Chapter 2:


Student life of Buissy in Tokyo

From Haneda Airport to the his small apartment, Louis got taken aback by the city that presented itself in front of him. For sure, he visited multiples cities, but it was his first time being in a country not in Europe.
Everything was different. Architecture, shops, cars, even traffic lights. As such everything sparkled in his eyes.Bookmark here

“Probably because the streets are so clean compared to Paris.”Bookmark here

Finally, he arrived and began unpacking what he brought with him. In just a few days, he was going to attend Tomobiki University. He was looking forward for his first day.

Bookmark here

After a boring opening ceremony that we will conveniently skip, Louis was, at last, a few step away from his classroom. He slowly opened the door and scanned the room from right to left.
He finally laid his eyes on a girl at the furthest back. Her hair had a dark tone of blue and reached a little past her shoulders. Shifting his view, Louis looked at her face. Her eyes were big, but had a piercing glare that made her look both intimidating yet oddly approachable.
She was sitting at her seat while reading papers given during the opening ceremony, hidding everything under her head.
It was love at first sight.Bookmark here

“No it isn't. You said I was aromantic the previous chapter you cretin”Bookmark here

*sigh* Well, there aren't many people yet so you should go and break the ice...Bookmark here

As Louis slowly approached, she lowered her papers anticipating the conversation. This revealed a real set of badonkers. Some massive honkoros.Bookmark here

'What's with the perverted comment?'Bookmark here

“Who the hell said that?” said a semi-annoyed semi-angry female voice.Bookmark here

“Said what?” Louis asked.Bookmark here

“Was it you?”Bookmark here

“Nobody was talki- wait. You can hear the narrator? You mean I'm not schizophrenic?? Then why the hell did I take medication up until till now?!”Bookmark here

Louis began to question his sanity.Bookmark here

“Please just tell me you have telepathy or something...”Bookmark here

“...What are you talking about?”
Bookmark here

You mean she can hear me? This must mean she's a main character! Finally! After all these years I can speak to someone other than this idiot!
I'm the narrator. I am a narrator. You can call me Narrator. I was cursed with the task of narrating the life of this moron. His name isn't important. Ahahah. Nice to meet you dear lady.Bookmark here

“Where does his voice come from?”Bookmark here

“I always thought it was in my head... But now... I have no idea...” responded Louis.Bookmark here

Hey I'm here. Speak to me. Lady! Miss! Madam! Female human!Bookmark here

“And he doesn't stop?”Bookmark here

“Sometimes he does shut up for periods of time and call these “time-skip” but he would sometimes make a summary of what happened. Meaning he's always watching me. ”Bookmark here

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhlalalalalala SpEaK tO mE fOr I aM FiNNaLy FrEe fRoM ThIs CURSE.Bookmark here

“Poor guy” said the blue-haired girl, ignoring the handsome narrator speaking to her.Bookmark here

Auther note : Sorry for the delay.Bookmark here

Taylor Victoria
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