Chapter 25:

Looks like we have to split up

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

Heading west. Chablis continent.Bookmark here

Well, we’re not actually moving west right now. We stopped short of the Dwarven Kingdom of Maghramm- Martin’s homeland. We were supposed to be on our way to evacuate Martin’s family, but I have to go back to Seiji’s city, Edelgard, first.Bookmark here

Seiji and Yatsumi explained everything that happened in the Heaven Realm to me. To think that Oberon and Oriana would attack Amaris in my absence. Pissed is not enough to describe what I am feeling right now. Bookmark here

We’re having late breakfast. Martin and Nadia are still unconscious. Jace, Aidan, and Hannah are with us as well, eating breakfast. The others are still asleep, tired from last night.Bookmark here

“Why exactly do you want to go to Edelgard? It’s far-off from the route and Martin’s family is in danger” Grayson said as he walks toward me.Bookmark here

“There’s something important I have to do there. You guys can just go on ahead and help rescue Martin’s family” Bookmark here

“You can’t seriously mean that? You’ve never been to Edelgard before, how is it more important than helping our friend?” Grayson pointed towards the carriages.Bookmark here

He’s pissing me off. I know helping Martin is important. But Amaris is way higher in my priority list.Bookmark here

Jace stood up. “Hey guys, let’s not fight here”Bookmark here

“I’m not trying to fight Al. It’s just that he’s going to risk going alone to a city that’s back east for a reason he won’t even say”Bookmark here

I glared at Grayson. “That’s because- never mind. I’ll still go” Bookmark here

I stood up and walk away. I’m going to Edelgard no matter what. I didn’t tell the others why I have to go there because none of them even believe I’m Aelius. Bookmark here

“Fine. Then I’ll come with you” Bookmark here

Grayson walked towards me. Bookmark here

“Why are you following me, I’m not going right now. I just need some peace and quiet so I went here”Bookmark here

“Oh”Bookmark here

“I’ll wait for the others to wake up before making my leave”Bookmark here

“Okay then, you better not do the same thing you did last time”Bookmark here

He walks back towards the camp. I’ll just stay here a bit.Bookmark here

A few minutes later.Bookmark here

I walk back to the camp. Everyone else is awake except Nadia, Una, and UrielBookmark here

“Good morning Aelius” Iris whispers as offers me a plate.Bookmark here

“Good morning Iris, it’s okay, I already ate” Bookmark here

I gently decline her offer. I wave to get everyone’s attention.Bookmark here

“I’ll be going to Edelgard with Seiji. I have some business there; I’ll catch up with you guys once I’m done”Bookmark here

“Hold up. Are you going alone?” Toshikasu said while fixing his forearm guards.Bookmark here

“I’m going with him” Grayson replied.Bookmark here

“Seiji and Grayson are going with me then”Bookmark here

“Wait, I’m going with you too” Iris finishes eating her food. Aidan walks up behind me.Bookmark here

“Count me in as well- you know what? I think we’ll go as one team. Mercedes and Shaun are about to say the same thing. Nadia stays with Toshikasu’s group if that’s okay”Bookmark here

Mercedes and Shaun nod. Considering how Nadia is still unconscious, we’ll leave them with Toshikasu and Hannah. We begin preparing our equipment. A minute later.Bookmark here

I look at everyone.Bookmark here

“Alright then. We’ll borrow one of the carriages”Bookmark here

“Good luck then guys!” Toshikasu grins.Bookmark here

“Come back in one piece!” Elen waves at us.Bookmark here

“Don’t forget to follow the route we planned, well, Grayson know where to go. Just be careful”Bookmark here

Hannah gives Grayson what seems to be a bracelet.Bookmark here

“I’ve packed the extra food into the carriage already” Elizabeth gives us a thumbs up.Bookmark here

“Don’t go dying on us okay bro?” Jace punches me on the arm.Bookmark here

“Yeah, what he said” Renz grabs another plate of food.Bookmark here

I look at the group for the last time. Martin. I walk towards him. I speak quietly.Bookmark here

“Hey, Martin. I’m sorry I can’t go help you. Amaris is at Edelgard”Bookmark here

“What? What’s she doing down here as well?” His eyes widen.Bookmark here

“There seems to be something happening behind the scenes. I need to go there”Bookmark here

“Okay then. I understand, watch out for danger”Bookmark here

“Thanks Martin” Bookmark here

We head towards the carriage. As I enter the carriage, I see Loralei already inside.Bookmark here

I poke at her “You didn’t say you were going with us”Bookmark here

“I don’t have to say it. It was a given.” She stays in her seat.Bookmark here

“What about Evelyn?”Bookmark here

“Her Illusions will be needed to rescue the dwarf’s family”Bookmark here

I’m not sure that her being here will be a good thing. That means less firepower on the other team. Then again, I feel much safer with her here.Bookmark here

Iris enters the carriage, bringing the packs that Elizabeth prepared for us.Bookmark here

