Chapter 35:

Shadow demons!

Who will the Villainess choose?

“You must be having some confusion. I was born there. I have a family there. I don't belong here. You have called the wrong person.. Let me go.'' Though I was afraid, I still was hoping that it was all a confusion and I could go home safely now.Bookmark here

This encounter was not at all like books I have read when the girl entered a novel and lived a happy life there.Bookmark here

It was more like a horror movie, where spirits take over the soul of the girl!Bookmark here

“I have already told you more than you need to know. I am warning you until I find a way to leave the dream world, stay away from that cursed lord and that prince.” warned the man holding my arms in his death grip. I was standing too close to him. Yet I could not see his face.Bookmark here

As if a veil of darkness had surrounded him which was obstructing my view of him.Bookmark here

“Please let me go.” I screamed as his lips touched my nape. His breaths were hotter as if he was breathing fire. Bookmark here

“Akira, you are mine. Why don't you just accept the fact? Then everything would be a lot easier!” I continued to shake my head and struggle as his hands played with the zip of my dress.Bookmark here

“Just one night, love. And then you will be mine forever.” whispered the man in my ears. Bookmark here

My eyes widened at his words and I put my heels on his feet with full pressure. He winced but his grip on me did not loosen. Bookmark here

“I said, let me go.” I once again tried to push him when he succeeded in his attempt to open the zip and my dress fell in one swift motion.Bookmark here

“Akira, Akira, Akira!!” I heard someone shouting while searching for me from a distance. Slowly the sound came closer to me.Bookmark here

“Akira..” my eyes flustered and the bright light hit my eyes straight. I covered my eyes with the back of my hand. Until my eyes fully adjusted to light. My heartbeat was still running a marathon. Bookmark here

My hands reached for my chest and covered it instinctively when I realized the dress was still there. I was covered in a blanket and my dress was not even moved from its place.Bookmark here

My eyes finally looked forward, only to meet the worried eyes of Damien! He was looking at me as if I was lost for a long time. There was so much concern on his face, that I felt teary again! Since when have I become a cry baby!Bookmark here

I shook my head to get rid of those negative thoughts and I tried to pass him a smile but it came further stiff.Bookmark here

“What has happened to you?” he asked in a worrisome voice and I did not know how to reply.Bookmark here

‘Even if I tell you Damien that a man is trying to capture me and trying to have me, calling me his wife, would you believe me?’Bookmark here

“I think i had a nightmare.'' I replied curtly when I tried to move away, only to feel his hands gripping my arms just like that beast from the dream.Bookmark here

The thought left shivers on my body. Bookmark here

“Are you okay?” he asked as i nodded and then my hands held his hand and tried to free my body from his grip.Bookmark here

“As I said, I just had a nightmare.” my voice was sharp this time. I could not talk to a person about my problems who did not trust me at all.Bookmark here

“You are having these nightmares, often. Right?” he asked, without even being annoyed as i was behaving coldly with him.Bookmark here

I sighed as I nodded at him. After all, he was not responsible for my conditions.Bookmark here

“Yes, I am having nightmares every time I sleep these days.” I replied with a small nod.Bookmark here

“And that is the reason you did not want to be left alone?” he deduced, this was more of a statement then a question, yet i nodded.Bookmark here

“Can you tell me what exactly it is about?” he asked again, and I finally looked back at him.Bookmark here

“Why are you interested in my nightmares? Why are you even interested in my life?” I asked at once as I stared deep into his eyes.Bookmark here

“Because I care for you.” he replied so sincerely that I was at a loss for words.Bookmark here

“I would have told you if you would have believed me. Since this is not the case. Let the matter end here.'' I replied, taking a deep breath but he continued to look at me.Bookmark here

“My lord, the storm is settled. Many have left for their houses. So, many rooms are empty now. Would you like to rest in your room or shall I arrange a carriage for you too?” asked the man who was shooting yesterday.Bookmark here

“We will take a bath, arrange a pair of fresh clothes for us and then prepare breakfast for us.” he commanded the man as he forwarded his hand towards me.Bookmark here

“Yes, my lord.” the man bowed and indicated two girls who took us in the respective room.Bookmark here

Once we reached the room. I took a deep breath as I got rid of the wet dress and entered the tub. The warm water felt so soothing to my sore muscles. Bookmark here

She rubbed my body at all the right places. After wearing the fresh dress, I walked out. Bookmark here

Damien was already waiting for me in the room. The breakfast was already laid on the table.Bookmark here

I smiled at him and sat in front of him on the two seater dining table. Bookmark here

“How are you feeling now?” he asked as I started eating the bread.Bookmark here

“I am better. I apologize to make you worry.'' I replied with a smile. “I think we should hurry. We have to be in the market soon.” I changed the topic.Bookmark here

He nodded as he took another bite of the meal. But his eyes continued to stare at me. It was too uneasy to eat like that.Bookmark here

“What is it?” I asked , finally putting the fork back on the plate.Bookmark here

“What do you see in your nightmare that is making you so worried?” he asked again like a broken record!Bookmark here

I sighed, taking a deep breath, i startedBookmark here

“There is a man who comes in my dreams and tells me that he is my husband. And he is stuck in the dream world. He wants me to stay away from you and Andrew. And he even said that he would soon come out and claim me. Bookmark here

I am only his! And he even said that he has brought me to this world. And he wanted to be one with me. Somehow when he succeeds in subduing me, my eyes open every time and he fails in his mission.`` I replied with a sigh. If he could not believe it then it is his problem now. I have already told him everything so I am clear now.Bookmark here

“Can you describe to me the face of the man?” he asked with a patient voice, surprising me. Bookmark here

“Does it mean that you believe me?” i asked and he nodded but his face was looking too worried that was scaring me.Bookmark here

“I can not see his face. That is always hidden no matter how close we are standing.” I replied with a self-deprecating smile.Bookmark here

“Shadow demons!”Bookmark here

“........”Bookmark here

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