Chapter 1:

Enter ̶N̶a̶r̶r̶a̶t̶o̶r̶ Louis Buissy

Student life of Buissy in Tokyo

Our story begin in this airport with our dear protagonist : Louis Buissy. This young, honest, impulsive and intrusive boy who can't read the ro-Bookmark here

"Eh. What did you say about me you prick?!"Bookmark here

Look! He is even intruding on me, the narrator of this story! We're not even fives lines in and he can't control himself...
Aaah. I can't do my job properly and I'm not even getting paid...
Anyway... As I was saying before I was rudely cut off. Here is our first main character, finally letting his wings out. It is just a matter of hours before he discovers a new unknown land tha-Bookmark here

"In which parallel universe is Japan an unknown land?"Bookmark here

... What did I say about cutting off people mid sentence you little-... Aaahh. Can't monologue with this punk nearby. Well... I can't really call this a monologue since I'm not a character. Hmmm. It's not like being a narrator displease me... After all, it's the writer himself that said I had a beautiful and appealing voice like Kevan Brighting...Bookmark here

"Hey. Whose the main character again?"Bookmark here

Ah. Sorry I'm deviating... Yes. Louis Buissy. Here he is, going to Japan, Tokyo, for an exchange program. How very exiting. I hope from the bottom of my heart that he has a fantastic adventure there.
Yes, I do ! Because if he doesn't, I will start to hate my job even more...Bookmark here

'Piss off'Bookmark here

You fool. I can also hear thoughts you know? If I had arms, you would already be running away with your tail between your legs. Humph.Bookmark here

"If you had arms that is."Bookmark here

You- Hmm. It is no use to fight you. Our readers are already getting annoyed with this.Bookmark here

Where was I again? Louis Buissy going to Japan. French exchange student in Tokyo. Self-proclamed aroace who doesn't respect his narrator. How will he adapt to life in another country? What kind of friends will he make? Let's see that after this brief 12-hour flight...Bookmark here

Just so you know dear reader, during time-skip, us narrators need to wait. How lucky of you to be able to press "next chapter".Bookmark here

_______Bookmark here

Autor note : First chapter of this story. Hope you liked it. Don't worry, the narrator will take a lesser role in the future. At least I hope so.Bookmark here

What do you mean the narrator "will take a lesser role" autor?Bookmark here

A.N. : I can see our little Louis isn't the only one who is a bit too intrusive. Anyway... Just wanted to say that, because of urgent things and vacation. I could only begin the MAL writer contest now. At the very last week of it. Apparently the consistency of chapter release is a big factor so I will try to post a chapter or two a day.Bookmark here

You didn't answer my question autor.Bookmark here

A.N. : See you in the next chapter.Bookmark here

Taylor Victoria
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