“Oh, Loralei. You’re here”Bookmark here

“So are you.”Bookmark here

Iris immediately sits beside me on the right. Mercedes and Aidan enter the carriage as well. Grayson sits up front and grabs the reins.Bookmark here

Shaun and Seiji enter last. Seiji sits at my left.Bookmark here

We head towards Edelgard. Toshikasu and his group will continue on to Maghramm to evacuate Martin’s family. If it goes smoothly, they will continue on west towards the Epheron continent, which is the largest continent in the World Realm. Bookmark here

A magic circle shows up beside Mercedes. She reaches into it to reveal a piece of paper. It’s another letter. So that’s how they got the letter to her. I’m guessing it wouldn’t be possible to send people through that.Bookmark here

“It’s about time”Bookmark here

She reads it. Grayson mentioned back at the inn in Durahl that he’d tell the group about our… situation. He did tell everyone, but he omitted the details of us being “bait” to lure the demons to chase us across the continents.Bookmark here

Mercedes snickers.Bookmark here

“This is new. I wonder what it’s all for. The Exodus Project. Just kidding, it’s obvious what it’s for”Bookmark here

Iris shifts a little and looks down. I guess she’s still a little guilty about that. That being said, she never told me what the Exodus project is about and why it’s so important that the heroes of the kingdoms were demoted to demon bait.Bookmark here

Mercedes calls out to Grayson.Bookmark here

“Grayson. Would you happen to know anything about this?”Bookmark here

Grayson keeps silent. Mercedes hands over the letter to me.Bookmark here

“You’d want to take a look at this Al”Bookmark here

I read the paper.Bookmark here

To Lady Mercedes Nieva Astra II,Bookmark here

The ongoing construction 5 miles west of the Kingdom of Sol is almost complete. The project name is Exodus, the name has been confirmed from the combined copy of the drafts of Captain Cael Daisetsu of the 3rd Ray and Captain Calliope Nishiyama of the 4th Ray. It seems to be a new type of armament – one that is unlike any other in this continent or even those on the other continents. Bookmark here

There's some drawings of the construction site. Eight large column-like buildings stand out like a sore thumb in the open landscape. I continue reading.Bookmark here

Theoretical range is 15,350? -  as written in the draft. It also states that the estimated size at completion is at around 400 feet. That is all we can find on that project.Bookmark here

The letter continues on but it seems to be about family matters, so I close the letter and return it to Mercedes. Bookmark here

Fifteen thousand. But it doesn’t say what measurement, just a question mark. Bookmark here

Fifteen thousand feet? The armaments have nowhere enough range to even reach half the length of the Miele continent. But that alone already makes it on par with the best of long-range dwarven artillery. Bookmark here

Fifteen thousand miles? That would be enough to span half of the World Realm. But what kind of weapon would be able to launch a projectile that far? This is oddly frightening. To have such a weapon, to be ever closer to the power of the Gods. Bookmark here

Mercedes lets out a smirk.Bookmark here

“Crazy, isn’t it? Even considering it’s somewhat like the armaments that the dwarven cities employ or like a huge version of Martin’s rifle. Fifteen thousand feet. None of our previous armaments could reach even a fraction of that distance”Bookmark here

“Yeah. It’s impressive”Bookmark here

I can’t bring myself to say anything else. Looks like she also thinks that its mentioned range is stated in feet. Aidan shifts closer towards Mercedes.Bookmark here

“What’s on the letter Mercedes? What’s this Exodus Project?”Bookmark here

Mercedes tucks the paper in her armor. Bookmark here

“Just some new armaments that are being built back at the kingdom. You should get some rest Aidan; you haven’t slept all night looking over Nadia”Bookmark here

“I’m fine. This isn’t much”Bookmark here

He shifts back to his original position.Bookmark here

“So, Al, would you mind telling us why we’re going to Edelgard? You could at least tell us the gist of it so we can prepare”Bookmark here

Everyone except for Seiji and Grayson turn their attention on me.Bookmark here

“Alright fine, to be blunt, we’re going to Edelgard to meet the Goddess”Bookmark here

Aidan opens his journal.Bookmark here

“Why would she be there? What makes you think the Goddess Amaris would descend to the World Realm?”Bookmark here

“She would if something major happened”Bookmark here

“That doesn’t make sense”Bookmark here

I can’t help but let out a sigh.Bookmark here

“Maybe it’s time you guys know for real. You will know all this sooner or later anyway"Bookmark here

I pause for a bit.Bookmark here

"Look, I’m not an otherworlder. I’m actually the God Aelius. I accidentally summoned myself into the World Realm by mistake. I don’t know how or why I ended up in this human body, but I became very weak because of this. Oberon and Oriana took this chance to attack Amaris in the Heaven Realm, she sustained heavy injuries and is currently recovering at Edelgard, the first city of the elves and as such I need to go there”Bookmark here

It’s silent for a moment.Bookmark here

Mercedes suppresses a laugh. She then puts on a serious tone.Bookmark here

“You’re serious aren’t you. And here I thought you were one of the most rational people in the team. Looks like I was wrong-”Bookmark here

