Chapter 24:

Interlude IV

I am a God, But I Accidentally Summoned Myself into My Own World as a Human Being!

~ Outside Rosenburg- Dawn ~Bookmark here

The city was up in flames. The hurricane that formed has moved on, heading towards the north. The Greater Dragon also left a few hours ago.Bookmark here

“That was unexpected.”Bookmark here

Balthos looked at the destruction from afar. Soot arose towards the darkened sky. They lost a lot of soldiers, but they were just fodder. The female demon general walked up to him.Bookmark here

“Unexpected? Tsk. There’s someone out there who can cast multiple Rank 10 spells without chanting, and that’s it? Just unexpected?”Bookmark here

“What else am I supposed to say, Xenieth?" He growled, "I don’t even know how that hero managed to get behind us. His speed was on another level.”Bookmark here

Xenieth sighed. “You’re right on that. I didn’t even notice that the two in my hands were already gone. He’s the fastest I’ve ever encountered.”Bookmark here

“He’s not fast. That was just another high-ranking spell.”Bookmark here

Xenieth and Balthos turned around to see the armored demon that is now headless, its hand holding its own severed head. Balthos stared at the head.Bookmark here

“Zelbuse, you’re back. I take it the procedure went well?"Bookmark here

“Becoming an undead is by no means well. But thanks to that, we know what to expect. His spell stops the movement and thought processes of anyone within range. However, he can’t use it for long. His equipment makes up for the extra mana cost. I could still move within range because I used Higher Clarity on myself earlier.”Bookmark here

“I’ll work on something to counter that.”Bookmark here

“Good. Where’s Raziel?”Bookmark here

Xenieth pointed west. “He already went chasing after them. He’s obsessed with taking down the traitor.”Bookmark here

The three scanned the city for the last time, then made themselves scarce.Bookmark here

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