark here

*The 2 began to sleep but Alice didn't sleep and gets bothered by her past. Alice then leave the house and start killing people that discriminates her. Miss Sakamoto sense that Alice is not in the house and search for her. Alice on the other hand is going rampage killing people. Alice already killed more than 20 people in one night.Bookmark here


[Alice slit his throat and killed him.]Bookmark here

"Alice.", Sakamoto said.Bookmark here

*Alice begin to cry and become to regret everything she do.Bookmark here

"I should not have be your daughter, I should not have called you mom. I am the worst. I am sorry.", Alice said.Bookmark here

"I know how you've been through and I understand what's happening.", Sakamoto said.Bookmark here

"You don't understand, don't come near me, I am a disgrace.", Alice said.Bookmark here

*Miss Sakamoto begin to walk towards Alice.Bookmark here

"You are not a disgrace, you should stop thinking about your past and start thinking about your future instead. I understand what you've been through because I am your mother. ", Sakamoto said.Bookmark here

*Miss Sakamoto hug Alice and Alice become more emotional and cry until the last drop.Bookmark here

[4 years have passed]Bookmark here

*Alice becomes a professional assassin along side with her mother Miss Sakamoto. Alice overcome her past and become the best version of herself. She still doesn't know about his family from the past but she stops finding them because she already have her family.Bookmark here

"The plan is about to start.", Villain X said.Bookmark here

"What's the plan?", Sakamoto said.Bookmark here

"Alice, I need you to become a spy in this university and be friends with the guy named Anthony Date.", Villain X said.Bookmark here

"Isn't it too much for her.", Sakamoto said.Bookmark here

"Mom, I can do this, is Anthony Date is the Villain of Technology?", Alice asked.Bookmark here

"Yes, he is but don't reveal your identity yet, he's powerful.", Villain X said.Bookmark here

"I will be careful.", Alice said.Bookmark here

"Are you sure you can do this?", Sakamoto said.Bookmark here

"Yes, mom, I can do this. We'll do this together.", Alice said.Bookmark here

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