Iris interrupts her.Bookmark here

“Yes. You’re wrong. But not wrong about Aelius being rational”Bookmark here

Mercedes is taken aback for a moment.Bookmark here

“What? You seriously think that as well?”Bookmark here

Shaun speaks up.Bookmark here

“Not just Iris, I also believe that he’s Aelius”Bookmark here

She looks at Loralei.Bookmark here

“Believe me, if he wasn’t Aelius. All of you would have been dead by my hand.”Bookmark here

Aidan speaks up.Bookmark here

“I didn’t think that either. Is that why the half-elf came to help you?”Bookmark here

Seiji looks surprised.Bookmark here

“Huh? Me? I didn’t know either- hm? What’s that Miss Yatsumi? Oh…Ah?! Why didn’t you tell me that sooner?!”Bookmark here

He continues talking to Yatsumi a.k.a. his sword at the moment. Mercedes clicks her tongue.Bookmark here

“Great, even the half-elf is not right in the head. I just can’t believe what you guys are saying”Bookmark here

The carriage falls in an awkward silence.Bookmark here

Seiji shifts a little father from me, as if just realizing that he was talking to a God so casually all this time.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I think this is it. We head deep into a forest.Bookmark here

We encountered some minor inconveniences along the way, like stray monsters and such. The afternoon light permeates the forest, creating an almost scenic view.Bookmark here

“Detection”Bookmark here

Above us in the trees though, I can sense multiple elves, all fully armed. They’ve been tailing us as soon as we entered the forest.Bookmark here

Seiji speaks up.Bookmark here

“It’s alright Sir-I mean Lord Aelius. The border patrol knows who we are, they’re just escorting us for our safety”Bookmark here

“Our safety?”Bookmark here

“Yes. Ever since the current Demon Lord sent out messengers to every city on the continent, more and more people have been accepting his offer. They will not be attacked, and in exchange for money or treasure, the lives of the heroes sent by the Human Kingdoms. Those who refused were immediately attacked by the demon army. Most of the other kingdoms have already accepted or fallen. At first, none of the elven kingdoms wanted to ally with the demons because of our faith for Goddess Amaris, the creator of the elves”Bookmark here

More and more elves join our “escort party”. Seiji continues talking.Bookmark here

“But in time, some of the elven kingdoms have already accepted the demons’ offer. This is because of the demon armies, allied with the other races, attacking the elves. Edelgard and Lyfelune are among the few cities which haven’t succumbed to the offer of the Demon Lord. Currently Lyfelune is under attack, and we are forced to join in the war effort to defend our lands. Refugees from smaller cities are already filling the streets of our kingdom”Bookmark here

It’s this bad huh. I commend the Elves for continuing to put up a fight. The Dwarves on the other hand, most of the Kingdoms have accepted. It shames me a little as their Creator. Bookmark here

“That is one big tree”Bookmark here

Grayson exclaims. Bookmark here

We all look to the front to see a massive tree; it looks like it stretches all the way to the clouds. Lines of buildings surround the roots of the tree, protected by a huge wall. There are also infrastructure which seem to scale around the tree and inside it, all the way to the top. Bookmark here

Most of the armaments are modified to drop projectiles to the ground. A supreme vertical and height advantage huh.Bookmark here

The carriage slows down to a halt. There are elven soldiers in front of us. Instead of confronting us as to why we’re here, they bow down, very unusual for elves.Bookmark here

One of them steps forward.Bookmark here

“Please leave the carriage to us, we will teleport you directly to the castle. We’ll guard your supplies”Bookmark here

Everyone in our group except me and Seiji are surprised. They’re not even trying to raise their tone. Bookmark here

We get out of the carriage. Some of the elves look at Loralei, they’re probably suspicious that she’s part demon, but they say nothing about it.Bookmark here

“We will now bring you inside the palace”Bookmark here

A huge magic circle appears below our party. In a second, we’re transported right inside a huge room that’s a marvel of architecture, it all looks very…organic. There are a lot of elves lined up on the sides of the room, seemingly waiting for our arrival.Bookmark here

In front of us are two high elves, they’re wearing crowns. Must be the king and queen. Needless to say, elves are naturally beautiful, and these two are no exception. Even the very way they move is undoubtedly graceful. Seiji bows down. Bookmark here

“Uncle- I mean, King Senerian. I have brought the heroes here”Bookmark here

I was half-expecting the King to make snide remarks at Seiji or at least sound condescending. It’s a bit of a stereotype for elves to alienate their kind that isn’t pure-blooded, even in the case of a child between a hero and a high-elf. Bookmark here

Instead, he speaks gently.Bookmark here

“You’ve done well Seiji”Bookmark here

He bows before us. He then observes each member for a moment. Uh-oh. I don’t look like Aelius, and the King can’t really afford to be mistaken if he greets one of us as Aelius. He’s playing it safe with just a bow and being humble-like.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Welcome everyone, to Edelgard. I hope you would enjoy your stay here”Bookmark here

Cali Maki
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